The Best Drinking Games for Couples in 2021

Drinking Games for Couples

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There is no doubt that drinking games with your partner are a fun and sexy way of spicing up your relationship. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if you guys are new couples or have been together for an extended period. If you are a new couple, playing a drinking game is an excellent way of understanding each other better and more fun. For couples who have been together for a while, playing a drinking game is a perfect way of spicing up their relationship. Playing drinking games helps in bringing back the strength and chemistry you had between the two of you.


In this article, we have compiled some of the best drinking games for couples in 2021. These games are fun and sexy and can be played with your partner. However, before we commence the drinking game, we urge you guys to drink responsibly.


Fun drinking  games for couples


When it comes to fun drinking games for couples, there are numerous to choose from; however, here are some of the best;


Beer Pong


This is an easy and fun drinking game, and it is not hard to adapt it to a one-on-one game. To play the game, you will take your partner out of the equation and then go into a head-to-head cup-sinking battle to the death. You should then compare work grievances as well as talk Sunday dinner plans over the game. The loser will do the dishes.


Flip cup


Flip cup is an exciting and yet a short drinking game for couples out there. It is really short, so short that you will not even have time to bring up a question of whose house you will be going to for thanksgiving. The loser will end up doing laundry for a whole month; however, the punishment will depend on what you guys come up with.


Power hour


While playing power hour, it is just like a normal drinking night with your partner, except that you will be working on a schedule. You will have to shoot an ounce of beer after every minute for one whole hour as you stare deeply into each other eyes. This is the power hour of love. The best part of this game is that there are no losers.


Daring drinking games for couples


In this section, we shall be taking you through some of the best daring drinking games that are fun among couples;


Simon Says… Drink!


One of the partners becomes Simon, and then tell the other partner what you would like them to do. Since this game involves a couple, you might consider being naughty in the instructions. For instance, you might consider saying something like Simon says… remove your shirt and then take a shot. This will help speed up the game.


The drunken artist


This game entails drinking and drawing. In this case, you will require a whiteboard or paper and a marker. You might as well consider using your partner’s finger or body as a canvas. While playing the game, your partner has to see what you are drawing.


As you start drawing, your partner will have to guess what you will be drawing as fast as possible. You should consider drawing quickly, ensuring that your partner drinks after every 20 seconds. The more your partner delays to get the correct answer, the more she or he drinks.


At the end of every round, both of you will have to take a shot. Nonetheless, if you feel that your partner has delayed you deliberately from guessing the right answer, you will go ahead and get them back in your next round.


Russian Roulette


This game involves taking lots of shot glasses and then fill one with alcohol while the remaining ones are filled with water. Once that is done, you will go ahead and shuffle glasses so that even you cannot recall the glass containing the alcohol.


You will start drinking in turns, and the one that gets the glass with alcohol will go ahead and perform a dare. In the following round, you will increase the number of glasses with alcohol. You should consider using short dark glasses if your drink is gin, vodka, or any other colorless alcoholic drink.


Sexy drinking games for couples


There is nothing as interesting as sexy drinking games for couples. These games are a great way of spicing up your relationship. Some of the best sexy drinking games for couples include;


Speed facts


Speed facts is an incredible game among individuals who have been in a relationship for an extended period. The game is an incredible way of checking how well your partner knows about you. To play this game, you will only require your partner and plenty of alcohol.


When playing the game, you will take turns in stating facts about your partner. Each time you say something that isn’t correct or takes over three seconds to remember the fact, you will lose that round.


You will have to take a shot for every three last rounds. You might as well consider adjusting the number of lost rounds for taking shots; however, this will highly depend on your tolerance to alcohol.


Naughty Jenga


If you are a couple who would love to rediscover the excitement in your relationship, then the Naughty Jenga will be the perfect drinking game for you. The game is a naughtier and raunchier version of a regular Jenga.


While playing this game, you and your partner will have to pull out Jenga blocks in turns. However, these blocks will have tasks along with body parts written on them. Once you pull the block out, you will have to perform the tasks with the mentioned body part. Failure to do so, you will have to take a shot. Furthermore, if you topple over the Jenga tower, you will go ahead and take two shots. You might as well consider adding kinky tasks for an unforgettable time ahead.


Kinky cards


The Kinky Card is an incredible game that is meant for both of you to get drunk and naked. When playing a sexy night, then the kinky cards will be perfect for you guys. You will require a set of playing cards along with some paper. Go ahead and label every odd-numbered card along with a body part and each suit with action (ensure that it’s naughty for perfect experience). For every even-numbered card is a number of shits you will have to take, and that’s it. You will choose a card and do the action that is assigned to a body part.


Drinking questions games for couples


Asking your partner questions while drunk is always fun, and to spice this up, we shall be taking your through some of the best drinking questions games for couples;


Never Have I Ever


Well, never have I ever is an exciting game, and it tends to get a lot better when alcohol is added to the mix. It remains to be one of the coolest drinking question games out there, which involves couples. To play the game, you will say something they have never done before, for instance, Never Have I Ever been so drunk that I blackout. If your partner has once done it, then the role will be switched.


Quiz game


A quiz game is pretty much straightforward. To play this game, you will ask your partner some questions about yourself, for instance, what is my birth date? Where did we first meet? What is my favorite color? What was I wearing when we first met? Write down these questions and then put them in a bowl; you might consider adding some more questions to make the game more fun.


If you answer the question correctly, your partner will have to execute the consequences. On the other hand, if you answer it incorrectly, you will also have to complete the punishment given. For every wrong answer, you will have to take a drink.


Drinking games for couples online


Nowadays, there are various games available online that will keep you entertained throughout the day. In this section, we shall be taking you through some of the best drinking games for couples online.


Dance off


To play dance-off, you will go ahead and play dance videos on YouTube and dance to it. Play the game with your partner and see who the best between the two of you. Failure to keep up with the dance, you will have to take a shot. This game tends to get more intense the drunker you become. By the time the two of you are wasted, you will be able to visualize the true fun of the game.


Trivia games


Trivia games are fun and remain to be one of the best drinking games for couples online. You can do an online trivia quiz together, and when you give a wrong answer, you will have to take a shot. This game is fun and exciting, especially among brainy couples.


Drinking games for couples with cards


There is no doubt that there are several card games out there; however, here we shall be taking you through some of the best drinking games for couples with cards;




First and foremost, the game has nothing to do with war. The golden rule of this game is to play with higher cards. You will shuffle 52-deck cards and distribute among yourselves. Ensure that each player has 26. Take your 26 cards and put them facing down in front of you. Have a glass of alcohol, and you will be ready to go.


To play the game, each player will draw a card from the top and place it face up in the middle of the table. The player with the highest number will win and will take the card. However, if it is a draw, both of you will take a sip. The game will continue until one wins all the cards.


Blowing cards


The game involves blowing cards from a glass. One of you will commence by blowing at least one card from a glass. Blowing more cards away is even better. As the game continues, it becomes more challenging since at least one card has to remain on the glass; otherwise, you will lose the game. The partner with the last card will have to take the drink.


Drinking games for couples without cards


You don’t need cards to play a drinking game with your partner. Here are some great games to play without cards;


Two Truths and a Lie


This is an incredible game for couples without cards. The game is straightforward, and the rules are; one of you will come up with three statements about oneself, two of which are true while one is a lie. The other partner will try and guess which of the statement is a lie, and if he or she is correct, you will have to drink; however, if he or she is wrong, they will have to drink.


Spin the bottle


In this game, you will spin a bottle, and whoever is pointed by the arrow will have to do something you would like them to do. However, you might consider adding some twist; for instance, you will spin a bottle on objects. These objects can be anything innocent such as fruits, chocolate, or anything naughty such as whips and handcuffs. Once the bottle stops, you will tell your partner to do something sexy and creative with the object pointed by the arrow.


Drinking games for couples at home


If you are looking for some of the best drinking games for couples at home, here are some to choose from;


TV show or movie drinking game


Choose a movie you both love or a completely new film. You will then have to guess scenes from the TV show or movie and note possible scenes. If your partners guess it correctly, you will take a sip and vice versa.


Straight face


A straight face is a game that entails each partner writing a funny and outrageous sentence on a paper. Both of you have to write as many as possible and place them in a bowl. You will then take turns picking out each piece of paper, and the aim is to read the sentence aloud while maintaining a straight face. You will not react in any way whatsoever, not a giggle or a smile. Whoever responds to the statement takes a shot.


Final verdict


Nothing is interesting than spicing up your relationship. As we conclude, we hope that you have found this article beneficial as you look for some of the best drinking games for couples in 2021.

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