How to tell a girl you like her over text

How to tell a girl you like her over text

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Dating is no longer what it used to be. It is now necessary you learn how to text I like you to your crush. You can tell her you love her through text messages. It is one of the ways of learning how to get a girlfriend. Texting her is less nerve-wracking compared to other methods of communicating with a prospective girlfriend for the first time. It is easier to get started in this way than through a phone call.

Texting to a girl is unique and it comes with its etiquette or rules. The important thing here is learning how to pass your intention to the girl without being rude or offending her. It is a skill in which men must learn how to apply.

This means that before you start texting, you have to meet certain expectations. If you meet those expectations, it is easier for you to achieve your goals and objectives, it can make the girl respond more responsively.

You must be skillful and learn how to start that text conversation with the girl. She must be able to like your text. If you do it the wrong way, it might backfire and you could fail in your desire to make her love you. The information below is to assist you to communicate with your prospective girlfriend through the text message that you like her.

Texting is the best way to communicate with the girl while you understand her better. If you do that the correct way, it can lead to more dates, but if you fail to do it the correct way, more dates are unlikely.

Acquiring the perfect texting skill is good for men because it shows your charm. It can convince her that you make her a priority and most prefer that. Uninterested texting makes communication boring and awkward. You must learn how to text the girl the correct way to take over her heart.


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Is it OK to tell a girl you like her over text?

There is nothing wrong with telling a girl you like her through texts. It has advantages. There are certain things you can hide under the phone to text or tell somebody which would not be easy to pronounce by the mouth. Texting a girl, you like her is one of such. Some men are shy and they can find it extremely difficult to express their mind in the words of the mouth before a girl they like.

Before you text such a message, there must be a level of the relationship existing between you and the crush. You must be hanging out before and you would have been chatting before. Such a relationship can embolden you to text about a love relationship or your feeling towards her.

If you have established that rapport, she will understand what you mean when you text her how you feel about her. You must first clear the ground for that. When you send the text message, it also clears the ground for other things that follow through the words of mouth.

Even to text her can be tempting most especially to shy guys. One thing with the phone is that most people can be bolder or braver over the phone. So, it is easier to tell your crush how you feel about her through the phone especially text message. The most important thing to note here is that you must first prepare the ground and the best way to prepare the ground is by being familiar and you can establish that familiarity by constant discussion and chatting over the phone. You must first build that courage and confidence before you delve into that aspect.

You should know that it may lower her attraction towards you more than it can spike it up when she sees it the other way round. Understand her very well, especially the way she would react to such a message when she gets it. Such texting can pave the way for misunderstanding when she feels the other way round.


How to tell a girl you like her over text

Before you send her a text, you must prepare the ground. Ensure that you are in a sort of communication so that she would not be disappointed when she sees that text. It can be embarrassing if you start with such a text without laying a solid foundation.

The first thing you need to do is to establish a connection and that implies finding out the best way to understand that girl. She might be beautiful, there is no doubt about that but that does not mean she is somebody you can comfortably date. You must first understand her by knowing those important things about her.

Learn how she reacts and treats people. If she is the kind of person that treats friends well then, the likelihood, she can treat you well is there. Where she is not the kind of person that treats friends well, then you should learn the best way to approach her. It is necessary that you know certain things about her such as things she likes and those she does not like. Understanding both her face and personality is the right way to begin and that through that you can know the best way to approach her with a text message.


Try to hang out with her


Think whether there is a place you can meet together as that would provide you the opportunity of hanging out with her. When you hang out try to understand her especially in a low-pressure situation as well as in a high-pressure situation.

It is also good if you can explore a situation of collaborating with her or going out to meet somebody outside the informal circle you have known her which is school.

If you are interested in establishing a relationship, you must look for a way of beginning a conversation. During that initial stage of the conversation, it has to be informal and you can focus on those things you have in common.


Try to find out those things she likes

There is also the need to find out those things she likes. Avoid those she does not like. If she enjoys what you tell her she would like to stay with you. Whenever she sees you, she would be happy. You must cultivate that relationship before sending a text like your message.

When you have established that trust and relationship, then you can ask for her number. She will give you that willingly when you ask. Take that bold next step and you can start by telling her your number. When you tell her, she would feel obliged to respond and when you ask for hers, she will not hesitate to tell you.

When you have her number, you can ramp up your texting. Be polite in the text and you can begin with a greeting which has to be brief. The first thing to text her is not about love or likeness, just start with a friendly and open-ended conversation. Formal texts like how are you doing today is okay. If you ask her what are you up to do several days, you are solidifying that relationship.

As you continue to discuss try to show her your interest and as you ask questions you understand her more and she understands you as well.

When you text, it has to be with correct grammar and spelling. You must be familiar with texting etiquette. It is not an academic exercise. Try to check the grammar and spelling very well to ensure that you do not make mistakes. Always chart on familiar items and this should be what you share.

What is the best time to text her? It is best to text her in the evening. People are usually more relaxed in the evening than they are in other parts of the day. When you chat in the evening, there is more time at your disposal to discuss and share. Moreover, night communication is always more romantic than communicating in the broad daylight when everybody is busy.

Why it is necessary to text in the evening, you should avoid texting after bedtime. This is not good because it can feel invasive.

The best time to text is when she is less busy. When she is less busy, she will have time to share it with you. Try to understand her plans before you begin to text her.

When you discuss through text, ensure that it is always in a positive direction. If you are always in a positive direction, the girl is going to be more receptive to you.

Show the girl you are a good listener and if you revisit topics you discussed before especially those of her interests, she will begin to like you more. When it is time for a compliment ensure that you give her a sincere compliment. Congratulate her on her skills and those things, she rocked, she is going to appreciate that.

Why you must text her, texting her should not be a burden. This means that you should not overburden her by over texting her.


Try to ask her out

As you familiarize yourself try to ask her out and find out what should be her reactions. When you take her out, plan what you will tell her. The outing should not be boring.

You may be rejected when you ask her out but that should not be the end of the world. If she agrees to go out with you show appreciation for that and other things, she does for you.


How to tell a girl you like her over text examples

To guide you tell the girl you like her, study some of the examples shown below. If you prepare the ground for that as discussed above then when you text her, she will understand what you say.

You are indeed a very smart and beautiful girl Judith. I lack a word to explain, but I will not hesitate to tell you I like to be with you every time. Am not complete without being with you because you make me happy, laugh. The truth is that I am having a strong feeling for you.

I often perceive the scent of your perfume under my nose. The fact is that I often feel your presence whenever I breathe.

Knowing you is the best thing that happens to my life. Seeing you makes me happy. I thank God for you and I wish you come into my life full.

Can you forgive for breaking into your life, I know I do not have any business here, but I am finding it hard to resist it.

Love is tender when it is new and it, even more, tender still if it is true. I truly like you.

I have known you for a few months and it is like I know you for my entire life. You are my future.

Each time I think about you, I notice that my heart will begin to pound, and I truly like you.

Please come with me, please step into my life, you are my future.

How to tell a girl you like her over text without saying it

There is a way you can relate with her and text her with romantic messages to convince you to love her. You must develop the courage to talk to her and discuss it with her. While texting you should relate with her how you feel about her. It is a good idea to tell her how you feel about her. She can either accept you or reject you. One thing is bound to happen. If she rejects you, it opens the other door to look for another person that can accept you. You should be bold enough to communicate to her how you feel about her.

Start by building a relationship with her which will be lasting, friendly, and trustworthy. Furthermore, try to hang out in person with her and form the habit of communicating with her. In the process try to make her to like you. Consolidate that relationship by texting her. When you discuss the whole thing must be positive. She should see you as a positive forward-thinking person. Be casual. The way you relate with her will tell her your feelings towards her.

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