7 signs he wants to make you his girlfriend

signs he wants to make you his girlfriend

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You are in a good term with a guy and he is flirting with you yet you are unsure whether he wants to make you his girlfriend, information here will help you understand the reasons for his flirting around with you. Guys are not difficult to understand and you can easily understand his true intentions to you. You must be able to read or interpret his signs and behaviors towards you to confirm whether he actually wants you as a girlfriend or not. There are certain things he may be doing to you which can help you decode. It also depends on how long you have been together and you continue to observe those signs without making his intentions known to you. A guy who wants to be a relationship with you and who wants you to become his girlfriend will soak every opportunity available to him to be with you. Here are the seven signs that can help you understand whether he wants you to become his girlfriend.

Seven signs he wants to make you his girlfriend


When he is asking about you

When the guy craves every opportunity to be with you means that there are things, he wants from you. It is not enough evidence to convince you that he wants you to become his girlfriend. When he moves beyond that to ask about you, then it is a sign that he wants a relationship with you. He will also be looking for ways of finding out more about you from your friends and find out places you like to hang out. He likely asks your friends or your close relationships. When he begins to make those moves and inquiries about you then you should know he has good intentions about you. It is one of the signs he wants you to become his girlfriend.


He likes to stay close to you or by your side

Whenever he has the opportunity, he will like to stay with you or by your side. This is especially the case when you are out for any socializing event. He will always explore the opportunity to prove to you or to show you that he likes you. It is not always that a man will like to stay close to a woman during such a social event as a party. Where he likes to be around you and with you, the intention is really romantic. When you begin to see such a sign, it is evident that he wants you to become his girlfriend. If a guy does not like you, he will rarely mingle around you or come near you. You will see him with the woman he loves.


More intimate kissing

It is common for people to kiss and when he kisses you and it becomes more intimate which means it is more than the ordinary, then it is a sign he has good intention towards you. Such kisses are not only soft, it is romantic and full of passion. It is like he may embrace you while kissing you. When you see such signs, it is extraordinary and romantic. It is time to read positive meaning towards his intentions. If the guy is not interested, he will give an ordinary peck on the side.


He likes serving coffee or tea

If the guy brings you a coffee or tea, it has its meaning and he wants you to know that he really cares. It should spark your curiosity because he wants you to know what you think about his actions and it is one of the signs that show he wants a relationship with you. The way you accept the coffee either with sugars or no creams, he is merely studying you and he tries to find out those things you like as well as those you do not like.


He likes to hold your hand in public

If the guys begin the PDA move, he is certainly becoming emotional and romantic and he wants love from you. There may be an ordinary relationship existing between the two of you then he is moving steps further and he wants the relationship to be more emotional and romantic. This is going to be his way of saying that he loves you and he wants you to be very close to him.


He wants you to be socializing along with his friends

Whenever he wants to socialize with his friends, he includes you and wants you to be around. This kind of action is not ordinary, he is merely introducing you to his friends and he wants them to know that you are his friend or you want him his good intentions towards you. There is something he has in his mind about you and he wants you to start to decode them.


He stops dating any other girl

If you know he has been dating other girls before but because of the relationship or his closeness with you and he stops dating other girls, it is a sign that he wants you and he rates the relationship he seeks with you above those he has been dating before. It is a sign that he wants you to become his girlfriend.


How do you tell if he wants to make you his girlfriend?

Because of the way the relationship goes, it is the duty of the man to ask a woman for a friendship and not the other way round. Girls would be expecting such a relationship or requests for a relationship from men. However, some men are too shy that they do not know how to go about it. There are certain behaviors he would be exhibiting when you can help you decode his intentions towards you. You can tell he wants to make you his girlfriend by his behavior and romantic attitude towards you. If the behavior to you becomes more emotional and romantic then you can expect something about the relationship from him. Here are some of the signs or evidence that he wants you to become his girlfriend.


Most of his time he dedicates around you

You will notice that he dedicates most of the things he does around you. When he shifts everything around you, it is a sign that he wants to be with you. The guy who does not build time around you do not want anything special, he scheduled his time around things important or special to him. This is not the case with the man that wants something romantic from a woman. He will like to be around her most of the time and this can help the girl in understanding what he actually wants from her.


You are always his priority

When he begins to see you as his priority in life then it is evidence that he wants you to become his girlfriend. For instance, he will call you most of the times when he is idle and he expects you to call him especially when you need assistance, it is enough to convince you that he wants you to become his girlfriend. Other things should ordinarily occupy his time such as his work, other friends, family members, and so on. When he leaves all these and plans his time around you, then it is a sign that he cares and he wants you to know it that way. He wants you to understand he wants you as his girlfriend.


He is willing to introduce you to his friends and associates

If the relationship goes on further and he wants to introduce you to those intimate to his such as his close friends, then it is not for nothing. This can show you he has a special interest in the relationship and likely he would ask you to become his girlfriend or to become his wife. These are some of the signs that you should expect when he wants you to become his girlfriend.


If you begin to spend time with him at his request and he begins to show signs he loves and that you are special to him, then it is a sign that he wants you to become his girlfriend. He may even want a long-term relationship which means that it is moving beyond ordinary friendship to marriage. When he introduces you to his family members and others very close to him then he wants you to become his wife. Any man who wants you as his girlfriend will be communicating with you more frequently. He will like to call you, chat with you and hang out with you.


How long before a guy asks you to be his girlfriend?

There is a time frame for that. It depends on different factors. The guy cannot let the cat out of the bag if he has not laid a solid ground for that. It depends on how that interaction and relationship have been before he makes his intention known to you. Most men do not like to fail in this project and that is why he will release all the vital signs for you to access and decode them in time. If you think that relationship with him will work then you have to reciprocate and that can encourage him to move forward but where you are repulsive, he will not go forward. A lot depends on how the interaction has been.

Because of that, you have to give some time at least to understand each other. You should have more dates, there has to be frequent telephone conversations and so on. Guys have to assess the interactions they have with the girl before making that final push. The most important thing is that he is not going to ask too soon because it may appear as if he is desperate. In the same way, he will not ask late, because other people may be waiting.


There are certain things men consider before they make that final push such as interacting with you as much as possible to known or observe your reactions to him. He will find out whether you are comfortable being around him.


How do you know if a guy is serious about courting you?


You can tell when the guy is serious courting you by the way he behaves to you. Here are some of the signs to look out for to convince you he is serious courting you.


Is he willing to introduce you to his parents?

If the guy is courting a girl for marriage, he would be willing and eager to introduce the girl to his family. This is where it starts because opposition and acceptance usually start from the family circle. When he introduces you to the parents, it makes a significant statement and the right bold step to convince you that something special is going between the two of you. When that happens, he now sees you as an indispensable part of his life. Even his family members will now see you as a potential part of the family. He introduced you to the family because he seeks his family’s approval. This can make the family see him as somebody committed to becoming somebody in life.


He introduces to anybody close to him

Apart from introducing you to the parents, he will also introduce you to anybody close to him. This is the final stage of that courtship and before he begins to introduce you, he must have done every verification about you and he is also convinced that you are comfortable with that relationship. The time it takes for this final stage to happen varies. For some people, it can take sooner than later while for others it can take a longer time. When he begins to introduce you, it means that the relationship has gone to a serious level. When it reaches that stage then it shows that he is serious about courting you and that very soon that courtship will reach the climax stage which means that it can reach the marriage level.


The next level is that the introduction now shifts to the girl’s family. It is time the girl will begin to introduce the guy to her own family and when everything works out well, then the friendship, courtship will finally lead to marriage.



These are the signs that show you that the guy wants to make you his girlfriends. If all the processes take place, they are not only signs of friendship, it can afford you the opportunity to study one another. When you truly understand each other, it paves the way for marriage.

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