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  • 60 funny questions to ask a girl

    If you are looking for the perfect way of knowing a girl you are meeting for the first time you have to ask some funny and interesting questions. Even a girl you think you know; you get more knowledge of her by asking such questions. An interesting question is a way of keeping the conversation […] More

  • 90 Cute Texts to send to your crush

    The more you want to text someone, the greater the chance that you actually will. Although it may be scary to text someone you have interest in or start a conversation back up again after a while, it is also frustrating when you don’t have any clue what to say. Especially if you want to […] More

  • 200+ Cute Names for Your Boyfriend

    Baby Boo– A great nickname for your cute and almost shy boy. Bae– A good traditional easy to remember name to tell your guy he’s yours. Batman– A great name for the superhero in your life. Buddy– A perfect name for the guy you consider your best friend and boyfriend. Boo– A great term of […] More

  • The relationship picks up lines for him and her

    Relationships are fun when enjoyed with the person you longed for and feel at ease with the connection between the two of you. Sometimes we feel like we love the other so much that you want to express it so much besides doing the basics. Teasing, flirting, and excellent praises can help elevate your relationship […] More

  • fall date ideas

    60 Romantic fall date ideas for couples

    Dating should be fun and exciting! However, after being together for a while, it can get kind of boring. It’s like you get stuck in a rut and do the exact same things over and over. Don’t allow this to happen, relationships can start to fail if you don’t nurture them.   People might think […] More

  • intimate questions

    140 Intimate Questions for Relationships

    Have you ever got to the point where you are sitting across the table from someone and suddenly have no idea what to say? You stare awkwardly at each other and laugh nervously. You want to know more about them but don’t know what to ask them. Thinking of and producing meaningful conversations can be […] More

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