10 Encouraging things to say to your Husband

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Our husbands are our better half, and we need to encourage them whenever they feel discouraged because if they are squeezing sad, that will also rub on you, and you will also feel discouraged.

Feeling sad is a part of everyone’s life, and if you do not have someone to cheer you up, the feeling might consume you from the inside and also manifest in your physical appearance.


A discouraged person will not find joy in anything they do, even if the activity used to bring them happiness in the past. The feeling of sadness can affect the whole family, even the children, if not handled first hand or in the early stages.

Communication is essential in a marriage, if your husband does not inform you of the feeling he has, you might not be able to detect it early enough, by the time you notice, he can be unfortunate and wonder what he should do with his life.

There is a saying that goes, “a happy wife is a happy life, ” this also goes for a husband, the couple must be happy for the marriage and family to work. So here are ten things you can use to encourage your husband.

1. Thank you

The phrase seems very small, but it means a lot to a husband. ‘Thank you, ‘ shows that you value the efforts they make for you and that you appreciate them in your lives.

Sometimes you need not have to accompany the phrase with anything; a simple ‘thank you, ‘ then a hug will do the trick.

‘Thank you ‘ is a phrase that should be used more often in marriages, both parties sacrifice a lot to be with each other, the least you can do is to tell your husband thank you. He will feel appreciated and will know that whatever sacrifice he made was not taken for granted.

2. I love you

The three-letter word that carries a lot of weight; the three words have stopped trains and planes from taking off; they have a lot of strength in them and can save a discouraged husband. If a husband is feeling sad, the three words can uplift him; they suddenly feel the need to move on and get the strength to defend his wife and children.

The three words should be said every day as words of affirmation; he will feel loved and encouraged as he goes on with the day, knowing he has a family that loves and cares for him.

3. I got you

Many times, the husband is seen as the rock of the family; he provides, he protects and guides. Some of these tasks can be too heavy for the husband, and if he does not accomplish the job, he can get depressed and feel like he let down the family. That is why the wife needs to stand up and tell him that she has got him and that she is prepared to do what he can do if he is tired.

4. You look great

In a marriage, some people let go of themselves because of all the duties they have to do, and they lack time to concentrate on their appearance.

The husband begins to feel ugly and does not appreciate their appearance, but a simple, ” you look great, ” has a lot of meaning to someone who does not value the way they look.

5. We miss you

when your husband is away on a business trip or at work, a simple ‘ I miss you ‘ is vital to help encourage someone even when they are not there. It helps the husband work harder or does what he is doing faster so that he can get home quicker to be with his family.

6. We will get through it together

Bad things happen in life and marriage. In marriage, you have a spouse; you can share whatever it is with and work things out together. Whether it is a death in the family or losing a job, you have to encourage your husband and help him make it through the tough times. You have to be strong for them even when they are not, to help them get better.

7. You bring me happiness

When your husband knows that they are the one that brings the family happiness, they will always feel encouraged to do more and provide for the family and take care of them so that the joy does not end.

A happy married life can even be seen outwardly in the physical features. The husband will always be smiling and comfortable around his wife and children if they have any. Telling your husband that they bring you happiness is a beautiful thing to say, and they will reciprocate the feeling towards you and the children every day.

8. You are my escape

Many times as a wife, you find yourself dealing with a lot of things that you cannot seem to get peace of mind. Many people turn to their husbands, who make them forget everything around them, their reality. With him, you feel like the only two people on earth, and you get to breathe. The words encourage your husband to love you more. He feels encouraged always to be there and give you the escape you need, and they feel necessary in your life and value the love you share as a couple.

9. You are a perfect father

If you are blessed with children and the father is always there to help you raise them, you need to appreciate the help you get from your husband by telling him how good of a husband he is to the kids.

The most significant accomplishment a husband can get is being a good husband and a wonderful father to the children. If you tell him these words, they are bound to be the best they can for the family. A boost of his ego is all he needs, and they will be happy.

10. I support you

A husband will love hearing these words when no one else believes him. If he decides to quit his job

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