60 Romantic fall date ideas for couples

fall date ideas

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Dating should be fun and exciting! However, after being together for a while, it can get kind of boring. It’s like you get stuck in a rut and do the exact same things over and over. Don’t allow this to happen, relationships can start to fail if you don’t nurture them.


People might think it’s expensive to go out on dates often, but the truth is, it’s only as expensive as you want it to be. You might consider planning your date time in advance according to when you get paid. Don’t schedule the ones that cost more all at one time, ration them out amongst the cheaper ones. There are many things that you can do that only costs gas to get there. Be creative!


Fall is such a breath of fresh air for anyone. The weather starts to cool down, the leaves are changing colors, you start to enjoy eating heavier foods and you can almost smell football in the air.


Some couples have started pranking each other to keep from having a rut, competition is always fun.


Here are some pretty cool ideas to help with sprucing up your dating life. Of course, you must take into consideration where you live, you might not get to enjoy all of them.


Get outside and go pick some apples

In September, the apples are getting ripe, so head on over to an orchard. Don’t be shy, pick a peck or so to take home. Walk around holding hands as you enjoy your sweet, old-fashioned date.


This date might be over, but you have the makings for a couple more. Cut those apples up that you brought home and make a fresh, apple pie together. Then, on another day, make some homemade apple cider.


Coffee time!

Meet at the coffee shop for some pumpkin spice or maple latte. You can get into some deep conversation over java.


Movie marathon

When you wake up on a rainy Saturday, grab a warm blanket, head to the couch and have a movie marathon. There are lots of scary movies for Halloween. Don’t forget, Shrek had four. Or, look how many movies you can stream on Netflix.


Corn maze

It’s usually pretty easy to find a corn maze. Sometimes, you can even find haunted corn mazes. It’s pretty easy to get lost in a regular corn maze, imagine if it’s haunted. Let him play hero and save you.


Pumpkin patch

On your date, you can choose the biggest, weirdest shaped or tiniest pumpkin available. Get one each, so you can compete in carving.


Carve your pumpkin

There are numerous websites where you can get pumpkin stencils. Maybe as you are cutting them open to gut them, you could have a wet, gross seed fight. Don’t forget the competition to see who carves the coolest pumpkin.


Cook together

Plan a meal and cook it together. Not something from a box, but a real meal. Have music playing. When there’s a break, have a slow dance. Wash dishes together. Go up from behind, put your arms around your partner and just sway to the music.


Go leaf peaking

Take an old-fashioned Sunday drive. Look at all the leaves and all the different colors. Just slowly drive and talk for hours. If the vehicle allows, lie in the drivers lap.


Star gazing

Grab a blanket, pillows, a thermos of hot cocoa and a couple cups. Drive to a dark spot. Put the blanket on the ground, pour hot cocoa and look at the sky. Look for the big and little dipper. Watch for shooting stars. Just lay, hold each other and gaze at the stars.


Ride bikes

Get your bikes and head to the bike trails. Look at how the leaves are changing colors. Good exercise and good company, doesn’t get any better.



Cloud gazing

On a nice sunny day, when there are lots of clouds, grab a blanket and hit the ground. Look at the different images that you can see in the clouds. Do you see the same things? They can make some pretty cool images if you look for them. Definitely makes for lots of laughs.


Go camping

Believe it or not, it can get too hot to camp. Fall is the perfect time. Warm during the day to fish and swim. Nights get a little cool, great for a campfire and cooking. Of course, s’mores can’t be forgotten. Hold each other by the fire. Then, wake up to some strong percolated coffee. It will get you warm and definitely open your eyes.


Caramel or candied apples

Hope you kept a few apples from the orchard. Spend some time making caramel or candied apples. You might can find an opportunity to smear a little caramel onto your partner.


Halloween costumes

Go shopping. Enjoy trying on different costumes. Make a plan of the costumes you want to buy as a couple. Then, get serious trying to find the perfect ones for the characters you want to be at the exciting Halloween party.


Plan and have a Halloween party

Plan a Halloween party. There are lots of options. Scary, haunted house or just exciting get together with friends and costumes.


Rake leaves

Sounds like a chore, but can be thrilling. Rake all the leaves in a big pile and jump in them like kids.


Go sledding

You don’t need snow or even a sled for that matter. Get some cardboard boxes, tear them apart, there’s a sled. Find some big hills to climb and slide down them on your box. Use your imagination!


Romantic getaway

Research some close by areas. Find an attraction that you’ve been wanting to visit. Book a room at a bed and breakfast. The drive itself can be lots of fun if you play some driving games. Be adventurous!


Play some drinking games

Go back to your teenage days. Play quarters. That shot glass can be hard to hit sometimes. Google some other drinking games and have fun.


Go to a football game

Dress in Home team colors, get pom-poms, paint your faces and get an air horn. Sit on the visitor side and cheer for the home team. Maybe you should go a couple towns over, you really don’t want to be recognized. Sure will be fun!


Find a hayride

A lot of churches in the area offer have hayrides. Don’t forget a blanket, fall nights can get pretty cool. Then again, if you find a haunted hayride, your blood pressure might can keep you warm enough.


Get to jumping

Take a trip over to the trampoline park. It’s pretty nifty when you can get exercise and have fun at the same time. See who can turn the most flips.


Find karaoke

Not everybody was born with talent, especially with a singing voice. However, lots of people can’t hear what comes out of their mouth. Karaoke is relaxing and can be one of the funniest times that you’ve had in a long time. It doesn’t really matter if you attempt to sing acid rock or the blues, you’ll have a blast.


Go to the arcade

Research where your favorite old arcade game might be. Take a roll or two of quarters each and play your hearts out. Compete to see who can get high score.


Take a walk in the park

Very simple, but something a lot of people just don’t think to do. Take a stroll, holding hands and look like a scene from a romance novel.



Load up a blanket, the picnic basket with some good food and a bottle of wine. Head on out to the country under a big, oak tree and enjoy your afternoon.


Go back where you came from

Take your partner back and show him off to your hometown. Go to the homecoming parade. Go to the football game, visit with old friends and watch the homecoming queen get crowned.


Hit a fall festival

Shop the handmade crafts. Visit with the politicians. Eat some of that food you smell in the air.


State fairs are always fun

Play those silly games, let him win you a big teddy bear. Ride some of the adventure rides. Slow it down on the ferris wheel. Eat some fair food.


Watch a scary movie outside

Take your laptop to the porch. Turn the porch light off once you get everything set up. Tease a few boo’s along the way and see who gets scared the most.


Buy a puzzle

Patience, teamwork and creative problem-solving to say the least. Some people just don’t have what it takes. You might find this is a past time that the two of you enjoy together.


Go thrifting

Thrift shops, consignment stores and garage sales can be lots of fun. Fall means back to school and a lot of people clean out their closets, garage and attic‘s. You might find something you’ve been searching for. If not, it’s always fun to dig.


Get together for some football

Plan a day of flag football with your friends. Buy a football and some bandannas for your flags. This might be the fun you’ve been missing, definitely a good memory to make. Show those guys just what the girls can do.


Visit a haunted house

These things can range from kid friendly to believing the killer has escaped from prison and came straight for you. Decide which is best for you. Might find that you are both ready to run.


Go to the zoo

The zoo can be a thrill for any age. It’s perfect to just walk around carefree, holding hands and letting the animals entertain. When you’re done, don’t forget to take a ride on the infamous train, never know what you might see.


Find a carousel

Carousels can be so romantic. Not necessarily the music, but the slow ride itself. Ride side by side on the animals. Don’t stop there, take the next ride with her in your arms on the bench seat.


Heat it up with a bonfire

Complete with s’mores and holding her in your arms for some pretty deep story telling.



College football is always fun. It’s not nearly as fun, if you miss the tailgate party. You’ll be fired up and ready for the game, no doubt.


Are you ready for some football

Take her to a football game where you went to college. Invite some of your old college buddies and their significant others to come along.


Tour a brewery

As you’re touring, catch some of the taste testing that’ll be going on. These kind of things can be pretty interesting.


Spend a whole morning in bed together

It’s Saturday, no work, no appointment and no reason to get up. Well, except for maybe breakfast. Make some blueberry pancakes to go with your coffee and eat them in bed. After breakfast, grab the paper and read it to each other. The happenings of the world can seem so far away.


Hide and seek

Go to the park at night and play hide and seek. This can be pretty scary, but so much fun.


Hit a fall flea market

Sometimes, you can find they’re trying to get rid of their fall merchandise and have awesome deals. You can find something that you can work on and fix up together.



Go to the park and see how many different kinds of rocks or leaves you can find. This might begin a lifetime collection for the two of you.


Bird feeder

There are lots of ways to make a bird feeder. Decide what type you want to make. Spend the afternoon making the feeder. Hang it by the kitchen window. The two of you can watch the different types of birds that your bird feeder has attracted and fed through the fall.


Photo shoot

Decide a nice place for fall pictures. Have a friend come along with the two of you. Take some nice and some goofy pictures of you together.


Game night

There are so many board games these days. Speak Out is just so funny. The two of you can have such a good time at home playing different types of games.


Historical tour of your city

Find out where your city started and what all it’s been through. You’ll get to peek at the beautiful homes and come out with lots of knowledge.


Go dancing

It doesn’t matter if you can dance or not. You can both pull off some slow dancing and holding tight to each other.


Sit by the pond, lake or river

Rent some fishing gear from the library if you don’t have any already. You don’t even have to fish, feed the ducks. Sit by the water and tell stories of your childhood. It’ll be interesting!


Go to the comedy club

Comedians can get you from any mood you’re in to laughing hysterically at their jokes. Enjoy a good time and make some good memories.


Go out to eat

Take turns going to your favorite restaurants. It doesn’t matter if you hate the place, if it’s his favorite, make the best of it. You could end up loving it, never know.


Take a ballroom dancing class

This can be informative and enjoyable. You can pretend that you’re characters from an old romance novel.


Meet for lunch

Have an afternoon rendezvous, feel like you’re doing something bad!


Plant an herb garden together

Herbs are good in lots of ways. They’re healthy and taste good when you cook with them. Peppermint is good in teas and also good to use in a diffuser.


Visit a museum or art gallery

Depending on your likes, there are numerous museums and art galleries in your area that you can attend.


Go to a play

Go to a play and extend it home to play the characters ending as you wish.


Cook for him

Make some homemade soup and cornbread. Cook up some chili and serve it with crackers. You will probably lose him to some heavy sleep afterwards. Remember, the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.


Visit a toy store

After conversation at home, decide what type sex toy that you might want to welcome into the bedroom and go shopping together. This way there are no surprises once you get home with it. Be sure to give it a name, that can make for endless fun.


Love the day away

Take a day to just get away from the world. No emails, no texts and no calls! Enjoy each other’s company and each other’s body, like it’s the last day that you’ll have it. Play pretend. Just indulge in the moment that you have. The day to day life can get in the way sometimes of making our partner feel like they’re the most important thing in our life, so make it your goal to do that today. Tomorrow isn’t promised.

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