15 Things Guys Like in Bed but Won’t Ask for

things guys like in bed but wont ask for

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Men like sex. That is a simple truth about mosty dudes cannot be denied. Guys like being with girls physically. They enjoy getting it on with women in different ways. Sometimes, a dude won’t ask his lady to do certain things in bed. Unfortunately, this makes a woman clueless about how to please her man. Females, if you wonder about what guys like in bed, keep reading. You quickly discover 15 things guys like in bed but won’t ask for.


15 Things Guys Like in Bed but won’t Ask For

All men like to different sexual things from women. However, all men end up doing basically the same thing to a female when they have sex. However, not all guys have sex in the exact same way as their counterparts. The following 15 things are popular sexual practices that men do in general. Still, that doesn’t mean that your guy will be willing to do all the things mentioned here. Here are 15 popular things guys want from women in bed.


  1. Men want Women to be Freaks in Bed


Sex is supposed to be an intimate act between two people. However, many people don’t view sex in this way. Most people want sex because it’s fun and it releases sexual energy. You can blame this mindset on pornography, a lack of morality, or changing sexual norms. It doesn’t matter. The reality is being connected and intimate in bed is no longer a big deal for many people. This is one reason why a lot of men today want a freak in bed. Good sex for many people is about sexual gratification. Love and compassion has little to do with the act.


A freak in bed is a female who is willing to get down and dirty in the sheets. She is willing to perform different types of sex acts that pleases her husband, boyfriend, or partner. A freak in bed will have sex from different positions and use different parts of her body during the process.


Truthfully, most women are not freaks in bed. Why? Most women are not willing to do any and everything that their men desire. Men are very afraid to ask women to be freaks because they believe they won’t comply, be turend off or that they will leave them. Seriously, if you’re a woman who wants to sexually please your man, just be a freak in bed.


  1. Guys Like Having Sex with Females that Like Them


Men like women who like them. Most guys can tell if a female doesn’t want them sexually. While many guys will still have sex with a female who does not care for them; that doesn’t mean they will necessarily like it. Men are people with feelings and emotions. If a female is disgusted at the thought of having sex with them, they will be turned off by the experience. That still doesn’t mean they won’t use a female’s body to get off. All guys want to be special to their partner in bed. Even if a dude doesn’t have a body like an athlete, he still wants his woman to desire him. Females let your man know that his body is enough for you, even if you don’t agree. It will help him to feel more confident and turn him on when you sex.


  1. Don’t be Uptight When you have Sex with your Man


Don’t be uptight when you have sex with your man. Don’t get annoyed, complain about being uncomfortable, and/or always be annoyed. You might not enjoy everything that is involved with sex; but stop complaining about it all the time. Guys can sense when you’re not feeling sex with them. You can be a forward woman and speak your mind. Just remember that guys don’t always want to hear a lecture about your likes, wants, or needs during sex.


  1. Be Spontaneous with your Man


Women, if you really want to please your man in bed, you will eventually need to be spontaneous. Planning out your sex does serve a purpose. However, you can’t always plan out your sexual activity in advance. Sometimes, your husband or boyfriend is going to want to get it on when sex is inconvenient or unwanted. Also, you’re going to want to screw him when his mind is occupied with something else. Often times, that is how sex works. Ladies, if you learn how to be spontaneous and have sex at the spur of the moment (at least sometimes) it will lead to a more rewarding and fulfilling sex life for both of you.


  1. Women, you Need to Become More Involved in Sex


Females have a tendency to sit back in bed and let the man please her during sex. However, if you really want to please your man, then you will have to become more involved. In other words, touch different parts of his body while you’re having sex. Rub his muscles, move your hands up and down his back, grab your man’s butt, and rub his legs and feet. The more you do these things the more he’ll feel like you’re really into him. It will turn him on more.


  1. Let your Words Express how you Feel


If you’re having sex and it feels really good, then let your man know how he is making you feel. Tell him to go harder, faster, and to be more aggressive. Let your guy know that he is pleasing you. Tell him dirty things that you like. If you like it from behind, let him know. If you want him to get on top, let him know that too. If he is hitting a good spot inside of your body with his penis, don’t be shy about telling him how good it feels. Talk dirty to your dude. He will be thrilled, and it will improve your bedroom sexual activity.


  1. Look Sexy According to his Standards and not Yours


Most modern women have their own mind about things. They don’t care too much about a man’s opinion on how they look. Most women want to look sexy according to their own standards. There is nothing wrong with that attitude. However, it might not the be the right approach in the bedroom. Ladies, if you’re guy likes you in a dirty t-shirt; then stop trying to dress up in elegant lingerie. That might make you feel pretty and sexy. However, if you’re trying to please your dude in bed, then dress how he likes it. He’ll go crazy over you.


  1. Try Out New Things in Bed


You can try out new things in bed such as using ice and popsicles on a hot day. You can also use room temperature liquids on his body. Just be careful about using hot liquids. Tickling him with feathers, stroking him with lubricating gel or touching him with soft and fuzzy things can also help to make him want you more. When you try out new things in the bedroom, make sure that he is comfortable with it. If things get too weird, he’ll probably just want to stop the action.


  1. Guys Like it When their Women Act Submissive in Bed


Females, I know the whole “submissive” thing is so last century. The fact is guys like submissive women in the bed. What is a submissive woman in bed? She’s not afraid to give him oral sex while he lays back in bed. She will bend over the side of the bed and pound away on her behind. Sexually speaking, guys like women to be submissive when they have sex.


  1. Fulfill his Fantasies


Release of sexual energy is important. Still, guys don’t always want the same vanilla routine. Sometimes, they want to fulfill a fantasy. Ladies, you should be willing to make your man’s fantasy come true within reason. If he wants you to act like a damsel in distress, then be that woman in need. If he likes to pretend that you guys just met on a one-night stand, then go with it. As long as you’re comfortable with what is happening it shouldn’t be a problem.


  1. Smartphone Sext Him


People sext with each other all the time. Why not take some nude photos of yourself and send them to your man? You can send the photos to him when you’re in the mood to get freaky with him. This will be a new twist on sex that many people might not consider with their spouse or mate. Ladies, pretend like he is a guy that you just met and you want to get it on with him. He’ll definitely like this little twist before you guys have sex.


  1. Play Sex Games


Sometimes if your guy seems a little bored with sex, play a sex game with him. Playing strip poker or playing a drinking game is the perfect way for you two to have intimate (or raunchy) time in the bedroom. Guys like playing games and they really get turned on if they get to win your body. Just play a game that you both like.


  1. Turn your Body into a Dessert


Turn your body into a dessert and have your man eat you. This will turn him on. Have him turn your body into a birthday cake. Let him rub frosting all over your booty. Allow him to put sweet syrup on your nipples and put sprinkles in your magical place. Trust me, this is something that many guys want and you really will be a “snack” worth eating.


  1. Playfight with your Guy in Bed


Playfighting can get very interesting between a man and a woman. When a couple fights naked it can be raw fun. Most guys are physical and don’t mind this activity and it can be something that they secretly desire to do with you. Just be careful about letting things get out of control. The goal is turn each other on and not to hurt each other.


  1. Guys want to know that you Trust them with your Body


All guys have to gain some level of trust to have sex with a girl. Even if she is a drunk and out of her mind. If not, the sex act will not happen. No female will give herself to a guy that she doesn’t trust on some level. That is a fact. All guys want to know that you trust them with your body sexually. Even if the act is not for love. They know that you must think enough of them to have sex with them in the first place.


What not to do in Bed with a Guy

Ladies, there are some things that guys do not like in bed. Again, not all dudes hate the same thing but there are some things that most dudes just naturally shy away from. Here is a quick list of what they are:


  • Don’t tie a dude up unless he is okay with that type of activity. Most guys feel like your up to no good when you tie them up in bed.


  • Don’t suddenly use a vibrator, dildo, or a strap-on with your dude or you might get a violent reaction. Many guys don’t want to experience sex with these types of objects. Don’t put your man in an awkward situation by using these sex toys with him. If a guy is okay with what you’re doing, then go for it.


  • Don’t use whips, paddles, or sticks on your guy. Again, you might get punched in the face. Many guys are not into bondage and violent acts to derive sexual pleasure. Doing these things without his consent could bring out the wrong reaction.


  • Don’t (and I mean absolutely don’t) invite another man into your bedroom for a threesome. Most guys are willing for you to invite one of your female partners into the bedroom for some threesome action, but not the other way around. Remember, it is more socially acceptable for a woman to have a female sex partner to please a guy; than for a man to invite another dude to do the same thing with his girl. Yes, it is a double standard but that is the way it is.


  • Don’t be angry, critical, or judgmental while you have sex with your man. That is sure fire way to drive him away and not turn him on.


  • Don’t be too drunk or confused on medications because you will not be a good sex partner in bed.


  • Finally, don’t be boring in bed. Eventually your man will grow tired of your boring routine.


How to Ask a Guy what he Likes in Bed

Ladies, you should take the time to figure out what a guy likes in bed. You do this by sitting him down, getting him to relax, and then let him know that you are trying to figure out what he likes. It’s simple. Just ask him and expect him to tell you what he likes in bed. That is the best way to do it. Most guys will be excited that you are taking an interest in pleasing them sexually.


How to make a Man Cry in Bed

If a woman wants to make a man cry in bed, she will have to touch his emotions. There is no way of getting around this fact. She will have to somehow connect with him emotionally. She can make the sex so good and then tell him how much she loves him – that might work. She can also start to cry while they’re making love and then have him open up emotionally. That might work as well. Making a man cry during sex is a tricky thing. Most females should realize that many men are not going to cry in bed. However, it can happen.


Hot Things to say in Bed to a Man

Ladies, if you want to really make your man go wild talk dirty. We already discussed this point earlier. A lot of guys like dirty talk. You can say any freaky thing that you desire. Here are some helpful lines:


  • Harder baby, harder.


  • (Whenever he asks you: “does this feel good or you like the way it feels”; you respond by saying) “Yes, baby”


  • F— me, f – me now!


  • I like you f—ing me baby.


  • F – my a–, baby


  • Yes, yes, YES!


  • Eat my p—y!


  • F—k my p – -sy!


  • Stick it in my mouth, baby!


  • Let me jack you off


  • I’m going to ride your big d- – k


  • Oh, my p – – – y is so hot and wet!


  • F – – k me, F – – k me


  • I like getting f – – ked by you


  • Stick it in baby


  • Deeper, daddy, Deeper


  • Oh daddy, don’t stop


Okay ladies, you get the point. Use the above phrases to talk dirty when you’re having sex with your man. Chances are he is going to explode within seconds after hearing you say those things. Dirty talk does help to make sex a more exciting activity. In closing, a lot of guys don’t want to lose you by telling you what’s on their mind sexually. Just let them know that it is okay for them to tell you what they like. You should also let them know that you won’t reject them when they reveal their desires.

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