How to Be a Submissive Wife- step by step

submissive wife

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Modern women tend to forget the value of having the ability to be submissive. Nowadays, women tend to be all the rage, and the idea of letting the husband lead the way has hit a sweet spot for some stressed-out women. By being a submissive woman, there is no doubt that your marriage will be the ultimate blessing in your life. This is a kind of happiness everyone should have in their marriage.


As a woman, thinking of your husband as the leader of your home and heart will help you have a healthy and long-lasting marriage without a doubt. If you are currently not in a happy relationship, try and being submissive, and you will note some significant changes in your marriage. In this article, we shall be discussing how to be a submissive wife- step by step.


Submissive wife Bible meaning


According to the Bible, being a submissive woman is submitting yourself to the Lord and His order of how he has planned the family in which someone has to be the head. God had created a man to be the head of a family, and as a Christian woman, it is advisable that you respect your Lord’s order.


However, you should note that a submissive wife doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be inferior or lose your identity as a woman and become a non-person, or you allow your husband to violate all the law or become physically abusive.


There is no doubt that the word submission in marriage has a bad reputation in today’s world. However, according to Ephesians 5;22-33, Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. Now, as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.


Despite the fact that the Bible commands women to be submissive to their husbands, the submission is not unwillingness, inferior, servanthood, degrading, docile as well as is not a sign of weakness. However, according to the Bible, the act of submission is a sign of strength rather than weakness. It will require a degree of personal strength of character. You should always keep in mind that when a wife is submissive to her husband, she has a spirit of respect towards him.


Why Become a Submissive Wife?


First and foremost, you should note that becoming a submissive wife is an excellent way of having a healthy relationship. Furthermore, the Bible does not represent submission in a negative term. It is considered positive. Therefore, becoming a submissive wife is not about losing your honor; instead, it is about giving it.


In addition to that, you need to understand that submission has priorities. As a Christian, you do understand that authority is created and comes from God. Therefore, every authority is a derived authority meaning that when a wife is submissive to her husband, she is also submitting to her creator.


When becoming a submissive wife, you should remember that it is done with a motive of fear of God, and it is done with a priority of first being to God. Furthermore, a submissive wife is said to have a heart of worship to God, and it’s not a mechanical duty to just being submissive to your man. You should always remember that it is the worship of God, and that’s should be the top priority.


The submission also has parameters, and by reading Ephesians chapter 4 and 5, you will be able to see what a Christian is supposed to do and not do. According to the Bible, a Christian wife should not be submissive to her husband if the husband is insisting on doing something that is forbidden by God. You should always remember that God is the authority.


Furthermore, submission is not limited to a particular area; instead, it is very comprehensive. However, the prescription is being submissive to your husband; you should always remember that this is not a command for wives to be submissive to every man. It is meant for her husband and the relationship they have. This type of submission corresponds to leadership and its uniqueness to family.


Why men love a submissive wife


Men tend to find women who are submissive very attractive. According to a new study, women tend to prefer dominant men as well; this shows that the social norm of mean lead the way and women follow is etched in our genes.


Furthermore, a submissive wife tends to have admirable traits and helps to uplift her husband. Some of the reasons why men love a submissive wife include;




A submissive wife is always full of respect, and to create a loving and memorable marriage, you will have to start by creating respect. Men tend to love wives who are respectful who listens to him while he is speaking and does not interrupt.


Less chatter


Usually, a submissive wife will understand when to and not talk to her husband. When your husband is tired or involves in a project or not in the mood for a chat, you shouldn’t push for it. Women tend to be chatty; therefore, you should consider understanding the right time when you should talk to your husband. This is a trait you will often find in submissive women.




Men always want you to get and understand them. This is vital for a healthy relationship. As a submissive wife, you should understand that men are often logical and love to solve problems.


6 steps to become a Submissive Wife


A soft, beautiful woman who looks up to protect and take care of her man will inspire him to greatness. If this is what you want in your marriage, then you should consider adhering to these steps in order to become a submissive wife.


Come up with ways of helping your husband.


According to Genesis 2:18, God said that it is not suitable for a man to be alone. I will make a suitable helper for Him. This means that God appointed you divinely to help your husband in carrying out some tasks. You might be wondering in what ways you might be suitable to help your husband; well, you should consider taking a moment and brainstorm.


You should think about your talents and how you can best use them to help your husband. For instance, if you are a super-organized individual, you should ensure that your living space is beautiful. In addition to that, you can also help in organizing your husband’s schedule.


As a great cook, you should consider using this talent and prepare some of your husband’s favorite dishes and snacks without even asking him. By doing so, you will be able to make him feel loved. You might as be a people person; as a result, consider accompanying him to social gatherings and even host a get-together at home. While doing so, make an effort to invite his friends and family over.


It would be best if you considered using whatever talent you possess in a way that will have your husband happy and entertained. You can always use it to the glory of God as well as benefit your husband. Always consider being creative.


Make your husband feel important


As a wife, there are several ways in which you can make your husband feel loved, important, and appreciated. The first thing is understanding your husband’s love language. Afterward, you should try and understand how your husband feels best appreciated and loved and then work on implementing some new things.


When he comes from work, you should greet him and try to spend some time conversing with him, prepare him a nutritious meal, fix him lunch, or iron his shirts. These are a few ideas you might implement- there are various ways in which you can make your husband feel important.


In addition to that, cultivating a heart of a servant towards your husband will also be a blessing to you. However, when you have a child, they tend to have lots of needs; this tends to become challenging to prioritize doing more for your man. However, it is advisable that you try whenever you are able and put all your needs above your child’s needs.


Be selective on how you instruct him


At times, your stubbornness might make it challenging to keep your mouth shut. However, it is recommended that you try thinking before speaking, particularly when it comes to instructing your husband or telling him ways in which he can do things better.


However, this shouldn’t mean that you cannot speak your mind honestly as a woman when you need room for improvement. The way you deliver the instruction is what matters. As a woman, speaking to your husband with respect tends to go a long way towards developing a submissive spirit.


Have gratitude for everything your husband has done for you


Try and take a moment and think about the things your husband has done for you and you will come to find it sobering. Always think of how hard your husband works; he comes home and continues working hard, trying to fix things around the house. Some husbands even help with dishes along with other house chores, playing with children, support you, and takes time to listen.


You should always take your time and list the wonderful things your husband has done for you in his typical day. The chances are you will be mesmerized. In addition to that, the easiest way in which you show submission to your man is by verbally stating your gratitude to him. Always thank him for all the good qualities he has, and you will be able to see more in him. You should also let your husband be the protector as well as the provider since it a role given to him by God, and they always love it.


Pray that God gives you a heart of submission.


Praying is by far the best way in which you can cultivate a submissive spirit as a wife. You should always pray fervently that God develops a heart of submission in you. While going through all the motions of helping your husband, as well as holding your tongue and thank him, however, you will not cultivate a true heart of submission- it is all for naught.


When you become submissive to your husband, God will see your heart and will reward you for that irrespective of your husband’s action. Furthermore, you should always be obedient to the Lord your God, and you will become submissive.


Respect your husband


Yes, it would be best if you always respected your husband as a submissive wife. You should always remember that a woman’s greatest desire is to be loved, and on the other hand, a man’s greatest desire is to be respected. A woman who expects her husband to love her unconditionally should always be ready to show the husband utmost respect.


A man deserves to be treated with respect and honor for you to earn unconditional love as a wife. Most women expect their husbands to talk to them in a loving way during an argument even when they think the wife was wrong or was hurt or upset. Men also deserve to be spoken to with respect in a similar situation.


Final verdict


As a wife, it is highly recommended that you honor your husband. This is not because you are weak, but it is because you are strong. Becoming a submissive woman is being ready to conform to the authority or the will of others and not to accept slavery. It would be best if you kept in mind that submission isn’t a weakness.


It sounds strange, but it’s the truth. As a wife, you should always be a strong believer in what God says when it comes to being submissive. This is the best way in which your marriage will become successful. As we conclude, you should always remember that submissiveness plays a significant role in the success of your marriage, and it doesn’t show any sign of weakness.

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