Top 7 Dating Tips for Men

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Dating is an exciting experience that every man wants to always have. But then some of us find it difficult to have an exciting and adventurous date because of one thing or the other. Below here are a few dating tips for men.

  1. Hygiene

If you want to have an exciting date with your partner, ensure that you prepare yourself physically. Appearance and how you expose yourself to the world matters a lot. For instance, if you are a car dealer, the first thing to do is to wash and clean the cars to present it in the best light. If you are a real estate seller, you have to tidy and de-clutter the building in order to get the right buyer at the right price. Now, think about dating as selling yourself. The first and important aspect of dating journey is to prepare yourself physically. Before going out, take a mirror and look at yourself to see how you appear and how your partner will see you physically. Be hygienic. This is a serious red flag for women if you are not hygienic.

  1. Emotional Baggage

Another tip you should have in mind when on a date is to get your mind right. Be in dating mode. Free your mind and shun the mental obstacles to success that everybody carries around with them, especially when dating. Get rid of any baggage you might have – poor self-image created by prior dating or life experiences or the lasting effects of a past relationship. Next, let go of these troubles and leave it behind. If you were set to buy something, would you give it a second look if it had noticeable flaws or looked like someone else had used it? Why should she look at you if you have observable flaws?

  1. Confidence

Baggage often leads to a lack of confidence, and this is very weakening when dating – nothing entices a woman like confidence. Deep down, women are often searching for somebody to look after them. If you seem confident and able to cope with any circumstances, you instantly become very enticing to a large number of women, especially if there are no other red flags. Learn what confidence is and how you can develop an air of confidence as an important step in attracting a large number of women.

  1. Conversation Skills

Make the most of the things you have to make you more attention-grabbing and thrilling. Know how to make dialogue, both what to talk about and, more essentially, how to hold a conversation that leaves your date needing to talk to you more. This does not just entail talking! There is a secret in being an excellent communicator, and the secret is this – everybody (and I mean everybody!) number one topic of conversation is himself or herself. So when talking with any person you want to engage with is to talk and ask questions about their favorite subject – themselves! Simple! Add to that some topics everybody has in common and some tools to keep the conversation flowing, and you are set to be interested and interesting.

  1. Rapport

Know how to set rapport with women – how to make a connection. Everybody (and once again I mean everybody) likes someone who is like him or her. Get to know how to discover areas in common with whoever you are talking to. This makes her feel relaxed and need to spend more time with you.

  1. Read Her Body Language

You have perhaps heard about body language before, but you possibly don’t use what is right in front as you face a situation – women do. Women are giving signals all the time about how comfy they are, how fascinated they are, and whether they are about to go. Try to understand these signals and swing the dating chances in your favor – understand whether you are wasting your time and should leave or if you should request for her telephone number now. If your dating appeals are getting rejected 80% of the time, it can be very discouraging, no matter how positive you are! If you get 80% acceptance, swiftly, you look like Superman!

  1. Go Where She Goes

If you are want to meet a woman to date, think about where she would go. Where does she mingle? Where does she go for relaxation? Going where you can meet the woman easily will increase your chances of getting her attention.

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