How To Keep Your Man Happy And Satisfied

How To Keep Your Man Happy And Satisifed

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Anyone who has ever been in a long-term relationship knows that it takes work. You can’t just expect things between you and your boyfriend to be amazing without putting in any of the work. If you want to keep your guy happy, you need to make him happy. If you’re going to keep him satisfied and faithful, you need to give him a reason to be.

If you are with a guy who you really care about, you need to show him. If you keep reading, you are going to learn some great ways to keep your man happy and satisfied, which will strengthen the bond that you have with one another.

#1 Make Him a Priority and Show Him

If your guy doesn’t feel like he is a priority in your life, he won’t be happy or satisfied with the relationship. It is up to you to show him that he matters, and you are willing to make sacrifices for the sake of your relationship. Life can get hectic at times. Between work, family, and social commitments, it can be hard to make time for all of it. If you want your guy to feel special, you need to make it a point to put him before everything else in your life once in a while. You don’t even need to give him a full day. Simply bringing his favorite drink or lunch to him at work will show him that his happiness is a significant priority for you.

#2 Talk Him Up In Front Of Other People

Most men love to get compliments from their girlfriends. This is something that you should do regularly, but don’t overdo it. Compliments in private go a long way, but if you really want to make you guy happy and satisfied, you should complement and praise him in front of other people. If you are with your family, his family, or a group of friends, you can talk about how supportive he is. You can also talk about how hard he works or how great he looks. A compliment means so much more if it is given in front of a group of people. This will show him how loyal and supportive you are of him. Like private compliments, you don’t want to go overboard with this either. Nobody is going to want to sit around with you and your boyfriend when all you are doing is talking about how great he is. Compliments of any kind should be given in moderation.

#3 Have Respect For Yourself

While it is essential to make him feel like he is a priority, you don’t want his needs and wants to overshadow your own. If you start making sacrifice after sacrifice for your guy, he is going to start looking at you like a doormat. Soon, he will begin losing all respect for you. Nothing kills a relationship faster than a lack of respect. There is nothing wrong with doing sweet things for him once in a while, but don’t even let his wants and needs overshadow your own.

#4 Make Him Feel Secure

Most men have pretty big egos. They also have very fragile hearts. As tough as a guy wants people to think he is, having his heartbroken can be devastating. Just the idea of having his heart broken can be challenging. If you want your man to be happy and satisfied in the relationship, you should make sure that he knows that he is your one and only when he is secure in the relationship, he will be happy.

#5 Be Confident With Your Body In Bed

If you want your relationship to thrive, you need to keep the spark alive in bed. If you are too self-conscious in the way your body looks, it can make you more inhibited in bed. This is the opposite of what your man wants. If he is with you, he likes the way you look. If you have put on a couple of pounds or you don’t feel like you look good, he probably doesn’t care. When you are in bed together, he just wants it to be fun and passionate. If you can get past your own insecurities in the bedroom, you will be able to keep him very satisfied.

#6 Take the Lead In Bed Once In a While

If you want to keep you man happy and satisfied sexually in bed, you need to switch it up from time to time. One of the biggest reasons people get bored in the bedroom is repetition. If you always wait for him to make the first move and you get right into it in the missionary style, things are going to get boring quickly. If you are the aggressor once in a while and you make the first move, it will make things more exciting for him. Also, there is nothing wrong with telling him that you want to try new positions. This will be a welcomed change, and it will keep the spark alive in bed, which is essential in keeping him happy and satisfied.

#7 Never Use Sex As a Weapon

Some women will deny their man sex if he doesn’t do what she asks. This is a huge mistake. No guy wants to be with a girl who shoots him down if he forgot to call, if he didn’t answer a text right away, or if he didn’t like her picture on Instagram. Using sex as a weapon will only cause a rift between the two of you. Also, don’t save special things in bed like oral sex for special occasions. This will make it seem like these acts are more of a chore to you than something you enjoy.

#8 Be Supportive When He Talks About His Plans

If your guy is talking to you about his hopes for the future, whether it be for his education or for a potential career, it is up to you to be supportive. Even if you think that his plans will never come to be or if his idea is way out there, you should still show support and motivate him. What may not sound rational or like a good idea to you could be what is making him feel positive about the future. It is essential to understand that even though you have your own opinion, you aren’t always right. You don’t know what the future holds, and his dreams for the future could become a reality one day. If you are supportive and motivating, your guy will see this, and it will make him happy and feeling satisfied in the relationship.

#9 Keep An Open Mind

If your man is going to be happy and satisfied in the relationship, you need to try to keep things fresh and new. To do this, there are times where you will need to have an open mind. If your boyfriend is sick of going to your favorite restaurant and suggests something new, don’t shoot down the idea right away. Trying a new restaurant or cuisine won’t kill you. The worst-case scenario is that you won’t like the food, and you will need to have a snack to get home. It will be worth it in the long run.

If your guy wants to try something different in bed like dirty talk or role-playing, keep an open mind and give it a chance. It could bring you closer.

To have a successful relationship, you need to keep from getting bored. When the relationship starts to feel old, a breakup is the next step. If your guy suggests something new, keep an open mind and try it. You could learn something new about yourself while keeping things new and fresh.

#10 Surprise Him With Things He Likes

You don’t need to wait for your boyfriend’s birthday or a holiday to get him something special. The best gift that you can give is a “just because” gift. Giving your guy a gift for no reason will show him that you are thinking of him and that you really care.

You don’t need to have a lot of money to surprise your guy with something nice. Even the smallest gift will be appreciated. If you go to the grocery store, buy him a few of his favorite snacks. If you go out to eat with friends, you can order dinner to go for your man. If your boyfriend wears hats, buy him a new one. If he has a hobby, you can get him something associated with that. Even the littlest thing will make him happy and feel satisfied in the relationship.

#11 Trust Him

One of the most significant relationship killers is a lack of trust. If you don’t trust your boyfriend, neither of you are going to be happy. If you start spying on your boyfriend, going through his phone, and accusing him of doing things that he didn’t do, he isn’t going to be happy. Even the most patient person will get sick of this after a while, and you will find yourself single. If you want to make your man happy and satisfied, don’t interrogate him about what he is doing and the people he surrounds himself with. He is with you, not someone else. You need to show him that you trust him if you are going to keep him happy in the relationship.

#12 Cook For Him

People say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If you want to make your man happy and show him how much you care, you should cook his favorite dish. There are plenty of cookbooks out there. You can also find a recipe for just about every dish known to man, online. If you don’t know much about cooking, you can take a cooking class. This will show him what great lengths you are willing to go to just to make him happy. When he sits down and enjoys a delicious meal cooked by you, he will realize what a good thing he has.

#13 Don’t Talk Behind His Back

No relationship is perfect, and no couples get along 100 percent of the time. If you and your man are in a fight, the last thing you want to do is talk behind his back to other people. There is nothing wrong with asking friends or family members for advice. It is when you start bashing him to these people that you have crossed a line that you can’t come back from. Eventually, you and your boyfriend will make up, but when he hears the things you were saying behind his back, it will create a whole new set of problems. If you want your guy to feel happy and loved, keep your feelings about him during a fight to yourself.

#14 Make Him Feel Lucky To Have You

If your man is going to be satisfied with you and your relationship, he needs to feel lucky to have you. This starts with the way that you carry yourself. If you can be charming and graceful, it will make a huge impact. When the two of you go out with his friends, put your best foot forward. Keep things fun and light, and showcase your intelligence when possible. If you get sloppy drunk or start a fight, he will be embarrassed to be with you. You want to be the girl that every other guy in the room wishes was his. When you carry yourself well, he will thank God that he met you.

#15 Flirt With Him

Just because you have been with your guy for a while, it doesn’t mean that you no longer need to flirt with him. Every guy wants to feel wanted and desired, and flirting will do that. Holding his hand, complimenting him, and even cheesy pickup lines will make him feel special. Flirting the way that you did when you first got together will keep the relationship fresh, and it will keep your man satisfied.

#16 Don’t Hide Your Childish Side

Just because you are getting older, it doesn’t mean that you have to be boring and stuffy. We all enjoy some of the things that we loved to do as kids. You might love riding bikes, going on the swings, or just being silly and goofing off. You don’t have to hide these things on your boyfriend’s account, and he won’t want you to. As much as there is time to be serious as you get older, having fun like you did when you were a kid is just as important. There are plenty of fun things that you can do together. Not only will this make him happy, but he will also see you as a fun and adventurous person.

#17 Give Him Some Space

There are times when your guy will want your undivided attention. There are other times when he will wants his space. If he wants to spend the day with his friends or take a weekend trip, you should let him. As much as he cares about you, he cares about his friends as well and will want to spend time with them. He might also need time to be alone. If your guy is going to be happy and satisfied in the relationship, give him his space.

#18 As For His Help

Most guys love independent girls, but they also love it when a girl needs them. When you ask your guy for help, it will make him feel needed. When he comes through and is able to help you, it will make him feel really good about himself. Even if you are the most self-sufficient, independent woman in the world, you should ask for his help from time to time.

#19 Let Him Comfort You

If something horrible happens to you and you need to break down, you should call your boyfriend. He is going to want to wrap his arms around you and tell you that everything will be alright. Guys love to be that knight in shining armor, and this is the perfect opportunity.

#20 Respect Him

One of the most important things for guys is respect. If you want your guy to be happy and satisfied in the relationship, you need to have respect for him. If you get into an argument, have enough respect not to scream at him in public. Also, be willing to hear him out. A little respect goes a long way, and it will make him happy in the relationship. If you really love your boyfriend and are happy in your relationship, you need to put the work in. If your guy is going to be happy and satisfied, it is up to you to make that happen. If you follow the tips listed above, your guy will think that he is the luckiest guy on Earth to have you in his life.

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