The meaning, purpose and types of Marriages

types of Marriages
types of marriage

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Marriage is a union of two individuals. It is important because it lays a good platform for parenting. Many people marry because they want to have kids so that they can continue with their lineage. However, there are other exceptions that might not allow procreation based on the set up of the marriage. Therefore, understanding different types of marriages is very essential because you get to be exposed ion what is happening around you and it can also influence your decision on the type of marriage that you want.

There are several marriages in different parts of the world. This is based on customs and religions. Others are based on civilization and the classes of people. All this has contributed to the development of various types of marriages. These marriages vary in most aspects. The concept of marriage involves mutual understanding and some cultural and religious influence. People marry for different reasons and times. There are different types of marriages as we shall see later in this article.

In the olden day, marriage was so simple. This was because a man and a woman would only marry and the woman would perform the household chores and the man would take the work of providing for the family. It was clearly defined by the norms and beliefs. The functions were structurally assigned based on the status of both genders. Some other practices were perceived to be taboo. However, those days are gone. The modern generation has taken the whole concept of marriage to a different level. They have come up with different types of marriages based on their lifestyle. Therefore, bt the end of this article you will get to know the different types of marriages which are applicable in the current society. Read on and find out.

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Civil marriage

This is a type of marriage that is recognized by the state. It is majorly officiated by the government officials. It is a legal marriage that should meet some legal procedures because you are provided with the marriage certificate by the state. It is one of the most known marriages and most people prefer this type of marriage. It is popular in most countries and all legal institutions are allowed by their respective institutions to legalize such a marriage. It is also practiced by a good number of people in various parts of the world especially the elite members of the society. The couple always goes to the office dealing with the marriage and some witnesses will be required. In case of any issues within this marriage, you can go to the court of law and present the documents to the judge as some evidence. However, in such a marriage divorce is allowed because both partners have an equal right to file a divorce.

Religious marriage

This is a marriage that is based on religion. Since there are various religions in the state, this implies that each religion will be doing their marriage as per their religious ways. This is a marriage that is majorly done in religious places and it is made official by the religious leaders. This is the marriage that will require the partners to go to the religious leaders and a religious ceremony is performed. Most of these marriages require some witness and some always present the couple with the marriage certificate. Different religions have different ways of performing their marriages. Islam for instance permits polygamy which allows the man to marry even up to five wives. On the other hand, Christians practice a monogamous type of marriage whereby a man should marry only one woman. Additionally, divorce is not allowed because they are bound by a mutual agreement.

Interfaith marriage

There is social diversification in the society which has enhanced interactions beyond religious beliefs which have led to interfaith marriages. In this type of marriage, there might be a need for one partner to convert to the other religion so that they can have a common religious platform to avoid conflicts of interest. However, If you can’t convert, then you can choose to marry but both of you can pursue your respective religions. The challenge comes when it comes to raising your kids, you will have to decide on the religion that you will use as the base of raising your kids. Converting might be a challenge since one might be in love with the religion they were raised on. If one converts or if you choose to live with your varied religions, then this is still an interfaith marriage so long as two religions are involved. This type of marriage is gaining popularity in several parts of the world because of civilization and the need to achieve unity. Therefore, those practicing interfaith marriage should prioritize their love more than their religious background. There has been a different perception of this type of marriage because of external influence from friends and relatives.

Monogamous marriage

This is among the most popular types of marriage that you will come across. It allows a man to stick to one spouse for a lifetime. The only way you can end this marriage is by divorce. Without divorce, then the only thing that will separate you is only death. This is one of the marriages that is known by a good number of people. It is also a marriage that requires a lot of commitment from the two partners. Trust should be the basis of this marriage. You will realize that the concept of monogamous is borrowed by other types of marriages like religious marriages. In this generation, it is perceived to be the most viable option because most people prefer small and manageable families.

Polygamous marriage

I can term this type of marriage as the opposite of monogamous. In this type of marriage, you will have more than one spouse. It is termed by some people as the plural marriage. This is the marriage that is seen by many as a thing of the past. But some cultures still encourage this type of marriage. In some places, this marriage is always against the law. It is not a popular marriage this day since most people prefer having small families. In this marriage, there is a polyandry type of marriage. This is when a woman is married to two men. Though this is always a rare thing, it is practiced in some parts of the world. Some religions like Islam allow polygamy because they have a different ideology about marriage. The bottom line of polygamous marriage is procreation. It emphasizes having more children. Its popularity is slowly fading away as a result of increased civilization and the cost of living which makes it hard to sustain such a marriage.

Secret marriage

Just as the term suggests, this marriage has some secrecy in it. It is a marriage that the family members are kept hidden in the marriage. The might be some reasons why the spouses choose to keep the family from knowing the union. This brings in the idea of a secret marriage. It is majorly done as civil marriage but some religions which might allow the marriage. In this marriage, the spouses may also choose to marry each other secretly and later choose to celebrate the union with the family and friends. This might be the reason that the couple wanted to keep the special moment to them. Another reason might be due to financial challenges. The spouses might not be ready to spend big for the wedding so they choose to have a secret marriage. Most people who practice this type of marriage prefer a minimalistic lifestyle which is hidden from the public domain

Left-handed marriage

The term might seem like two left-handed people getting married. However, it is a union between two people who belong to different social ranking. It is also termed as the morganatic marriage. It was common in the olden day when there were social ranks and people from the same class never encouraged marriage with people from another class. In this type of marriage, the spouse of the lower rank will not enjoy the privileges of the person of the higher rank. I believe that this was meant to remind the spouse with a lower rank than he or she was not part of that higher rank. In our current society, this marriage has lost meaning this is because people marry because of love these days. This has eroded the social classing that was there in the olden days.

Mixed marriage

This is a type of marriage that involves two people from different races. In the past, this type of marriage was not allowed and some laws were against this type of marriage. In current society, this marriage is allowed. But there is still some resistance that comes from the people. This is because the parents or friends might not allow the marriage. This marriage requires spouses to learn other person religions and also cultures. This is to avoid conflicts after the marriage. It is also advisable to get to this type of marriage open-mindedly. This will benefit the spouses since these two people have different culture and their lifestyle. If you are I this type of marriage then it will be good for you to understand your partner to live in harmony. This type of marriage has also enhanced unity between different races because it advocates loving beyond your boundaries. This helps in creating a conducive social environment that accommodates people from all races without feeling like they are outcast. However, its popularity is still low but based on increased social interactions there is a possibility that it will gain good ground and you might witness more of it in the future.

Same-sex marriage

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This is a marriage between the same genders. This type of marriage is not allowed in most countries but some countries have allowed this type of marriage. The base of this marriage is the existence of lesbianism and also gays. This has led to the introduction of the same gender marriage. Though most cultures do not allow this type of marriage, it still exists. This marriage has faced lots of rejections because it is perceived to be against social norms. It is not popular and some countries have banned it by enforcing strict laws on those who are found engaging in such a marriage.

Love marriage

This is a common type of marriage in the current society. This is because most people marry because of love. This has led to the introduction of love marriage and it is a common type of marriage. This type of marriage can fit in the other categories because love is the major cause of marriages in our current society. I must acknowledge that people marry for different reasons. Some are based on a specific period while others marry because of money and other privileges.

Arranged marriage

This is a marriage that has been arranged by other people. The couples will just settle in after the marriage has been arranged based on several reasons. Maybe the families involved might want to benefit from the marriage. Another possible cause of this marriage might be the reason one might be having challenges of finding the right spouse. This makes the family intervene and find a spouse on behalf of him or her. A professional matchmaker might be involved in an arranged marriage. If the two people do not match then the marriage might not proceed. Some dating apps provide matchmaking. This marriage might seem like a forced marriage but it is not because there might be an understanding between the two people and also the families. This type of marriage has some basic dynamics that are based on it. The couples who succeed in this type of marriage are those that had a perfect match based on their goals, ambitions, and lifestyle

Zombie marriage

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In this type of marriage, you are still married but the truth is that the love and the bond you once had are long gone. In this marriage, you might still be appearing to the family having some time with the family but that love and bond between the spouses are gone.
Sometime you might wonder why you are still married to each other. The reason might be the children that you two have. This might be the reason you haven’t divorced. In this type of marriage, you might be stuck on the old routine but the bond is not there. The good thing in this marriage is that there might still be a chance to get back to where you were before. You can choose to rebuild the relationship and have the best out of it. This is when you two choose to have the best out of your marriage. There might be several reasons that made you get to where you are and this can be turned over. In this marriage, the spouses might have had a great relationship and that love that holds the relationship together, but due to some reasons the bond faded and you arrived at this stage.

Hot and cold marriage

This is a marriage that I can term it as unstable. You might love one another like the recently married couples and the next day you will be fighting like two enemies. This marriage can be due to some small conflict or the failure to understand your spouse. In this marriage, the best thing you can do is being mindful of the other person. Have a proper way of communicating and also try to understand the spouse well. This is the marriage that has different moods every single day. Find a way to express yourself as you try to consider the feelings of your spouse and also the other person’s attitude. This marriage might be due to some failure to understand each other or maybe you two have different beliefs.

The bossy marriage

This is the type of marriage that one person takes control of everything. There is some kind of bossy attitude rather than a union. The boss in the marriage always plans everything that has to be done in the house. These people don’t give their partners a chance to express their views. You normally find these people like the ever right ones. They just see like their decision is right and it is always final. This is the marriage that one might look like a subject to another.

Marriages are the basis of social institutions that forms a family. Well, different marriages are being practiced globally as you have seen in this article. All these marriages have something in common. They are based on mutual understanding. Marriages have undergone some transition from the early days during such modern times. There have been significant changes in the way these marriages are being conducted. However, divorce is also getting rampant nowadays because people fail to understand that marriage is vital in society. Therefore, before you consider getting married to your partner irrespective of the type of marriage that you will prefer it is important to take time and know the merits and demerits of each marriage so that you are not bound by an agreement with which you will find it hard to cope with.

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