60 funny questions to ask a girl

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If you are looking for the perfect way of knowing a girl you are meeting for the first time you have to ask some funny and interesting questions. Even a girl you think you know; you get more knowledge of her by asking such questions. An interesting question is a way of keeping the conversation going and you can establish an enduring relationship in the process. Such questions must be interesting and it must be conversational. It can even help the girl to understand you more. There are several such questions. When you are asking the questions, you must become as creative as possible.

The first question you ask the girl matters a lot and it remains the best way to start. As said, there are several such questions and it depends on how you choose to start.


1.Which question do you wish somebody should not ask you?

This is the best way to start. It is good to test her mentality and find out those things she would like to ask as those she would not like to be asked about. You must allow her to exhaust herself about such questions. After telling you, you make a step furthermore by trying to understand the reason why such questions should not be asked.


2.What do you consider to be the biggest lesson this life has ever taught you?

This is another question that can keep that conversation going. It is also another place of starting the discussion with her. While that conversation is going on, you must listen with keen interest and that will prove to her that you care for her. Telling you her life and those experiences she has gone through will assist in understanding her the more.


3.What is the movement that is becoming socially acceptable to you?

This type of question is another way of keeping that conversation going. It is good you know how she feels about the current state of society and things going on in society. This is helpful because you can understand her viewpoints about certain things. Everybody must not have the same viewpoint. Perhaps this can tell you how you can relate to her in the future.


4.Where do you consider the last place you will ever visit?

It is also a way of knowing about her feeling about society and things. You can learn the horrible experiences she has in the course of traveling around the country, the state, and the city. You can be creative as it is another way of maintaining the ongoing conversation.


5.What is that memory you can hardly forget?

Remember that you aim to understand her more, and if you ask this kind of question, it allows you to listen to the worst experiences of her past.


6.Do you remember the most immature thing which your parents ever did?

It helps to understand more about her family life. Age does not matter here, she once had a parent and asking her those things about her parents is another way of assessing her family values and family life. This is another way of keeping that conversation going and trying to understand her more.


7.Can you recall the worst unusual fear you have ever had?

This is another good question that can keep that conversation going for a long time. If you want to get funny or weird, you can ask. The most interesting thing about this is that it is interesting and many people like answering the question.


8.Which television show do you consider your most favorable?

This kind of question is common and most girls would always expect it. It is another way of keeping that conversation going and understanding her. She got to talk about lots of television shows and those that she likes and those she does not like and so on.


9.Can you tell me the most ridiculous argument you had?

You should not expect an easy answer here because it is possible, she has had several arguments in the past. The truth is that she may not recollect all of them. You could be expecting different stories here. It is a way of understanding her reality about life.


11.What are those favorable paintings and pictures that impact you most?

This is a tough question and you should not expect an easy answer. She might have some pictures on the phone and chances are there that she would begin to pull some of them. She can even search the internet. This is a way of understanding her feelings about arts.


12.Which book character of a move can you liken yourself to?

It is the most important question so far because it affords you the opportunity of knowing how she sees herself. If you know the movie or book character, it is easier to tell how she thinks, reasons, and behaves. It is a great way of discovering more about her.


13.Which part of your culture are you proud of or you do not like?

It is also necessary you understand the way she sees life. Culture makes what she is. This allows you to know how she views society. If you are looking for a prolonged conversation, then this can serve as a fertile ground for that. It opens up a lot of conversation.



14.What do you consider the best and the worst thing about being a female?

This is a great question and it is the type that can generate an argument. Since this is not about the argument, you must listen attentively as she may have much to say about womanhood. This is good because you too can learn from that. It is one of the ways of keeping her busy and keeping that conversation going. You can also understand her more through that.


15.Can you recall that random stranger that has impacted you most?

The answer to this question might not come fast. This is because she has to think and reflect on those random strangers that have across her way. The answer is not common and for some people, it could be provoking, but it is a great way of knowing how she feels and reacts to people she is not familiar with.


16.Can you recall those achievements you made with others condemn but you are very proud of?

It is another great question and it can help a lot because it helps you in understanding her more. You can see those things that she considers interesting and those things she considers fun. Moreover, you can learn how she feels about others’ reactions to her. This is another wonderful way of knowing her better.


17.What period is your history has the best fashion?

This is about fashion. Girls do not see fashion the same way. Some girls are not even into fashion. If she is not into fashion you would know and if she is into fashion you can still get her understanding about those fashionable things in life. You can expand her reactions by referring to various times.


18.Can you remember those silly things you are afraid of?

This is a fun question and if their things that fear her, there is no need to go deep into that. You must have an understanding of how she sees things about fear.


19.How quick are you in concluding others?

This is one of the best questions you can ask the girl. This is wonderful because it helps you in knowing how she concludes with other people. Perhaps you can know how she can drive her conclusion about you.


20.In case there is an apocalyptic epidemic, what could be your survival strategy?

It is another question she is going to ponder very well before she can answer that question. She can draw her answers from post-apocalyptic shows and movies as well as movies. You can get a few stories here. You will like it because it keeps the conversation alive and you understand the girl more.


21.Who are the worst guests that have ever visited your house, and what made him/her worst?

She might have some interesting stories to tell and this could afford her the opportunity to break that story. The answer to this one might not be easy because she would go through those horrible guests they had in the house and single out one with the worst character. The advantage of this is that you can learn more about how she passes judgment on other people.


22.When does time pass slowest and when is it fastest for you?

Time is always the same thing. It depends on what one enjoys doing and what she does not like doing especially those boring ones. It is an important question because you can understand how she sees life. You can learn more about things that keep her busy. This is another way of maintaining that conversation.


23.What do you think are those things that make humans different from animals if you believe they are different?

This question is in two segments. The first is about the differences and that will depend on whether she believes any differences exist. It is important to know whether she is a pet lover. You can have more understanding of her attitude about sex.


24.What are those facts that surprised you that many people are not aware of?

Perhaps, you may not know about those facts. You can see this as an opportunity to know more about things happening around you. It would also afford you the opportunity of knowing how she perceives things.


25.What is the most important thing that you are passionate about or the thing you wish you are passionate about?

It is another interesting question. At least you know how passionate she is about people. You will know things that are interesting to her and you can compare it with the average will think about such a thing. The most important thing here is that it offers you a wonderful opportunity to understand her more.


26.Can you recall the best comeback you have heard?

This is a funny question and you should expect a good question from her. This is good because you can understand her more and it is a great way to listen to those comeback stories. Everybody would like a comeback story and she will be happy to tell you more about them.


27.Who is it that you are missing or you have not seen or talked to for a long time, are they doing well?

This delves into the past and it is good because it still offers you the opportunity to understand her more. Perhaps you can learn more about those that mattered to her and what she feels about such people. The person may be important or was important to her. It is good that you know more about those things.


28.Can you tell me about the humblest person you have ever met?


29.Can you recall the silliest person you have ever encountered?


30.What exactly do you consider the most annoying thing?


31.Going back to your family, can you recall the weirdest tradition your family has?


32.If you looking for a leader for this country who is the best person living or dead would you choose?


33.Which is your smartphone do you use most of the time?


34.Can you tell me about the drunkest person you have come across?


35.What is the most famous monument in this world you will have to visit?


36.Can you recall a joke that went way too far for you?


37.Which are those telltale signs which indicate a guy is creepy?


38.Can you recall your very first memory?


39.What are those embarrassing things that you have done or said against somebody you had a crush on in the past?


40.Can you tell me about your favorite actress and actor?


41.What is that do not exist by you need it to exist desperately?

42.What are those things that you are always very grateful for?


43.Can you tell me about those experiences which you would want to relive?


44.How indecisive or decisive are you?


45.What is the worst place you have ever visited in the past?


46.What is that great gag gift that you have ever received?


47.Which animal are you surprised that it is not yet extinct?


48.Do you remember the most important and useful advice you have ever received?


49.What are those things which you can do to buy looks masculine?


50.Do you recall those things which as a child you often eat but a mere thought of it now cringes you?


51.What is that thing which is learned new which you think you should have learned earlier?


52.What is that ugly car which you are surprised that it was ever manufactured?


53.Which one do you prefer? To be cooled when you are too hot? Or to be warmed when you are too hot?


54.What is that practical joke which you have ever seen pulled?


55.If a stranger gives you a private jet to inherit, what are you going to do with that?


56.Do you recall something which you used to like as a kid but which you can hardly see these days?


57.Can you recall that weirdest thing that you have ever recommended to anybody?


58.What is that innocent mistake you have ever made and which proved to have a dramatic consequence?


59.What are those things which are considered normal now but would be abnormal centuries back?

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