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  • signs he likes you but is afraid of rejection

    14 signs he likes you but is afraid of rejection

    Some men are not naturally confident when it comes to expressing erotic feelings to women they like. Hence, you can have a situation where a guy likes you but it is hard for him to say it. He will always do certain things that show how much he cares for you but won’t admit his […] More

  • signs he is fighting his feelings for you

    10 Signs He is Fighting His Feelings for You

    Relationships of any kind are rarely easy or simple – after all, love is an incredibly strong emotion. Letting go of longtime or unchecked feelings can be a very complicated process and sometimes, one or both parties realize that letting go of those feelings might not actually be a viable option. Is there a man […] More

  • signs that he loves the other woman

    13 Signs That He Loves the Other Woman

    Love is most certainly a fickle thing. It is also an extremely powerful emotion. Being, or falling, in love can be one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever experience, as well as being one of the most painful. It can be especially painful when your former, or even current lover moves on to […] More

  • signs he wants to make you his girlfriend

    7 signs he wants to make you his girlfriend

    You are in a good term with a guy and he is flirting with you yet you are unsure whether he wants to make you his girlfriend, information here will help you understand the reasons for his flirting around with you. Guys are not difficult to understand and you can easily understand his true intentions […] More

  • How to tell a girl you like her over text

    How to tell a girl you like her over text

    Dating is no longer what it used to be. It is now necessary you learn how to text I like you to your crush. You can tell her you love her through text messages. It is one of the ways of learning how to get a girlfriend. Texting her is less nerve-wracking compared to other […] More

  • signs your ex is pretending to be over you

    9 Signs Your Ex is Pretending to Be over You

    Saying goodbye to someone who has been a major part of your existence is never easy, but it’s an unavoidable a part of life. People fall in love, it doesn’t work out, and each participant moves on. Well, most of the time, anyway. Sometimes, although you may have gone through the ‘breakup’ steps, you get […] More

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