10 Signs Your Soulmate Thinking About You

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We are all in want of being needed and loved just as much as we deserve from other people. From Hollywood stories and characters that were built from ever since we were young, attach us to needing love, and our biological components and intrigue such emotional feelings too. We want to be loved right, by the person who understands our inner feelings and compliments our weaker part with a shoulder to lean on. Regularly we think of how and when we will meet ‘the one’- our real-life destined soulmates. In wonder, we lowkey worry if the person is also thinking about us as we do to them. Fortunately, some signs are proven to ascertain that your soulmate is thinking about you. It’s all about the soul realms and the fact that your two souls we’re intertwined from eternity, as special as that sounds, here are the specifics;


  1. You always think about them.

The fact that you have constant reminders about your soulmate is a calling from his or her end too about the desire to meet you and want to be with you as much as you do too. Maybe it’s because they feel that they are not having enough attention and being appreciated, loved, or understood by the beings that surround them at whatever walk of life they are partaking. They feel void, emptiness, and darkness, and your presence would shine a light on them and that the two of you would understand each other and stick together to achieving life purposes, traveling together, talking, and bringing happiness. Their thoughts and energy travel to the universe, which in turn intensifies from your end as an answer to their power quest. In return, both of you is to think about each other and hold on for better days to come and let fate occur according to the universe plan.


  1. Dreams.

Yes. Often a lot of people dream about meeting their soulmate and wonder if the dream is symbolic. These dreams come to offer you guidance into a person and realm of positivity from your soulmate and serve as a guide that there is somebody out there who is good enough and waiting for your love to appreciate you just the way you are. These dreams might come to you most when you are in a danger zone in a love relationship or when you are single. This can also be when your current relationship is boring, dormant, or feel you are abused and not appreciated as much as you deserve. The universe and high beings instill you with this dream to tell you should keep your head up and that you deserve much more what you have been through or even anticipated. Listen to the energy you get, too, when you remember the dream or wake up from the dream. Some dream might even warn you that your soulmate is in trouble or distress and that you should pray over them to heal them. Tap into that energy and work on it accordingly.


  1. Smiling.

You know those times when you fantasize about something loving or thinking on a honeymoon, hike adventure, proposal, and even just having kids in your mind and smile? That right there can be a sign that wherever your soulmate is, they are experiencing that feeling too. Maybe they are watching a video with good landscape. They put it on a wishlist with his future wife, or a video on how someone is being proposed or either they are carrying a kid that they admire or even just thinking. It’s high time they became serious with relationship life and work themselves into getting a good spouse to go along with them. Your souls know each other already, and at this time, they communicate positivity and happiness to your soul, and reciprocal body emotions happen to you to that you smile.


  1. White feather sight.

White feathers are beautiful and seldom sighted. However, at times, you might find a white feather, or they would fly on the air and land on your hands, head or laps, or even on your clothing. This feeling is sweet and boosts up one’s mood, too, and you feel everything is alright. Mostly, these feathers are a symbol of love and whispering to you that love is surrounding you and is yet to come in abundance. Your soulmate has a lot of good intentions and pure love to give to you, so be happy, for it all will come to you just like the feather that you sighted or landed to you, without you forcing it to anticipate the time. White, fair flower petals too sometimes wonder in the air, and often you will see them landing on you too. This sends the same message of the pureness and sweetness of your soulmate; nature is trying to tell your soul that message too and keep in you the right path to the soulmate.


  1. Just feeling that they are thinking about you.

Your emotions might whisper to you that your soulmate is thinking and wondering in mind about you and “just feel it.” This is the deep subconscious connection, and despite all the other signs being the soul calling and informing each other, this one connects with the state of mind. Our soulmates not only have the same feelings as us but also think in almost the same way as we do. Mostly after connecting with them, you will find out you have the same common opinions towards different issues, and even if it’s a difference, it compliments each others’ personality to form one union. The subconscious of your soulmate might be in a deep state of thinking about you before which you will feel the thought of the soulmate the and after, and the feeling might last for long due to it being strong. You will have deep grounds that the soulmate is thinking about something that you only can explain better.


  1. Sneezing.

We sneeze to get out toxic components from your body. However, if you are constantly sneezing, it might be a soul inter twinned sign that your soulmate is getting rid of bad habits, behavior, or pattern and welcoming a better version of himself. Maybe he cut off a toxic relationship, and with this, the journey for the two of you being together has strengthened and become closer. Maybe the soulmate quit a toxic career to choose to escape to another region in the universe, and the two of you will be soon be reconnected back as you supposed to be. Whatever seals or affects your soulmate affects you too as an eternity pact. Them making good decisions that work positively to your meeting and him thinking on his life purpose-made, you act up by sneezing out from a biological perspective, out of the emotional and psychological things that your soulmate currently has done.


  1. Getting Hiccups.

Frequent hiccup experience might mean almost the same notion as the hiccups. Whereas sneezing means victory, hiccups are the contrary. Biologically, hiccups happen due to increase levels of acids in the stomach, and stress is the common cause of this. Your soulmate might be in danger, and they think whether they will ever see you or meet you due to the panic or pressure on them. If you experience these hiccups a lot, curse out the bad omen and drink water to quench the negativity away and ease up.


  1. Desiring to meet your soulmate.

Desires talk to us what we best want for ourselves and our most hidden soul internally. Your soulmate’s willingness to meet you might meet your subconscious recognition, and in turn, you will feel needed to be around them. Sometimes, your soulmate might not feel loved or appreciated or needed that they question your existence by being needy. It is okay to feel that you need them too and desire them because you are mean to be together through good and tough times. Realize they feel the same way too and practice a little patience for the time healer.


  1. Body Itch.

To females, you might feel the nipple itch that persists in days and recognize that your breasts are hard or firm. You might also feel a vaginal irritation of cool feeling inside your female organs. To men, it has more boner lately than ever might mean your soulmate wants to be sexual with you and desires you deeply. These signs are that the chemicals of your body and sexual emotion and energy go along with each other, and you will feel satisfied once in contact with the soulmate.


  1. Physiological touch sense.

Your senses might just feel that whatever place you are right now, or whatever relationship is not just the right one for you. You might feel stressed and wonder how to tell your current boyfriend or girlfriend like they are not just the one. Your soulmate constantly thinks of you and it’s his soul calling you out of such situations so that you may fight a food fight in life. This will eventually make the two of you meet than wasting precious time being attached to toxic situations that are rather left alone. The realm and consciousness of your soulmate are you both to be closer to one another and focusing on your happiness fully and reflects at psychological advice to you.


Day Dreaming About them.

A common pattern we often do is daydreaming about our soulmate. At least once in our lifetime or a lot of times, we find ourselves licensed in these thoughts and imagining the perfect life with your soulmate. Legend says that if you find your self regularly thinking and building the future with your soulmate in your thoughts, it’s because he or she has been thinking about the same in the same particular history in time. While just daydreaming about them once in a while is biologically normal, and the extended tendency is a sign from beyond. Recognize that you are not alone, and it is perfectly fine that you have been sinking in fantasies about your soulmate lately because actually, your soul being is thinking about you too.


One is having Visions about them.

Visions are day or night events that are experienced that seem so real and feel like you are in a movie. Most spiritual beings experience this more often and is a norm to them. However, even if you are not deep spiritually, understand that your energy can travel to the subconscious of your soul mate or the versa due to your recent life activities. You might experience visions to also warn you of your soulmate state of being that needs to be addressed to you as their twin soul in quest of healing. When you experience this be aware that the other soulmate has been thinking about you, wants to know if you are available for them, and wants you to know that they desire to be with you so much. Your power is recognizing the ” vibe” that your vision is sending to you. If in danger, be prayerful. Maybe the vision might also come to you to address you from your situation. Especially if you are broken lately or in an abusive relationship, realize that there is a soulmate and a higher power in love if you could only accept and move from your past. You should challenge yourself to uncomfortable situations.


Most of these signs are persistent and tend to send you a message from your soulmate in connection to life purposes and destinies by the energy they give. You should try to discern what your soulmate is feeling from the other end and know whether to be patient, relaxed, and pray for them—good luck in finding your soulmate soon and the happiness that comes with it. These signs are essential to understand some changes or feelings especially for individuals in long distance reltionships.

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