15 Deep Questions of Asking A Guy

Deep Questions of Asking A Guy

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The quest to know better a guy who you are interested in and making sure you get the right information out of him can sometimes be contradicting. Like you never know how they will react or maybe if they will find you awkward, or twist around and not give you the right information at all. So what are the deep questions that you can ask a guy that will make you know him better, understand him, and maybe strengthen your relationship with him?

Before asking him these questions, though, make sure the two of you have a background together or are at least familiar. For someone to naturally answer you a deep question with truth, they must have a little confidence and trust in you. That said, this is not applicable to first-time encounters or new guys in your life. Instead, a start-up by building up trust and confidence between the two of you- this will make him more forthcoming than the latter. If you are past this stage, however, here are the four areas of knowledge you can take advantage of and ask him the deepest questions, which is fun from his side but also advantageous in seeing what the future holds for the two of you.

# Childhood Memories.

We are built and broken a lot from our childhood upbringing; Here’s a list of questions you can ask him.

1. What’s your wonderful childhood moments.

A guy will not only find this as fun but will also give you a glimpse of what he finds dear and sweet to his heart. Guys might be different from preference according to the life lessons they’ve carried along. The fact that he still remembers such a wonderful thing about his childhood is mesmerizing, and his inner boy always fantasizes like, “Damn, I wish I could just have that moment replay again.” Take advantage and keep this memory by noticing the small details it comes with it. If it is a favorite video game, shoes, or cloth he was bought or celebrated with, Google up a DIY thing you can do from that childhood company and present him as a gift for him on his birthday. He will see you are caring and considerate, and you will be on his mind whenever he remembers that childhood memory too. Bingo.

2. What would your younger version say about your situation right now?

How about knowing about his ambitions and regrets all in one hidden question. The depth of this question is how it brings up everything he wished for as a child, his dreams, and ultimately the most regretful things he wished he did not do. Try to listen close-if it’s regret, tell him it is okay by answering what you regret too but assure him that life is fun and you should enjoy it to ease him up. Try to be accommodative to him after this without the constant reminder of such a thing in the future because he may have revealed his weakness. However, comfort him and use his weakness to your benefit. If he says, he smokes a lot of parties a lot, if you do so, do a little of that with him and make him feel that you do not judge him as the little child in him judges him. After he is comfortable, try to discern how both of you can stop it and encourage him as you encourage yourself to both quits the toxicity if you have to. You will have helped him conquer his deepest worry after this along the way.

3. What’s the most hurtful thing that was done to you in your childhood?

It’s okay. Comfort him with a hand touch and say you are just trying to know him. Let him open up full without your interruption but with close attention. With this revelation, you will know his greatest fear and cycle that seems to break him. While it fine to tell him it’s okay, do not insist so many sorry and pity for this can be turn off sometimes. Instead, assure him that he is not the problem, but the people who hurt him are. Tell him to throwback to the side and forgive and live happily. This is not only true but also what he deserves- which is happiness.

#Build his Ego

4. What’s the greatest achievement you have achieved so far?

This makes you know him better and his level of achievement in life. In addition, this question adds up as a bonus to you, for you will know what he values and cherishes most of his life. In a walking life almost daily, we achieve something. However, a guy will filter out what he needs you to hear most for you to like him back too. These achievements too can be what he wants to have in plenty, and it should never run out for it keeps him happy at the moment. Maybe it’s his career because he wants to be in control financially to provide and take care. It may also be about a family that he loves enough, attention, and being appreciated. It can also be his recent purchase of a luxurious car or business that shows you he likes feeling nice from outside to his inner satisfaction with life goals. This question will help you know where you can stand out for his ego need and where to lay low. He will feel like you are easy enough if you act accordingly to his vibe.

5. What do you expect from a spouse or girlfriend?

This question is a softer version of “what do you want to be done for you?” Instead, you will be throwing back the ball at his hand by letting him tell you so without him knowing, of which he will pour out to you more instead of letting you know mysteriously. He will talk about what he desires from a person of interest. Maybe he likes his spouse with a certain kind of look and a certain kind of behavior choice. His choices on this are what he expects to be treated like too. For example, if they are the type of guy who is softer verbally, intelligent, and accommodating. What he means is he likes it when someone can treat him a little bit sweet and good, can have a flowing conversation with ease without forcing, and someone who can tolerate him on his good and bad day too. So work on that.

6. What’s your biggest goal in life?

This deep but direct question plays a major role in knowing what your guy still has not accomplished in life and help him build him through. Life sometimes is hard and might not whisper to be you that we can only value you if you add value to us. Sometimes we learn it through the hardest riddles ever. Understand that your guy is someone just like you, and he has a life as a human being. Examining his life goals and how you can help him get through it is vital. Even if his goal is a little bit bigger, sometimes we have just had to be accommodating and know what not to do or say to some people with specific life goals. Showing him that you listen to him, hear his little silent thoughts, and believe in his goal will put his confidence in you on grade A and he will acknowledge you to be on the same side of the fight like him.

#The Sexual Part

7. What’s your sexual fantasy?

Literally, this is the most at least hard and opening question to start with a guy on a sexual part. Notice how he answers these questions on whether high spirits and open or a little shy and less descriptive. However, you have to understand that with some type of men, especially guys from high society and affluent men are not so forthcoming with such topics as the opposite. This is due to their society’s views and roles, and they might feel if it comes to that part, they better shut off to actions, or you might send them a wrong message. The key is noticing his energy after you ask this, smile, and act that it’s a totally fun and joke question to ease up and let him take control. In this, you might take up the challenge to the next level of your relationship and dare yourself to engage yourself in the fantasy with him.

8. How do you like your sex?

As important as it is to know what kind of shoe label or whiskey brand your guy likes, it is important to know what kind of sex your guy likes, whether rough sex or nice and soft sex. Sexual energy and preference send a message about a guy’s personality most of the time, and you knowing the art of how to switch it on to his best interest will make both of you smile at the coffee table every morning. Guys like sex and you put your self in the same mentality will only help the union more in the course. With this knowledge, you can develop a lifetime sexual partner with no soon break up if you only master the art under his sex energy and preference.

9. Which sexual type do you prefer the most?

This question gives a wide field of explanation from the otherwise shorter question like the frequency of the sex. He will find himself diving and letting you know all the Sexual areas, why he desires them in particular, and why he would love to be freaky on added advantage of a specific sexual type, say oral sex. If a guy mentions more sexual areas, it means he is aware of them and open to the satisfaction they bring, plus the fact that with the added area and type of sex, he has most likely engaged in it on a frequent. Train your mind to go in with his preference, and if you are not comfortable, tell him to hold on a little during the practice. However, if you are comfortable, make use of his preference in sex mode and ride together.

#Life Aspects

10. What do you consider a happy life?

This question dives deeper into his life preference and how he expects life to be loved. By letting himself emerge into describing to you what perfect life he wants for himself, you are opening the door to him telling you how he expects life to be for at least him or the two of you. He might start answering with the basics of family, good partner, and children, and finish it with income, source of belonging, and purpose. With this message, you can know how to align yourself better to suit at least his point of happy view and make yourself vulnerable to be liked by him by this eventually.

11. What’s your take on controversial life Aspects?

Aspects like drugs and religion or any other controversy might help to know his creativity. You do not really have to side with him on everything, but you can use a pattern of his thoughts, imagination, and raising up conversations that can come out. You will have a life to live and a friendship or relationship to build with him after these questions so just make and take note of him collectiveness and intelligence at this time of rather than judging or concluding his views. A simple “okay, I heard you” can be used after these questions, for he might talk about a sensitive issue that might affect you without even him recognizing the hurt he might be causing at the moment.

12. How many relationships have you been in?

This might help you know how he feels about someone who was once loved by him, or he loved, especially if the guy is someone you would like to build a relationship with soon. Knowing the last relationship emotion and judgment serves your intuition in discerning his true intentions and connecting with his love realm through his speech and your feelings and how he is speaking to you. Pay close attention to his body language and notice the extras to build up your case on his answers.

13. How would you describe yourself?

Let yourself know his virtues by questioning him to describe himself the way he wants. You will notice too what kind of a guy he is- whether humble, proud, or just being himself. Sometimes guys can be nervous, and this might not be a clear description of himself. However, notice the virtues he tells you of himself for this is how best and generally he at least can describe himself. He will try to live upon the virtues he tells you about himself naturally or mechanically. Your main goal is, however, at least to hear how he can treat you or how he will behave in your company, which is okay.

14. What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you.

Take advantage by asking him this extra question along with your current set of deep questions. It might be funnier than you think, and both of you can use humor to ease up. A recommendation too is you can also share your embarrassing moment to ease him up and remind him that it’s all in life component to be embarrassed, and it happens more than he can imagine. He will find this funny and want to know more about your other daily stuff and memories if you want to bring it up.

15. What’s your secret gift.

You may be surprised at the good singing, writing, or humor talent that your guy has. You may have fun at this by telling him to do this. Guys like practical fun, and he will be happy to jump out of the meeting setting and break she’ll to his gift. Encourage him and applaud him after this keeping a smile as he performs. You can sing along and try to dance along with him if you can do his gift too. He will find a friend in you and have a vibe that you are really good to be around with, which is a plus.

You will find more positivity and learning more about your guy after these questions and fun.

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