10 Great Tips How to Love Your Husbands Intentionally

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Love is the cornerstone of any relationship/marriage and doesn’t come easy. Also, to the happiest partners, it is a constant for every woman to effort to make the nuptial full of love and enjoyment. However, in big of marriage part, women got the power to make it flounder or thrive, therefore making intentional options to enhance your marriage, is vital for keeping your passion burning and the friendship alive your husband. Therefore, here are tactics to love your man deliberately.

1. Engross with him

It is always right to create personal time with your husband, watch the movies together, be more loving, and go for a road trip walk to connect. Also remember, not to make this a daily habit. You may also choose to set a date night or organize an overnight getaway in every quarter. Keeping sharing experiences will bring you much closer to him, but if the duration may be short, have a hike and get a packed lunch for him. You can also send an invitation to him and make a dinner or coffee meeting. The aim of doing all this is to pay improved attention to him, via not playing with your mobile phone but engaging in a conversation when you out with him.

2. Use text messages and emojis.

Besides, we spend most of our time away from our husbands while they are away for work. The great ways to keep connected with him are utilizing text messages and emojis. Texting is a protuberant form of communication in recent days; use it to strengthen your love towards your husband. Ask him simple questions like what is on his schedule for the day or how the day is taking him. Tell him you think he is the most handsome and best man to you using emojis. Share something about fun memory you had together, or your day, keeps you thinking about your husband and reminding you that you need to value and love him more.

3. Study him ( love language)

Do you know in any relationship you require to keep practicing the love language impression towards your husband?. It helps to understand what conveys love to your husband; you should enter his world and become his love student. It would help if you also stayed watching the things he gets excited about and studying to talk with him concerning his passion. By doing it, you lower common arguments with your man to increase your love and happiness. Find out what can communicate “love” to him either, it encouraging word gifts, physical touch, and quality time with him, and an act of service and may leaving love notes on your bedroom. The most important is to find out the best ways to communicate love to your husband to create extra room for intentional love.

4. Kneel often

Love your man intentionally, through going for a battle for him in players. Get scriptures passages that talk to your man’s specific areas of requirement. And consistently apply these when playing for him. Be concerned about the particular challenges he might be facing at work or other family issues, and know-how you intercessor for him. Avoid coming across as spiritually more significant, when asking him for the inputs, but let him understand that you struggle for him.

5. Forgive everyday

There are numerous moments to feel disappointed and hurt by your man. Harboring resentments or bitterness only fuels the fire and adds your likelihood of lingering anger and hostility. Remember, that keeping any negative emotions to pump through your veins, is protection against feeling hopeless and broken. Forgiveness gives you a chance to work through the pain. No one is perfect, not even your husband, so forgive his disappointing actions and start fresh. Therefore, a reliable way for loving your husband deliberately is through humbly confronting him. Restoration is a fantastic procedure that begins with moving alongside your man when he wrongs you and has grace talk. Express your concerns and share your heart honestly and graciously, avoid placing long-lasting blame or accuse.

6. Be Affectionate

In most cases, many men, but not all, can approve that physical touch is among their preferred love languages. However, learn to be intentional in having time lying on kisses and hug him before heading out to the battlefield. Keep repeating the process, when you see him again at the end of a long, tough day. Find out what pleases him physically and also provide duration to love him randomly through sexual intimacy. Sacred satisfaction in the marriage bed not predestined to go only a single way; let your man know how he can too please you and never degrade his efforts in bed.

7. Laugh Freely

Besides, you need to be creative in looking for techniques, to laugh with your husband. Laughter is an effective medicine of the soul. It reliefs the body’s “feel virtuous” chemicals like (endorphins) and strongly bond you and your man together by creating happy moments. For instance, you can get a fun game/movie that you enjoy together, and should be private jokes among you only. Discuss the funniest episodes and remind him about any crazy moments you have ever shared in the past and have time to laugh. By doing this, you will start noticing you getting attracted to your husband, and always feeling that you need him around.

8. Send a box of cupcakes flowers.

Remember, the early days of your courtship, the chocolates, cupcakes, and flowers. It is also an intentional and significant way of showing your affection towards your husband. If your man is sentimental romantic in the heart, you may send flowers and a box of their beloved treat. It is a unique way of reminding yourself of how you used to love that man, and you should now love him more and more than before.

9. Be honest in love

Open communication and honesty are essential in a healthy relationship/marriage. When something causes a problem, it vital to address it instead of sweeping it under the rug. Through speaking the fact to your husband, can probably make a tremendous difference. Speak with kindness and learn to appreciate you man for the actions he does well. Perceptively present your anxieties to him, even when you feel angry, disappointed, and hurt. Keep all belittling terms and name-calling out of your discussion, eventually let love and patience guide the words you speak. After explaining the matter that bothers you, allow your man for the same also.

10. Listen with a sincere heart.

Remember, you got married to your best friend, thus when he speaks learn to listen. Even when you don’t agree with him, or don’t understand where he is coming from, or maybe not interested in his topic, don’t ignore your husband. By giving him focused attention reminds you that you value him and cares about his opinions. Therefore you can intentionally love him, knowing he means a lot to you.


In any healthy marriage, the most significant part created by a woman. Don’t be a woman who is always busy criticizing your husband’s imperfections, but focus on those areas he needs to improve and encourage him even when he fails. Remember, as a woman, you got the power to break or make your husband consider the above tips of loving him intentionally.

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