5 Ways On How To Strengthen Your Marriage Every Day

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Marriage is a beautiful thing, but no one can deny the fact that it can prove to be difficult, especially if you both have different personalities. The difference in personality usually starts showing when the couple has gone past the infatuation stage or honeymoon stage in this case. The infatuation stage is the stage where you see couples being all lovey-dovey towards each other and see their partner through rose-colored glasses. This is so common, but once the phase is over, that’s when the real work begins. Couples usually find out that one has to work hard in marriage if they want to strengthen.


Money, sex, and poor communication are the main factors that contribute to relationship problems. As mentioned earlier, we all have different ways of dealing with life and life comprises of money and how we deal with our relationships. For instance, you will come to find out that the way you handle your finances is totally different from how your partner handles their finances. Partners usually find out that they need to compromise on a lot of things, which can cause a lot of tension between them.


Thus why this article will be of great use to all married folks as it answers the question, ‘how to strengthen your marriage every day.’ It will highlight how a couple can strengthen their marriage. These ways aren’t as complex as one would think, as they have to be done every day to be effective. The primary goal for this article is to influence your daily habits that would make your significant other feel loved and appreciated. Contrary to your expectations, these exercises don’t include visiting a marriage counselor even though visiting one helps you understand your partner’s needs and expectations of you.


First and foremost, couples need to prioritize having sex on the daily. Clinical sexologists advise couples to have a lot of sex regardless of their quality. This is what is referred to as maintenance sex. It is usually done just for the sake of it; hence the quality isn’t of priority. Since partners could have different levels of libido, both of them need to compromise. This usually entails one of them agreeing to have lots of sex, even if he or she isn’t in the mood. Sex shouldn’t be done when both of the parties are in the mood, as this leads to sexless and unfulfilled marriages.


The quality, in this case, is having a long lovemaking session with too much expectation that one of the partners in the union is intimidated. Once a person feels intimidated, their self-esteem tends to decrease, and they would dread having sex with their partner. The aim of having a lot of sex is to build intimacy between the couple. Putting in the effort when it comes to sex is what makes intimacy in the long run. Finally, intimacy breeds longer periods of lovemaking, which is what many people love.


Another effective exercise for couples to do if they want to strengthen their marriage is to hug for at least two minutes, and kiss for half a minute every single day. As the pressure of life exerts on couples through numerous responsibilities, the said couples tend to offer quick hugs and pecks as they pace through life mindlessly. The bad thing about the rushed hugs and pecks is they don’t provide the feel-good benefits that longer and mindful physical intimacy offers. The feel-good hormone, Oxytocin, is responsible for connecting us with people, and its production occurs when we touch each other.


The couple doesn’t need to time themselves while they are hugging and kissing all they need to increase the length of time they hug and kiss. Once couples do this, they are guaranteed to feel more interconnected due to Oxytocin production. The hormone production occurs when we receive gifts from our loved ones hence the importance of showering your significant other with some thoughtful gifts. The gifts don’t have to be expensive; they need to be considerate.


Taking walks together has proven very effective when it comes to strengthening your marriage. Whenever you are going through a rough patch, a walk has proven to be therapeutic as it gives you and your partner a feeling of togetherness despite the challenges that may arise during your union. The couple doesn’t need to talk while on the walk, all they have to do is walk together in the same direction. Whether or not they talk is up to them, the walk will enable them to clear their minds through the fresh air inhaled. The walk promotes the couple to feeling as though they are together mentally.


Another way of strengthening marriage is through drinking together if both of you enjoy drinking. A study conducted by the University at Buffalo found out that couples with a disparity in their drinking habit are more likely to have a divorce than those that aren’t different when it comes to drinking. The researchers explained that this could be the case as the likelihood of partners with the same drinking level is less likely to fight about the alcohol as compared to those with a disparity in drinking. Therefore, they advise that one can engage their partner in drinking by also drinking wine if they don’t like beer.


Sitting next to each other at a restaurant or dinner table is one of the ways of building connectivity and intimacy. This is a better sitting arrangement as compared to sitting opposite each other as the latter is viewed as an aggressive option. Sitting opposite each other will mimic the scenario of having an interview, which isn’t intimate at all. Hence the need to avoid doing it all costs, and the good thing about this arrangement s it gives you the avenue of whispering sweet nothings while you slide your arm around their knee.


There are so many ways to strengthen, but the above ideas have helped couples around the world to come together after being distant while on their union.

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