The Twist between Making Love and having Sex

The Twist between Making Love and having Sex

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Making love is more than just casual sex, even though some may confuse to mean the same thing. Making love is more of an emotional affair as well as feelings, and the results of the same are very different from the one of just casual sex. When everything is super intense, it becomes a bit difficult to tell if its lovemaking or just sixths especially when it happens at the early stages of a relationship. Lovemaking is more of emotional intimacy. It involves a lot of holding as well as touching intimate moments. As stated above, the end goal of making love is not physical. Lovemaking so not physical enjoyment but his inexperience as well as the emotional connection between the two partners. The end goal of having sex is an orgasm and may not necessarily mean you experience an intimate relationship.

When your partner is making love to you, he is a little bit nicer to you. He can do so by usually use of kind, gentle words to you, such as whispering into your ears, unlike the one having sex who can be a bit rougher, and the talk is usually dirty to make you excited, but not cherished. Most sex forgets foreplay, but when its making love, the way your partner touches you, talks to you, his or her choice of words makes all the difference. When it’s just lust or casual sex, foreplay is usually very quick basically because it is to get as much sex as he can and not you. When its lovemaking foreplay feels a bit different, and your partner will know the exact time to massage you, caress you as well as make you feel in love.

Making love doesn’t make you feel constrained, but you feel free and relaxed around your partner. You have a sense of freedom and safe while making love to someone you are in a committed relationship together. On the other hand, when it’s just regular sex, you tend to feel absolute pressure to act and behave in a manner you are not. Making love is more of a mental connection rather than a physical connection. It is very vital as it heightens your experience and usually implies that you are fully connected to your partner. To achieve mental connection, both partners have to invest in each other feelings as well as the sensory relationship to make emotionally fulfilling.

In a relationship, it’s rewarding to experience both casual sexes as well as lovemaking. Sometimes partners crave lighter sexual experience. But the most crucial point is, you need to feel loved in your sexual experience as it is a way we express how we feel about our partners.

When making love, there are different experiences involved, and you can tell how a man feels when making love. When a man looks into your eyes directly while making love, it shows he is not just enjoying casual sex but intimate lovemaking. Eyes simply are a tremendous communicator of once feeling. Looking right deep into a man’s eyes, you can see through his heart. When making love, look into his eyes, and you will tell how he is feeling when making love. When a man avoids eye contact during sex, this means that he is lying all about his emotions, and you have to be cautious with such kind as eyes speak a lot about a person. Not all cases of avoiding eye contact mean they are lying, some men are timid or some are master manipulators.

Another way to tell how a man feels when making love is the way he kisses you all over. Kisses are so powerful as your body responds to sensitive signals sent from your nerves. An intimate kiss is just enough to arouse the whole of your body. With such a kiss, you can feel the need and the cravings of your partner; you may even forget everything, and all you care about in such an intense moment is his body.

Also, how a man communicates when making love tells a lot about how he feels. Depending on the type of a person, some spend time asking how you feel or how rough or gentle he should be. Such a man will try making the whole experience extremely pleasurable to you, and he as well will tell you what makes him feel better. Here communication is not just words of the mouth; no how he acts and how he gives you foreplay will explain how a man feels during lovemaking.

The atmosphere a man creates in the process of making leave usually tells how he feels about the whole sexual experience. A man who is truly intimate with you will take his time and learn what turns you on, her areas to concentrate. To make your body aroused, and he will not rush into sexual intercourse. A man in love will create a romantic atmosphere to set the mood straight. If the lovemaking is very intense, he will not be swift in finishing off.

Another way to tell how a man feels during lovemaking is his emotions. Some men become emotional and may even cry, this usually happens during the initial stages of a relationship, but to some, it may extend a bit longer. It’s not demeaning for a man to be emotional; it’s a magical moment when you overwhelm his feels, and they erupt just like a volcano, and no words can explain this feeling. You need to take note of how your man expresses his gratitude as it says how he felt during the lovemaking process. Some express themselves verbally, while others may just kiss and hug you tightly.

If your man enjoys making love to you and feels intimately connected to you during lovemaking, he will never make his job an excuse. When a man doesn’t feel emotionally attached to you, there is nothing like intimate sex to him, and he will come up with all manner of excuses to avoid the act. Office work has been used by men to kill sex mood and makes lovemaking experience horrible. With an intimate relationship, professional life will be left at the office, and making life becomes a priority.

Whenever you have issues with your sex life like wearing protection, you can tell how a man feels by the way he reacts to it. A man who enjoys an intimate relationship with you will not force you into it. If he tricks you into something, you feel not comfortable about, just know he is lying about his feelings. If a man truly loves you, he will know what comforts you, whether sexual or non-sexual. It feels nice to have a partner who can pick up clues without you shouting it to them. A man enjoying making love to you will never ghost you for not being perfect. You can tell how he feels by how patient he is with you and your mistakes in bed. He will not criticize your acts but will accept all your shortcomings and as well encourage you.

If a man enjoys making lave to you, he will not be just a receiver but will strive to make their partner more satisfied. Women do all manner of things and give oral sex just to satisfy their partners. Equally, if your man enjoys the experience, he will make all efforts to reciprocate whatever you do to him.

Sometimes it’s challenging to tell the difference between making love and or just casual sex. But there are differences as well as sighs you can know whether you are making love or not. Here are some of the signs you can look out for and see whether you are making love. First, when making love, you will not be shy to look into your partner’s eye. This connection usually heightens intimacy, and it is an expression of how you are feeling about each other. If you happen to close your eyes during lovemaking, he should direct his attention to your lips or just your facial expressions.

Another way to tell you are making love is the choice of sexual position you choose. During the initial stages of your relationship and your partner wants positions like reverse cowgirl or doggy style to avoid eye contact, that’s a sign you are just having sex and not love. New relationships, missionary positions is highly recommended as you have all the time to read your partner’s facial expressions as well as his feeling through eye contact. Simple positions like missionary ensure maximum body contact, which is very important when it comes to bonding and developing that intimate connection.

Foreplay or lack of it is another simple way to tell whether you are making love or not. If you find that you enjoy preparing your partner more than delving right into the act, just know you are making love. It includes simple tasks like how you undress your partner slowly and how you gradually you advance to petting. It is a vital aspect of lovemaking as it leads to orgasm for both of you and not one partner.

If you are making love, one real differentiating sign is the number of kisses. In lovemaking, kissing is endless; your partner invests in this lovemaking process by kissing every breadth and inch of your body as a display of affection. Regular casual sex won’t give a lot of emphasis on kissing.

Unlike casual sex, where partners are always in a hurry, making love entails going through every detail slowly and carefully. It creates chemistry that is undeniable to both parties before engaging with passionate sexual experience. A mon who enjoys making love to you and has deep feelings will not engage in quickies or pounding to just cum.

Finally, you can quickly tell you, making love when a man or your partner focus is not his pleasure but also to get you to orgasm as well.

Difference between having sex and making love

Severally, a lot of people confuse making love with having sex. Sex is the intuitive and bioprocess that one can do it. However, making love is considered slow, feeling involved, and not goal-oriented action that provides us with an opportunity to experience physical changes being of oneness and is referred to be art in itself. Therefore, fulfilling sex life and a very successful romantic relationship should involve both.

According to WHO, sexual health is a state physical, mental, social wellbeing in association to an individual’s sexuality and needs an appearance which is positive and respectful to sexuality and sexual relationship and capability to have enjoyable sexual experiences without violence, discrimination, and coercion.

Sexual intercourse or sex has a different meaning to different individuals, but this a healthy and natural biological process enjoyed by many people who get it meaningful in their peculiar way. One may choose to engage in this action for several purposes, such as boredom, lust. Intimacy, to exert power, relief, to make a baby, Have comfort, express love, among other things. This act is also considered to one of intimacy and sharing since there is not a more intimate act in comparison to letting another one inside a private body part to share pleasure.

Although sometimes the term’ making love’ and ‘having sex ‘are used interchangeably, making love involves sexual intercourse. When two partners make love, their level of vulnerability becomes a bit high. It usually a result of the sharing of sweet words and emotions that may not have experienced there before. The two partners tend to experience unique closeness during the time of lovemaking. Later, they find it very hard to imagine another moment without their partners.

However, although the vulnerability contributes a lot, when you are having sex with a person, it is of a different kind. One may be afraid of the experience of having sex, either not being nice or losing the required chemistry. One may also ask if his or her sexual requirement will be taken well or not.

Making love also requires both sides to be entirely raw, genuine .as if they are on the daily, regardless if this includes the adventurous explorations or event missionary pose. What makes the partners relax and enjoy making love without having any pressure wholly is mutual love and understanding.

Having sex does not necessarily involve genuine feelings and emotions; hence people may allow themselves to be the different person they are on the daily. An individual may express some hidden personality traits through the act of having sex.

When you are getting sexual pleasure, and love is non in the picture, one may not find it hard saying goodbye. Therefore, one may find it easy to move on without looking for a commitment from the other partner involved. On the other hand, this is not usually the case when you are making love with someone whom you are already attached to. Lovemaking put more at stake such as your emotions, feeling, and thought that is shared the cat of making love. In this case, both partners feel more committed to one another, and that why saying goodbye is very difficult.

A sign that tells he is making love

Here are signs that tell you if someone is just having sex or he is making love to you.
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Being nervous about sex

If he is showing any sign of being afraid of having sex, he is genuinely making love to you, not just having sex. The sign of being nervous may include being shy or awkward, and he is quiet. He is also not confident, and he is proud of any bedroom related. He could be nervous about what you think of him.

Making eye contact during sex

Making eye contact during sex is a sign of making love. It means he is looking for your reaction and want to know if you are excited, in pain, bored, or loving what he is doing. He also enjoys looking into your eyes during this time of lovemaking. When he compliments you on your eyes outside the bedroom, for sure, you know, he lovingly looks into your eyes. If he were just fucking you, he would avoid eye, contact, or else focus on the sex part of you, such as complimenting on your breast.

Choosing a sex position

When he starts hitting it from behind, it is not a sign of lovemaking. Sex position enjoyed with the most amount of eye contact are signs he is making love to you. Such style includes cowgirl and doggy sex positions.

Kissing you

The main difference between just having sex and making love is a kiss. Kissing is referred to as be intimate. If the man is avoiding kissing, then he is not making love to you. A man who is genuinely making love to you will kiss your lips. Cheeks, back, neck, forehead, and ear.

He goes slowly

He usually goes slow and makes sure you have finished enjoying the act. He goes further and asks you what you want and do as requested.

In summary, there are significant differences between lovemaking and casual sex, and not unless you look out to those signs cited above, you may not differentiate the two. Both experiences of casual sex, as well as lovemaking, are essential in any relationship, and you need to enjoy both experiences. The most vital aspect of both casual and lovemaking is the feelings involved. If you or your partner feel appreciated and loved during lovemaking, that what counts, it’s vital to strive to achieve lovemaking rather than just making love as it involves more than just intercourse. Partners need to invest a lot in emotions as well as feelings to get to that state of mind where they are emotionally connected

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