7 High-Value Woman Traits That Will Make You Irresistible

high value woman

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A high valuable woman is a woman who knows her worth. Because of her worth, she is sought after by men. She is the type despite all challenges would insist on holding her own regardless of what people say or do to her. The woman may not be the most physically attractive lady. Her character and attitude are what set her apart from others. These attributes are far better than beauty or physical appearance.


The high-value woman is educated, they cherish freedom and their independence and make good use of opportunities available to them to improve on themselves and society.


She is sure of herself and she knows what she wants and she is sure and convinced of what she wants and opts for that. She may need a man in her life but that does not mean that she cannot succeed without a man. The high-value woman actually knows her worth and she exudes energy which is far more than the ordinary or the physical. That energy in her sets her apart from others and that defined her character. She is very caring and she considers everything including those things she permits to her personal life. She is often sought after by men who understand her inherent ability and because of her value and character, she can hold her own under any situation. She is not persuaded by what say or what people will say or do.


Seven powerful traits of a high-value woman

How do you know the high-value woman? There are millions of women on earth but not many of them can be described as high-value women. There are certain characters or attributes of such women. Here are some of the traits or characters if you see possess by any woman is enough evidence that such a person must be a high-value woman. Here are some of the attributes.


She knows her worth

The first attribute is that such a woman knows her worth and that means that she can stand on her own. She knows that her worth is much more than her body and because of that she does not equate herself with her body. She does not operate out of fear. She operates based on what she is convinced is good and right. She does not depend on any person to act and she does not need any man to ride her. She acts based on what she believed to be morally right. This means that she does not depend on any other person to validate or approve her action before she does what is right. She knows the truth and believes in the truth. Moreover, she can defend and stand by the truth no matter whose ox is gored.


She does not also give herself to act too good to be liked by others. Her self-worth is seen in what she says, does, dresses, and the way she treats herself. She first of all believes in herself and she knew what she is doing.


She respects herself and loves herself too

The other attribute of a high-value woman is the way she treats and respects herself. She is always caring about herself as well as her skin. What she does is what she sets for herself. If she sets a high standard for herself, she is not afraid of that and she does not need to convince others about that. When it comes to a relationship she loves herself and she believes that others should love her for what she is and the way she loves herself. If that does not walk she walks away from that relationship. She believes respect and is reciprocal and the type of respect she has for herself is what she expects from others and that is the same way she will behave to others. Anything short of that is not meant for her. She knows what is right and treats others the right way and she will expect that others will treat her the same way. Anything short of that is not acceptable.


She is lovely, kind, and compassionate

She is a human being and has human feelings in her. Because of that, she is compassionate. Whoever she encounters she will impress in one way or the other because as far as she is concerned that is what life is all about. She believes in kindness and that is why she can display compassion and love to others. As far as she is concerned, beauty is not in the physical appearance of the body but it depends on how you treat others and that is why she would add value to any person she comes across. Love is about love and interconnectedness. She treats anything that comes around her with natural love and kindness. You can tell from her behavior to other people. The woman is not cold-hearted and she is not stoic. She cares when it becomes necessary and she is not afraid to show she cares for others and things around her.


She believed in learning and growth

She does not believe that she knows it all, rather she thrives in learning and she opened herself to new knowledge and skill. She strives to be the best of whatever she is. Whatever she agrees to do she will not do it with a grudge rather she approaches it with her whole heart and she will give in her best for the good of all. At all times she tries to see value in what she does and that is why she is committed to being spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually committed. She does not claim she knows it all and whenever there is an opportunity to learn she will avail herself of that opportunity. By learning, she will know those things she does not know before and she does not exclude herself from learning. She strives to learn something new every day. She knows that her power depends on her knowledge and because of that she tries to equip herself with new things and new ways of doing things. In all these, she will remain open, helpful, and most importantly, she is very humble and respectful.


She is emphatic and self-aware

The other attribute of this kind of woman is that she is self-aware and emphatic. This means that she is aware of the consequences of her utterances and actions as well as what her behaviors have on other people. What she said or does is important and the way she said or does it is equally important and she must check on these before she says or does anything that can be harmful to another party. The way she communicates is very important and the communication must not only be emphatic, but it must also be tactful as well. She respects her feelings as well as the feelings of others. Because of her emotional intelligence, she must ponder on things before she says or does anything. She is guided by morality and what she does to one person she has to say to another. She puts herself in other’s positions and the process she tries to share and connect with others. She can understand their plight, their conditions, and the reasons for their actions. The woman has to accept other people as they are without imposing her own conditions or her restrictions.


She is bound in maturity

She is matured and she believes that she does not have to manipulate other people before they can believe in her. She has her values and she does not pretend and will not engage in any behavior that is contrary to her beliefs. Engaging in a behavior that does not align with hers is not welcomed by her. She has her way of doing things and to make herself attractive to others, she does not abide by the dating rule. She knows her worth and she does not need to engage in any special attitude to attract the other person. There is no need for her to prove anything to anybody and to prove that she does not have to change the rule to prove it. To get somebody to stay in a relationship she does not need to resort to obey somebody’s demand. As far as she is concerned what attitude is good to her and anybody who does not like it can quit the relationship. It does not matter to her.


She is not afraid of speaking out

She knows the importance of speaking out when it matters. By refusing to speak out she does not serve the correct thing. She has to express her feelings, thoughts, and opinions. In doing that she is very comfortable. By speaking her mind, she knows that many people will not be comfortable with that but that will not prevent her from speaking out. She can always ask and she does not need to be afraid to ask to become clearer with issues. She is also not afraid to make things very clear and in making her mind she does not need to be afraid of that. She has a way of expressing herself and she creatively does that and when she does that, many people have to share with her because she will always the truth for others to believe in it. She does not hesitate to make it very clear what her boundaries are. The high valued woman has a unique way of expressing herself and she uniquely does that through different mediums such as painting, poetry as well dance, and so on. Whenever she expresses herself it is always in the state of authenticity, genuineness, and so on.


She is always passionate

The final but not the least attribute of a highly valuable woman is her passion. She has a well-defined life and this means that life is following a purpose. Such a woman believes in abundance and she lives the life of abundance. She will not be doing those good things she believed doing even if she is in love with a man. Even when there is a knockdown or challenges that does not hold her down for a long time because eventually, she would find her way around things. She is a woman of class and she is unapologetically in love with those things she believes in and in what she does.


Habits of a high-value woman


Must have a standard

Such a person must have a standard and this means that she must not be just any kind of person. She must have a high value. Such a woman must be of a stable character and can handle even the most difficult situation.


She must have her goals

The other attribute is that such a woman must have her goals and the goals have to do with those things she believed in and these are things she believes that she can accomplish in life. The goal to her varies and it may include what she cherishes in education, the job she does as well as business management and marriage, and so on.


They like to remain with the present

They are not bothered by life and take whatever condition life gives to them. Women of value will like to treat those conditions they can in life but those conditions above them they take it as it is. These women are natural planners. They plan for a relaxed life and under that condition they can plan and deal with whatever condition they found themselves in life.


These women are not addicted to love

They need to be in love but they are not addicted to it. The issue of incredible love is not for them. They know that they can satisfy themselves in life without being addicted to romantic love. They believe in love and they believe that they should have a life to its fullest. When it comes to marriage or falling in love, because they are not addicted, you do not expect them to be addicted to the first man that proposes to them. Such women believe that the best option for them is to choose the right woman and they would not settle for anything less than the best man.


How to be a high-value woman when he pulls away

If the man pulls away from a relationship which you are building together, what are you going to do as a woman of high value? This is where it matters most because women of high value will approach the matter differently. Here are the likely actions such a woman will take:


Do not figure out what might be the cause of the problem

The truth is that you are trying to forge ahead a relationship which could succeed or fail. If the man unexpectedly decided to pull out of that relationship you do not have to bother your head by thinking about what might have gone wrong with her. If you assess the condition and you she observes that he is pulling it, it should not stop you from your happiness and you do not bother yourself but let go. It is a waste of energy and time to figure out what has happened because it is not going to change anything.


Remind yourself of what you are worth

When the man decided to pull away from a relationship then there is no need to disturb yourself about that. It is his right and does not exhibit any action that can portray you as being desperate. When that happens, you should know that the man is not for you and he is not the kind of man you need. You need someone who will be devoted to your love.


Continue to build on your feminine attraction

The next thing is to build on your womanhood and elevate your self-esteem to a higher level and not to think of the man who does not even deserve your love. Do those things that will make you feel good about yourself. Do those things that make you the best and you will see that somebody who desires you will be on the way.


Go on other dates

It makes a lot of sense to go to another date when one gets sour. When one door closes another door opens and that the way to see the situation. Pull away from the old date and retain your value and move on to a new one with your whole value intact.

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