14 Deep Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

questions to ask your girlfriend

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In every relationship there comes a time when some deep questions are going to be asked. When a man takes an interest in a woman he is with he has some deep questions he may want to ask her. This will help him find out what kind of person she really is and find out if she is really someone he wants to be able to get to know.

Ask About Her Values

To get to know her and what she has as priorities in her life it is important to find out the things that she values. This can also help make sure she is on the same page and compatible. It is important to make sure she has similar values. It will also help the boyfriend know his place in her life and the role.

Ask About Her Goals

Talking about her goals is important. It will be one of the first steps in getting to know the real person. She will open up about what she has planned for the future and where she wants to be. This will allow the boyfriend to be supportive and in some ways, he may be able to help her reach these goals.

Ask About Who She Admires

Everyone has a person in their life that they admire. They inspire to be like this person and the qualities that they have. This will allow the boyfriend to know what his girlfriend values in another person and the type of person that she is looking to be.

Ask About Guilty Pleasures

Everyone has a guilty pleasure. This can be anything from eating a tub of ice cream to listening to pop music. This will allow the boyfriend to know what she likes. This is a fun way to get to know someone else. He may even be able to surprise her with this guilty pleasure from time to time.

Perfect Day

There are some things that everyone has in mind of the perfect day. Some people want an extravagant day while others just want a day where they can have some peace. Sharing the perfect day will help bring aspects of it closer to reality.

Breaking a Habit

Everyone has some bad habits in their life. Asking her about a bad habit that she was able to overcome will show off some of the strengths in her personality and her determination.


While a person may be considered to be an adult at the age of 18 for most people it does take a lot longer. With each new accomplishment in adulthood comes new responsibilities and challenges. It is best to ask her when she first felt she became an adult and how she knew that she would have to take on additional responsibilities.

Family Likes

A boyfriend can ask what his girlfriend likes best about her family. They may be fun to be around or they may have helped her get through some tough times. Families often have a big influence on a person and their value system. Asking what she likes about her family is another way of asking what is important to her. If the relationship is getting serious this can give some information about the family he may need to meet and become a part of one day. This will also help him understand more of what she is looking for in her future family.

Childhood Memories

Asking about childhood memories will help bring her back to the fun times. It will help bring back some good memories for her. This will also share things that are important to her and some of the best times that she has had in her life so far.

Youthful Regrets

At one time in their life, people are going to do something that they regret. It is okay to ask her about what she regrets from her youth. This will show that she is being open and honest. This will also allow her to share what she learned from this experience and how it helped to make her a better person.

Future Fears

As people age, there are some things that they are going to be worried about and some things that they may even fear. Asking her about what she worries about will help her handle these fears. It will give her someone to turn to when she is feeling nervous and will get to know that someone really cares about her.


Asking her about her strengths and the experiences that made her stronger and make it through the hard times will help the boyfriend learn a lot about her. It will also show how she works to accomplish her goals and shows that she is willing to keep moving forward even when things are not going right.

Belief in People

Asking her about what she thinks about people can allow the boyfriend to get into her personality and her views on the world. If she believes most people are good or thinks that people are bad will help him learn a lot about her personality. If people are bad is there anything that can be done to help change them and make things better.


Some people believe that everything happens for a reason. Even the hard times are there for a purpose. Some people call this fate while other people may keep calling it destiny. This will help the boyfriend learn about her view on life and if she thinks that ever the hard times have their purpose. Some people believe in destiny while others do not.

These are some deep questions that a boyfriend should ask his girlfriend. These questions will allow him to get to know the real person that he is dating. He will learn what she wants out of life and will learn more about her personality. This will help keep the relationship moving forward and will allow him to be able to make things better in her life.

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