14 signs he likes you but is afraid of rejection

signs he likes you but is afraid of rejection

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Some men are not naturally confident when it comes to expressing erotic feelings to women they like. Hence, you can have a situation where a guy likes you but it is hard for him to say it. He will always do certain things that show how much he cares for you but won’t admit his feelings. Notably, this guy will overthink everything such as you will reject him because of his body, face, or how he talks. Also, that man is confident in other situations but telling how much he is interested in you makes him anxious. Therefore, if you like a guy but he has taken long to ask you out, it is possible he likes you too, he is afraid you might reject him. In that case, you have to look for signs that will encourage you to show him positive signals that will make him take a chance.

14 signs he likes you but is afraid of rejection

1. Gets nervous around you

When someone likes you, you can always feel it. However, when a guy who is afraid of rejection likes you, he may not be able to express it to you. Instead, he starts acting in weird ways every time you are alone with him. Something will hold him back because he wants to tell you how he is feeling although his fear keeps overweighing his confidence. Thus, he won’t feel relaxed when you are around him. He will show nervousness by talking fast or stuttering through the conversation yet he speaks fluently during other occasions. Also, he will jump from one chat to the next without fully completing the first one out of anxiety. Additionally, the guy can keep fixing his hair, shirt, or tie because he wants to look his best and charm you off of your feet.


2. Gives you a certain look

A man who is into you is either shy while he looks at you or won’t be able to take their eyes off you. Notably, you might think it is creepy but he likes you and wants you to know it. Although he is afraid you might say no to him, you will catch the guy looking at you more than once with the look. Also, every time you find him looking at you, he will look away or keep staring at you with a smirk on his face. In common cases, when someone likes something, they look at it, so this is a good sign that he likes you. Additionally, he will tend to lean closer while glaring at you but the fear of disappointment will make him move away after some minutes.

3. Compliments uniquely

A guy who is not interested in you won’t pay attention to any change in your hairdo or dressing. However, someone who likes checks on you from top to bottom and compliments your top or skirt. When you put on cute shoes, he is the first one to notice and say how beautiful they look on you. Also, he is all about the details in that when you smile, he will tell you it brightens his moods to another level. However, he expects you to show that you appreciate his compliments through a smile or thanking him. Note that, he wants something that will push him to tell you he is attracted to you without feeling rejected.

4. Listens attentively

Every time you are talking to a guy who likes you, he is all ears. He doesn’t want to miss a detail on the things you are talking about even when the conversation is irrelevant. Also, he is extra attentive when you are talking about your problems and is always willing to help you out. Additionally, this man encourages you when you are facing a difficult situation whether it is from work, family, or friend. Thus, he keeps on telling you that he will always be there for you no matter what you are facing. Note that, this is a top-notch sign that this person likes you a lot but he is too chicken to let you in on it.

5. Mentions no other women

When you are hanging out, he will always choose never to discuss other women or his love life. Also, every time you try to dig into his love relationships, he clams up. He doesn’t want to say anything that might make you lose interest in him hence he opts to keep quiet on love matters. Notably, he fears that you are going to judge him and refuse to be in a relationship with him. Hence, he keeps on showing you that you are the only woman on his mind but isn’t ready to say it because he is afraid.

6. Gets jealous of other guys

When you are showing interest in other guys, it makes him uncomfortable. He doesn’t like it when you are hanging out with other guys and keeps fuming with jealousy. However, he is not going to tell you how jealous he is because he is too scared to speak out his emotions. Therefore, he acts crazy every time you are talking with other men. Hence, this guy might pull you away from such a group with an angry face and say nothing. Thus, when he is into you but is afraid of rejection, he will get mad when you flirt with other fellows. It is a clear sign that he is into you on a deeper level even without saying it.

7. Laughs every time you make a joke

A guy who keeps laughing at every joke likes you but is afraid you might reject him. There is nothing hilarious that won’t tickle his funny bone. He laughs even when the joke is not that funny because he is trying to show you how happy you make him feel. Hence, he is shy to take it to the next level by hanging on every word and joke that you say. Also, this individual will pretend to get interested in funny TV shows that he doesn’t like only to keep the conversation going. Notably, he will agree with radical opinions that are absurd to him and laugh when you put it like a joke.

8. Always wants to spend time with you

A man who is into you but afraid of rejection will want to hang out with you all the time. Note that this person wants to be around you as much as possible even when it is not necessary. If he saw you as a friend, he wouldn’t seek out to spend more time with you. Also, when you breaking out after having a great time together, he will want to connect the following day. Thus, he is romantically interested in you but scared you might turn him down. Therefore, he tries every way to show you he has feelings for you and get a signal back from you.

9. Stops using his smartphone

In this digital era, our phones have become addictive. Some people have gone the extra mile of texting another person when they are on a date with you. However, if a guy likes you and is afraid of rejection, he will avoid scanning his phone when you are hanging out. Instead, he will be all about you and make you feel special by giving full attention to the time you spend together. Hence, it is an indication that he is into you since he doesn’t feel the need to connect with others when you are together. Additionally, if he gets a call or a text, he is quick to handle it and apologizes if it happens multiple times. If he leaves his phone in the pocket the entire time you are with him, know that he is attracted to you but worried you might turn him down.

10. Tries hard to know you

When a person likes you, he is not interested in the stories you tell others. Instead, he wants to know you, your dreams, and the passions you are following. Also, he is never bored when you talk about yourself and keeps listening to every detail. Notably, he keeps remembering the little things you say and asks later about them. When you are available, this person will cancel the rest of his plans to connect with you. Additionally, if you are uncomfortable talking about somethings, he will encourage you to say them with a positive tone. Thus, when he shows this sign, he is willing to take things to another level but too shy to make a move.

11. Blows hot and cold

One can be hot and cold because they are fearing rejection or not sure about you. If you note the guy you like is one minute all over you then cold and aloof the next, he is trying hard to resist the feelings for some reason. Note, he might be shy of telling you how he feels since he fears you might reject him. Also, he can stare at you lovingly and then convince himself that you don’t like him and look down. Notably, he might suddenly become distant then reappear out of nowhere with great vibes. However, if he acts like this for a long time, you should move on or lead him on if you think he is sincere about his fear.

12. Positive comments from his friends

An individual who likes you and afraid of rejection will always tell his male friends how he feels. Therefore, when you hang out with friends, they will tend to tease him about you two. They comment on how you form a great couple. Notably, his friends know when he has fallen for a girl, thus why they will be complimenting on how amazing you would look if you date. Also, one of them might approach you telling you that he is into you. That is a direct hint that he likes you and afraid you might say no. Keep in mind that his friends would never drop clues if they don’t mean it.


13. Impresses you at all means

A guy who is into you will try to portray the best version of him. If he fears rejection, he will talk about himself but not too much since he doesn’t want to look like he is bragging. Note that he wants you to see him as the man for you by showing off a few of his skills and strengths. Additionally, he tries hard to keep your attention by bringing up fascinating conversations and jokes. Also, he will dress well and apply on his best cologne to please you with the smell. If you have been friends for long, you will catch him trying hard to impress you with favors that he never used to do before.

14. Open to any touch

You will know it when someone doesn’t like you because the physical contact is limited. However, when a guy likes you but is afraid of rejection won’t get angry or move away when you touch him. Instead, he will touch you back or become shy and sit uncomfortably. It is a sign of attraction. Also, he loves it when you rub your arm against him when he makes a joke. His reaction towards your touch will tell a lot about his feelings for you. However, you have to look at the bigger picture, the chemistry you two have. After all, he might move away from your touch out of shyness or get comfortable because he is a player.

Signs he likes you but is afraid of rejection over text

Frequent texts

A guy who likes you is always texting. He sincerely wants to know how your day went. Notably, he might be afraid to say he is attracted to you, but the words he uses in the texts will tell a lot. Also, he is the first to send a message in the morning and before you go to bed. His conversations are all about wanting to spend time with you though he might be scared to fess up. Additionally, when you are conversing via text, he doesn’t reply with a one-word answer but he is lengthy and shows interest through messages.


Doesn’t save you for later

An individual who is ready to date you but is afraid you might reject him won’t hesitate to reply to your texts. Note that he doesn’t keep your messages unread until one week or a month is over. Also, in case he is too busy to text you back, he calls you later when he is free. Hence, when you are chatting, he will reply as soon as he gets the text and tends to tell you sorry if he delays longer than usual. Some guys who fear been rejected by a lady dare to express their feeling via text since face to face kills their confidence. They will show interest when texting and act all shy when you meet.

How do you make him confess his feelings for you?

When you have gathered enough evidence, through the signals you receive, it is your turn to make the guy afraid of rejection to confess his feelings. Notably, you only do this if you also like the guy and the signs are direct. Also, you should first check on how hard he is trying to get your attention daily. Therefore, if he shows you the effort, he is putting to express his attraction for you, reward him by showing a little more interest. Get things heated by escalating the relationship with positive reinforcements every time he does something to please you. By triggering interest in him, you will give him the courage and satisfaction to take the relationship to the other level.



A guy who likes you will be afraid to tell you since he had a bad break up or never had any luck in love. Therefore, it is upon you to know where he stands even if he fears getting heartbroken. If you want him around for a love relationship, reciprocate by showing him signs of interest. However, if you consider him as a friend, let him know; he will get over it with time. Notably, be keen when you are looking at the signs since some are confusing and might make you fall for the wrong person.

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