Crazy Wife? 10 Ways To Successfully Deal With Her

wife crazy

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Do you have a crazy wife? Well, you are not alone! Ask a married friend and you probably would get the same answer. Very few would talk in the favor of their wife. Probably, the newly married! Jokes apart, let’s dig in for more information.


It’s good to know how to deal with a wife like that! It’s always better to be prepared so that you would know how to deal with a certain situation. Sometimes it’s just the hormones to blame!


10 Effective Ways to Successfully Deal With Her


Let’s discuss 10 effective ways to deal with a crazy wife.


1. Remind Yourself Why You Married Her


When your wife is acting crazy, it’s important to remind yourself in the first place why you married her? If she had been like that since always or did you drive her crazy to this point.


Sometimes it’s your fault and you might not even know it! How is she when she is at her best self? You have to ask such questions to yourself and see if you understand her behavior. If it gets to the point that you have no idea then sit down and talk to her. Maybe you need a marriage counselor or someone to guide you both in the right direction.


2. Be There For Her


It’s important for you to be there for her! Are you working full time and a part-time job? Are you helping her with the kids? Are you emotionally and physically available to her?


Marriage works when you are there for her. Everything in life requires your time and commitment. If you are not investing your time and energy into the relationship then maybe she is acting crazy. But, you have to be sure that she is not going through depression or anything else! It’s important to have an honest conversation. Let her tell you the details of her crazy behavior!


3. Help Her


Are you helping your wife around the house? Who is cooking? Who is cleaning? Who is taking care of the kids? Who is doing the laundry? Who is bringing food to the table? If the answer to all these questions is “my wife” then it’s time to help her!


Maybe she is exhausted with all the responsibilities and needs a helping hand. You should think about it! Make a list of everything that you do for her. If it equals none then it’s time to take control and be there for her! Help her.


4. Don’t Blame Her


Even when she is acting crazy, you don’t call her crazy. Don’t blame her. Don’t be direct. Try to control your emotions. You can control your reaction towards her. Maybe something is bothering her.


You have to ask her politely why she is acting so crazy. If it has to do with you then don’t start blaming her! There could be something bothering her about the relationship or maybe she can’t explain what she is feeling. At this point, she needs someone to hear her.


5. Fulfill Her Dreams and Desires


If your wife is a stay at home mom then maybe she is too tired. It’s possible that she might have forgotten about her dreams and desires. She had been taking care of you and the kids for such a long time. Now it’s time to give her some space.


Ask her about her dreams and desires. Help her achieve her goals. Motivate her to do something just for herself. It’s tiring if you are not appreciated for all the hard work. So you have to be there for her and let her dream once again. And why not? She never asked you to quit your work and stay at home for the kids or aging parents.


6. Be A Listener


Sometimes she just wants someone to just listen to her. She might not have a friend or she could be missing her family. Before meeting you she had a whole life! She was someone’s daughter! She had a sibling! Maybe something tragic is bothering her.


Maybe you are so indulged in your career and your success that you forgot listening to her side of the story. Maybe she is depressed and doesn’t want to discuss. But a little push or positive gesture from your side can help her be a better person. Try to bring the positive person outside that’s hiding somewhere inside this crazy person!


7. Accept Your Mistakes


You have to be honest when you are talking to her. Women have a strong gut feeling. She can sense if something is fishy or wrong. So don’t confuse her! Maybe she already knows something and since you are not accepting your mistakes, she is acting this crazy.


Just accept your mistakes. Be honest in your dealings! You should love her. If you can’t respect her, it’s time to discuss. You should not cheat her! It’s beyond the limit. If you have made a mistake, talk about it, and try to find a viable solution. Hiding your mistakes can only bring more worries.


8. Say Yes More Often


Maybe it’s just that you don’t agree with her! Try to say yes more often and see the change. For example, when she is talking about her favorite book, don’t dismiss the idea of reading books.


Try to understand her perspective. If you just say no without even considering her point of view, it would not only hurt her, but it can’t be favorable for you.


9. Don’t Make Her Jealous


It’s really important that you know your woman. You should know what makes her happy and what makes her sad. If talking about other women makes her jealous then it’s time to work on your communication skills.


She might be possessive about you. After all, you are her husband! However, if it gets to the point that she gets too crazy then it’s time to sit down and discuss. If nothing helps, consider a marriage counselor. The goal here is to resolve the conflict.


10. Give A Little Explanation


It’s possible that you might be a little secretive about your life. Maybe you don’t want to discuss the details. Your wife on the other hand might want to talk about the small details.


If that’s the case try to give a little explanation. It’s possible that she might like the fact that you are now discussing your perspective and ideas. You have to be more open if you are an introvert especially if you are newly married.


Most Things Husbands Do That Drive Their Wives Crazy


You are a husband! Sometimes you might not even know and your behavior would be driving your wife super crazy. Yes, you heard that right. You might drive her crazy without realizing.


Consider the following:


  • You might be praising other women in front of her.


  • You might not be helping her more often at home.


  • You might snore loudly at night.


  • You might chew food loudly.


  • You might not be flushing the toilet.


  • You might be spending too much time with your friends.


  • You might be talking about a female colleague.


  • You might be watching TV all day.


  • You might be too involved in your own self that you forget praising her when she was trying to look her best for you.


  • You might be too demanding!


  • You might be asking too much about her male friends.


  • You might not like her family and talk negatively about her mom or dad.


  • You might be disrespecting her in front of her friends, family, or maybe kids.


  • You might not like what she likes.


  • You might not be taking her out for dinner or shopping.


  • You might not be spending enough time with her.


  • You might not be helping her with the kids.


  • You might not be emotionally or physically available to her.


And a lot more!



Just think about the time when you were trying to know her! She would be driving you crazy at that time too but in a good way! What happened over the years? Did something change? Try to bring the spark back to life. It’s important to understand her and show empathy.


Crazy Wife During Pregnancy


You might have noticed that your wife is acting crazy during pregnancy. If that’s the case, you can blame the hormones, but not her! During pregnancy, a lot is going on with your wife. Think about it! In nine months, she would be giving birth to your child.


She was taking care of her figure and now she is gaining weight. She is going through a lot of physical and emotional changes. Each trimester is a challenge for her! Her hormones are making her this way!


It’s possible that she might ask for different things. She would crave something in the middle of the night! She might start crying or acting crazy when you least expect it. Try to understand the whole situation from her perspective.


Your wife is now going to be a mom! A mom! Yes, you heard that right. And you would be a father. Your roles would change and you can’t blame her for acting this crazy. Just like you, she doesn’t know many things. She was herself a child to her mom and now she is going to take such a big responsibility on her shoulders. You might be working at the office or for your business, but she is bringing a human into this world. How do you expect her to act?


How Do You Calm A Crazy Wife


When your wife is acting crazy, you have to find the underlying cause of it. If you are able to understand the root cause of the behavior then calming her would be easier.


Consider the following:


  • You have to see what’s her language of love. For example, you might shower love by buying expensive gifts for her. However, she might express love by cooking food for you! So you have to explore her language of love. Try to cook food for her and see if it helps! It might as you are now talking to her the way she likes. Let’s try this and see what happens next.


  • Just listen to her tantrums and nagging. If she is taunting just listen politely without being sarcastic. Or just smile politely. It’s possible that she might be hurt by your behavior. Maybe you cheated on her in past and she can’t go beyond that feeling. It’s time to give her some space so that she can heal. You can help her by just being kind and polite. Assure her that you belong to her only! If she is asking questions, she answers politely. Don’t be secretive around her.



  • Don’t say anything that hurts her. Respect her family and friends. Give her value. Try to add something positive to her life. If she is a mom then take her to the salon and take care of the kids in her absence. Clean the house for her. Just be there for her!


  • Try to spend more time with your wife. Plan special weekends. Have dinner together. Play some games! Be romantic, go on a vacation together. Wife crazy might be omitted from your dictionary after that.



There is a lot that you can do to calm your crazy wife, but if it’s hurting you to see her this way talk to a marriage counselor. You should know when it’s time to be serious! Try your best to manage the whole situation and if doesn’t work out then you know what’s best for both of you!


Wrapping It Up


When your wife is acting crazy, try to focus on your reactions. See if you can help or add a value of any kind. You have to try your level best to manage your relationship. It’s possible that she is hurt and is expressing her anger in a crazy way. She might have some concerns or she might need your full attention. You can evaluate the whole situation and see what works best for you! It would be a good idea to consider a marriage counselor if you are not sure what to do.

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