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  • Goodnight texts for her

    25+ Romantic Good Night Text For Her

    There are different ways to reassure your girl that you care for her and love her. One of them is the cute text messages you send you. goodnight text messages can make her believe that there is no other genuine love in this world other than the one you offered here. Goodnight text messages are […] More

  • Dating in college

    Best advice for dating in college for students

    Colleges were created to be institutions of higher learning. With young men and women patronizing these institutions, social relations emerge now and then. Social activities, such as dating, are now prevalent in colleges. Opinion may be split on whether it is a good thing or not. There are merits and demerits to dating in college. […] More

  • wife crazy

    Crazy Wife? 10 Ways To Successfully Deal With Her

    Do you have a crazy wife? Well, you are not alone! Ask a married friend and you probably would get the same answer. Very few would talk in the favor of their wife. Probably, the newly married! Jokes apart, let’s dig in for more information.   It’s good to know how to deal with a […] More

  • romantic pick up lines

    Best romantic pick-up lines 2021

    Well, a great and cheesy pick-up line can either make or break an impression. Therefore, you want to ensure that you hit on the perfect girl and get yourself a chance to date the woman of your dream. To help you with that, we shall be taking you through some of the best romantic pick-up […] More

  • things guys like in bed but wont ask for

    15 Things Guys Like in Bed but Won’t Ask for

    Men like sex. That is a simple truth about mosty dudes cannot be denied. Guys like being with girls physically. They enjoy getting it on with women in different ways. Sometimes, a dude won’t ask his lady to do certain things in bed. Unfortunately, this makes a woman clueless about how to please her man. […] More

  • fake relationship

    10 Signs You’re In a Fake Relationship

    One would wonder, what is a fake relationship? A fake relationship is one that does not have a future. You are probably in such a fake relationship because you cannot move on or afraid to move on. Internally, you are persuaded that things will change for the better. Many are not aware that they are […] More

  • high value woman

    7 High-Value Woman Traits That Will Make You Irresistible

    A high valuable woman is a woman who knows her worth. Because of her worth, she is sought after by men. She is the type despite all challenges would insist on holding her own regardless of what people say or do to her. The woman may not be the most physically attractive lady. Her character […] More

  • sigma male

    5 Habits of The Sigma Male

    In the animal kingdom, certain predators are classified into a social order. This order is established to show who will be the dominate figure and who will follow. The member of this animal group will be known as the alpha male and the followers will be the beta males. Other members of this social dynamic […] More

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