100 Random Things To Say To Your Crush

random things to say

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I have a lot of free time, therefore I end up writing on my own a lot. I really enjoy freewriting, and creative writing and these are some random things I have written and put in as just a display of creativity and fun. If you were wondering what to say to that special someone, these are some fun and cute responses and conversation starters, to help get the two of you talking. Whether it’s just a crush you want to impress, a text you want to send, or just a way to talk to your significant other. From Pokemon to what ice cream you favor, I have many different ideas for many different topics.These are some fun ideas.

100 Random things to say to your crush:

1. “Hey. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but your eyes are really amazing.”

2. “We should make a TikTok video together!”

3. “I like your eyes.”

4. “Pineapple belongs on pizza!”

5. “Maybe you need my number. You know, in case.”

6. “I’m a virgo, so I get it.”

7. “Have you ever heard this song? I love the melody!”

8. “Hey, do you ever just think, what if I were a penguin?”

9. “I don’t really like my vegetables.”

10. “Your car smells like an ice cream shop!”

11. “Have you ever taken the, Which Hogwarts House are You Quiz?

12. “So, I took a facebook quiz, and it turns out that if I were a hot dog I would be Belle.”

13. “I refer to myself as just like a Charizard.”

14. “We should definitely wear matching costumes this Halloween!”

15. “Do you think I should change my wardrobe?”

16. “What are you thinking? Squirtle would definitely make the best starter!”

17. “I don’t watch anything that isn’t drama!”

18. “I definitely think we need a nap date, where we just take a nap together.”

19. “Have you ever watched American Idol?”

20. “What are you doing later?”

21. “I feel like Jack had enough room on that door.”

22. “I’m hungry. Dinner date?”

23. “Baby Yoda is so cute!”

24. “Oh my gosh this weather is amazing, just like you.”

25. “Do you like me?”

26. “I think you should be a model!”

27. “You’re team Valor? Me too!”

28. “Are you into Microsoft or Sony?”

29. “FaceBook is nothing like MySpace!”

30. “I don’t like driving a manual. They are a little too much for me, so I prefer the automatic.”

31. “You don’t smoke do you?”

32. “What is your favorite food? Mine is tacos.”

33. “Animal Crossing or no?”

34. “Are you more of a horror guy or a comedy guy?”

35. “What is your favorite color?”

36. “I’m not a vegan, but I get it. Animals matter too.”

37. “I don’t understand the bacon hype. It’s just crispy pork?”

38. “Dr, Pepper or no? Personally I am a huge fan, but not everyone is I guess.”

39. “I like sprinkles on my ice cream. What about you?”

40. “Watch this kitten video! It’s way too cute!”

41. “My life would be incomplete without Netflix and Hulu.”

42. “Glitter is so frustrating. It gets everywhere!”

43. “We do not deserve dogs. They are so loving!”

44. “Pancakes are life. Do you agree?”

45. “I feel like I can’t go through one day without my phone.”

46. “Can you explain Fortnite to me?”

47. “I love to sit in my room and read!”

48. “I’m definitely not a morning person, but I get up when I have to.”

49. “So, what do you do for a living?”

50. “I love to go fishing. It’s always so peaceful to spend the day on the water!”

51. “I wish I knew how to fix my own car. That would be awesome.”

52. “My favorite instrument is the guitar. It is so beautiful to hear! What do you think?”

53. “I love chocolate.”

54. “We should go to the beach!”

55. “Up for a picnic?”

56. “Do you prefer a steak or fried chicken?”

57. “I always did better in English and Art. You?”

58. “I am weak when it comes to queso.”

59. “Which is your favorite sport?”

60. “I’m not a big fan of fast food.”

61. “Do you want to run with me?”

62. “Do you plan on getting any tattoos?”

63. “I love to cook too!”

64. “Dancing is not my thing.”

65. “Do you prefer jeans or slacks?”

66. “I love to listen to the rain.”

67. “What is your favorite candy?”

68. “I feel like, if I were a dog, I would be a chihuahuah.”

69. “I wish the 90’s lasted longer.”

70. “Care to talk a walk with me?”

71. “Did you ever have braces?”

72. “Did you see the new trailer for that horror movie?”

73. “I definitely love watching scary movies.”

74. “Who even uses Yahoo any more?”

75. “I still love playing Skyrim!”

76. “Have you ever played Halo?”

77. “Speaking of video games, have you ever played Legend Of Zelda The Windwaker?”

78. “Not to brag, but my Tamagotchi is still alive.”

79. “Did you see the new Star Wars?”

80. “I can’t believe there are so many Pokemon now!”

81. “So, as a starter Pokemon, I would definitely be a Charmander.”

82. “Are you a bigger fan of chocolate or vanilla?”

83. “Do you like savory or sweet?”

84. “If I could work as anything, I would definitely be an artist.”

85. “So, do you tend to play as a Khajit or as a Nord in Skyrim?”

86. “The internet makes life so much easier now!”

87. “You like the rebellious type, huh? Well, the conditioner says to leave in for 3-5 minutes, I leave it in for 6.”

88. “You look like you fell straight from Heaven!”

89. “This quiz on the internet says that I am Maleficent.”

90. “Disney is so amazing!”

91. “I know it’s silly, but I want to tatto Ohana on my arm.”

92. “The summer is great and all, but have you ever tried pumpkin spice lattes?”

93. “I can’t wait until I see Halloween decorations!”

94. “I can’t believe Disney bought out Star Wars! Now Leia is a Disney Princess.”

95. “If I could sleep in every day, I definitely would.”

96. “I feel like tacos are absolutely necessary every day.”

97. “I took the quiz, and I am a Slytherin.”

98. “What is the difference between Call of Duty and Halo?”

99. “I never understood PC gaming. Can you explain?”

100. “You’re so sweet!”

75 Things to say in a text message:

1. “Driving.”

2. “LOL What?”

3. “How are you?”

4. “What’s up?”

5. “Can’t talk. In a meeting.”

6. “Are you free?”

7. “Call me please.”

8. “Weather is great today. Meet up?”

9. “I’m bored. Movies?”

10. “Work was slow today. Up for dinner?”

11. “Send me a picture?”

12. “I’m not sure I understand. Can you just call?”

13. “Your selfie is cute.”

14. “TikTok?”

15. “Follow me on Instagram?”

16. “Free tonight?”

17. “What are you doing?”

18. “I’m bored LOL”

19. “How was your day?”

20. “OK. Thank you, but I think talking in person would be better.”

21. “You have XBOX live?”

22. “So how is it going at home?”

23. “I think this conversation would have gone better on FaceTime.”

24. “So, what should we do?”

25. “I think I need to go to sleep. Later.”

26. “Go out with me tonight?”

27. “I can’t wait to see you.”

28. “Our date was amazing!”

29. “OMG you are too cute!”

30. Come over?”

31. “I think we just need to hang out!”

32. “I like how you always text me first!”

33. “I’m having a party. You in?”

34. “Study group?”

35. “You’re gorgeous!”

36. “I definitely think you’re a great fit for this group text.”

37. “Thanks for giving me your number.”

38. “I really like you!”

39. “At work. Talk later?”

40. “I don’t quite understand?”

41. “I don’t get all the text jargon.”

42. “I want to go out with you tomorrow.”

43. “So what all should we do on our date?”

44. “Sorry. It’s late. TTYL.”

45. “So do you want to video chat instead?”

46. “You’re so fun to talk to!”

47. “I think we get along great.”

48. “Text me ASAP.”

49. “Movie tonight?”

50. “Hey! Want to just come over?”

51. “I’m at an interview right now, can I just talk to you later?”

52. “If it’s an emergency, please just call me.”

53. “Do you like me?”

54. “I don’t think it would be too much to ask to have you text me first from time to time.”

55. “LOL Pokemon Go with me?”

56. “Do you still play Farmville?”

57. “I’m not sure what we should do, but anything is fine.”

58. “I have to get ready now, G2G.”

59. “Do you want to send me that link?”

60. “Look at this pic!”

61. “I think you’re cute.”

62. “Can you send me the video?”

63. “What R U doing later?”

64. “Want to go to the park?”

65. “Which ice cream do you like most?”

66. “Call me in the morning?”

67. “Text me back please.”

68. “Do you like Hulu or Netflix the most?”

69. “Do you have a dog?”

70. “What is your favorite emoji?”

71. “Have you ever seen IT?”

72. “Do you like my new haircut?”

73. “Want to hang out with my friends and I?”

74. “Are you at work?”

75. “Are you busy right now?”

25 Random Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

1. “Hello, beautiful. I hope your morning is filled with excitement.”

2. “Your eyes are so beautiful! They sparkle much like the night sky.”

3. “I would love to take you to dinner tonight and show you off, dear.”

4. “You look absolutely stunning in that dress, darling!”

5. “No, asking for snacks is not too much to ask!”

6. “Of course we can order take out tonight and watch the Notebook!”

7. “I don’t think you are asking too much of me. You ask all you need!”

8. “You light up my life, my dear. You are so wonderful!”

9. “I think sweat pants and a t-shirt are the perfect attire around the house!”

10. “That make up is flawless! You look like a princess!”

11. “Your hair is amazing even in your messy bun.”

12, “Do you need more snacks? I saw this at the store and I bought it in case you did,”

13. “I think we need to have your friends over more often. They are so fun!”

14. “Do you need a girls day? Let me handle the responsibilities here and you go out.”

15. “I am having a night out with my friends tonight, but I would love to take you out tomorrow if that is ok?”

16, “Would you like to cook with me? I love when we make dinner together.”

17. “I think you should talk to me more about your day.”

18. “I feel like if you were gone, my life would not be this bright.”

19. “You brignt so much to my life. Laughter, joy, hope, and a lot of clean towels.”

20. “We should just stay in and order pizza while we watch Harry Potter.”

21. “We need a night where we build pillow forts and play video games. Just you and me.”

22. “Darling, pick whatever movie you want and let me make you dinner. You should relax tonight.”

23. “My friends would like to get together tonight. Would you like to come with me?”

24. “I would love a night with your family, maybe we can take them all out to dinner?”

25. “I’m going to the store. Would you like anything?”

25 Random Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

1. “I made you lunch.I put in your favorite snacks and drink, I hope you enjoy it!”

2. “Would you like a night with your friends tonight?”

3. “We can watch any movie you want to watch tonight, babe.”

4. “Do you think this dress looks ok? I like it, but I don’t know if I like it that much.”

5. “I am going out with my girlfriends tonight, but I would love a night with you tomorrow.”

6. “We can play any video game you would like tonight, but tomorrow I get to pick the game.”

7. “Pizza and beer? That sounds like a perfect dinner tonight, babe.”

8. “You want to go out? That sounds perfect to me!”

9. “I think you are an amazing man. You try so hard, and you are always so kind and sweet to me!”

10. “That suit looks handsome on you!”

11. ” Your family is welcome any time! I love them!”

12. “Your friends should come over sometime to have a guys night in with you!”

13. “I would love it if you made our dinner with me tonight!”

14. “You should sit down and play your XBOX and relax tonight. Let me handle everything.”

15. “You work so hard, I wish I could help you!”

16. “You make my life so much better. You make me so happy!”

17. “Your hair looks amazing like that, babe! I love it!”

18. “You look so amazing with a clean shaved face, and with a beard. What ever makes you feel more comfortable, my dear.”

19. “Do you want to stay in and watch TV with me tonight?”

20. “I think playing football with your friends is an excellent way to spend the day. You go have fun!”

21. “I would love it if you brought home my favorite snacks from the store, please.”

22. “Would you mind at all if I chose to just spend the day with my friends?”

23. “I think if you were any sweeter you’d be a candy!”

24. “Would you like to lay on the couch with me today? I feel like a lazy day is needed for us.”

25. “I’m not sure what we should eat tonight, but whatever you choose I would love!”

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