Fun Date Suggestions for the Daytime

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Are you searching for some Fun Date Ideas? You’ve arrived at the right place. You will soon discover a lot of fun dating suggestions here. Please note that some of the fun dating suggestions listed below here is not advisable for first date unless you know the friend very well or have known them for a long time. However, if you have had a number of dates and need to really impress, the list below here should be just what you’re looking for!

It is essential to do your research before concluding on a date location or activity, think through the following factors before making your selection:

What do your partner likes to do in her or his spare time?
Has he or she talked about how he/she has always wanted to do something but just haven’t got round to it?
What do you think he/she would like to do as a date?
is he/she adventurous? If yes, pick a place with a sense of adventure!
is he/she shy or adventurous? If he/she is shy, opt for a date where it will just be the two of you with no other persons around. (Not recommended for first or second date)

Now let us see some fun date suggestions.

Fun Date suggestions – Day Time

A Distinctive Restaurant

Go for a restaurant with relaxed surroundings, great atmosphere and serving great food. You can do an online search for restaurant reviews on restaurants in your area.

A Calm Unique Coffee Shop

There’s no better approach to have a good conversation and to get to know a person than over a drink in a relaxed location.

A Chic Café

An excellent suggestion is to take your date to a chic Café for a drink or lunch and get to understand each other better.

The Beach

The beach is many people’s favorite, including me. Women in specific love to take a walk on the beach, especially when it sunset.

Have a Walk in the Park

This suggestion is good for a first date. Tw of you should walk in the park, when you see a nice spot, bring out the blanket and relax; talk, and know each other.

Visit a Museum

Taking your date to the museum can be a great fun date suggestion, especially if he/she is an academic type and has told you that he/she enjoys museums. But you must bring the right topic with your date, or he/she could be tired!

A Picnic

Choosing a picnic can’t be a bad idea for a date. However, you need to find out what your date likes to eat earlier or you could be eating only. Remember the strawberries and cream 😉

Attending a Festival Together

Attending a festival can be a great fun dating suggestion for both of you as there will be music to suit all tastes, drink, shopping, food, and all kinds of other crazy and wonderful things!

Quad Biking

Another excellent fun date suggestion can be quad biking, but this can be unsafe. It is definitely not a good recommendation for the first date. Pick an off-road path if your date seems adventurous and skillful and a simple flat way if he/she is a bit panicky and have never been on a quad before. You have to be watchful if you decide on this option as there are many injuries from this activity every year.

Consider Caving

If he/she is an outdoors and adventurous someone, then this will make sense for a good date! Always be conscious of the safety aspects before walking off into the unknown and ensure you that have at least the basic safety equipment.


This is about nerve-racking experience; you appreciate how it is like to be a bird just flying high above without a care in the world.


Maybe you’ve seen it in the movies, or your date has seen it in the movies but has never done this activity. It actually entails standing on a board in the water whilst hanging on to a rope and being dragged by a boat! Please know if your date can swim first and make sure he/she is not afraid of water.

Consider Sky Diving

Sky diving can be an interesting fun date daytime suggestion. It is an excellent fun dating option, and most adrenaline packed activity you can possibly consider for you and your date. Don’t forget that this activity is also both exhilarating and scary at the same time.

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