14 Types Of Girls-Pros and Cons-Which One Are You?

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It is common knowledge that all people are different. We have different likes, dislikes, and personalities. This is true with males and females. There are several types of girls, and it affects the way that you behave when you are someone’s girlfriends. Whatever type of girl you are, there are benefits and disadvantages associated with your personality.


If you aren’t sure what type of girl you are, read on. You are going to learn the 14 types of girls and the pros and cons of each. When you understand a bit about the kind of girl and girlfriend you are, you can use it to your benefit, while avoiding making the most common mistakes for your type.


#1 The Detective


If you are a detective girl, you need to know everything about everything. If you have a boyfriend, your personality will make you want to know everything that he is up to, just in case he is cheating. This includes going through his phone and his emails. You will dissect his social media accounts to see who he is friends with and who is liking and commenting on his photos and statuses. If you find something that you don’t like, you won’t hesitate to bring the evidence to him and start an interrogation. The detective girl won’t stop until she has every bit of information necessary.



  • Pro: The good thing about being a detective girl is that it is almost impossible for someone to get one over on you. With your perfected detective skills, the chances of you getting cheated on or screwed over are low.


  • Con: There are a couple of downsides to being a detective girl. First, you are going to be so busy trying to find evidence of bad behavior that you won’t be taking the time to enjoy your relationship. Also, if your boyfriend finds out that you are a detective girl, it could scare him off. You could also end up looking more like a stalker and less like a detective.



#2 The Drama Queen


A drama queen girl isn’t happy unless there is something crazy going on in their life. These girls need drama to be satisfied. If you are a drama queen, you are always going to be looking for attention. You don’t care if it is positive or negative attention, as long as it is attention. If there is no drama or anything crazy going on, a drama queen will create her own.



  • Pros: The good thing about being a drama queen is that you always keep things interesting. When you are around, something interesting will always be happening.


  • Cons: The downside of being a drama queen is that people can get tired of you quickly. If the people in your life, such as your friends or your boyfriend, hate drama, they will tire of you very quickly.



#3 The Superwoman


The superwoman is a total overachiever. If a guy lands a superwoman, he is a really lucky guy. This is the type of girl who can do it all. She cooks, she cleans, she works hard, makes a good living, and is ready to handle any task you throw at her. She is the type of person who will put everyone’s needs ahead of her own, and she makes everything look easy.



  • Pros: The good thing about being a superwoman is that you get things done. You don’t need to ask for help because everything comes naturally to you. Also, guys look at the superwoman as being smart, independent, and confident, which is very appealing.


  • Cons: The downside of being a superwoman is that it can be exhausting. You feel like you need to be the one to handle everything on your own, which can be tiring. Also, many superwomen neglect themselves for the sake of others, which isn’t healthy.



#4 The Come-And-Go Girl


The come-and-go girl is indecisive and easily annoyed. When you are seeing someone, your Facebook status will say “in a relationship” one day, and after a minor dispute, you will change it to “single” or “its’ complicated.” If things don’t go exactly the way you want, you are more than ready to bail and make it known to the world. When things get a little better, everything will change again.



  • Pros: The good thing about being a come-and-go girl is that you don’t get your heart broken. You can stop something as quickly as you started it, with no messy feelings involved.


  • Cons: The problem with being a come-and-go girl is that people will get fed up with you easily. If you have a boyfriend and you are ending things every other day and making it public, your guy isn’t going to stick around long. Also, people get annoyed by indecisive people.



#5 The Love For Convenience Girl


The love for convenience girl is looking for love, but she would instead find the most convenient option. For example, if two guys are interested in you and one lives next door and the other lives 100 miles away, you are going to choose the guy next door. Even if you like the guy who lives 100 miles away better and you have more in common, you won’t choose him because he is the less convenient option. The love for convenience girl isn’t a gold digger; she just wants to be practical. If a guy checks off everything on a love for convenience girl’s list, she will date him regardless of her true feelings. Over time, she could develop feelings for the guy, but practicality is more important than feelings.



  • Pros: The good thing about being a love for convenience girl is that you know what you want, and you will get it. You don’t let annoying obstacles get in your way because you avoid anyone who isn’t convenient for you.


  • Cons: The biggest downside of being a love for convenience girl is that you might never find true love. If you are more worried about practicality and convenience, you might never find your soulmate.



#6 The Insecure Girl


The insecure girl never feels like she is good enough. You could be the most gorgeous girl in the room with everything going for you, but you won’t see it. Even if others do, you won’t. Because you are so insecure, you are going to want to be your guy’s center of attention. You want his full attention on you so that he can’t focus his attention on anyone else.



  • Pros: There really aren’t any upsides to being the insecure girl. Nobody wants to feel inferior all the time.


  • Cons: There are plenty of downsides to being the insecure girl. No matter how much you work on yourself, it isn’t good enough. Being this girl can be exhausting. Also, it is hard to keep a guy happy when you are so insecure. Guys don’t want to remind their girlfriends that they are good enough constantly. Most guys want a confident girl. It can be hard to find a lasting, meaningful relationship when you are an insecure girl.



#7 The Romantic Girl


The romantic girl grew up watching Disney movies where the princess ends up with her prince. As an adult, your favorite music is love songs, you love romantic comedies, and you expect your guy to do romantic things for you on a daily basis. In life, the goal of the romantic girl is to find her happily ever after.



  • Pros: The upside of being the romantic girl is that you have a big heart, and you want to find love.


  • Cons: The downside of being the romantic girl is that you are setting yourself up for disappointment. The chances of you finding a handsome prince are slim to none, making your childhood fantasy impossible. Also, no guy can be romantic all the time. Since the romantic girl always needs to be wined, dined and romanced, you are going to be disappointed when you guy can’t give you this every day.



#8 The Nun


Fifty years ago, most girls were the nun. These are the girls that want to find the love of their life and get married. They didn’t let their guys touch them or have sex until marriage. These girls still exist, but they are a rare breed. The nun is often the quiet girl who knows what she wants and stands by her convictions.



  • Pros: The good thing about being the nun is that you won’t get a reputation. You are a strong woman who knows what she wants and what she doesn’t want.


  • Cons: The downside of being the nun is that this day in age, it is hard to find a guy who is willing to wait until marriage to seal the deal. Being the nun will make it hard to find a guy. Guys who are waiting for marriage to have sex are an even rarer breed. It can be challenging for a nun girl to find lasting love.



#9 The One That Got Away Girl


The one that got away girl is a girl who ends a relationship with a guy but always wonders what if. You romanticize every relationship, even if it was horrible. After a breakup, you forget the terrible things and think about the good times. This makes you consider every guy you ever dated, “the one that got away.”



  • Pros: The upside of being this girl is that you may be willing to revisit a relationship that ended that actually was good. You are always keeping your options open, which could result in something great.


  • Cons: The downside of being the one that got away girl is that you can never truly move on. Even if you are in a new relationship, your exs are still on your mind. This isn’t healthy for your current relationship. Moving on and getting closure is essential in having a healthy relationship in the future, and you aren’t capable of these things.



#10 The Boss


The boss is a perfectionist, and everything has to be precisely the way that she likes it. You are very demanding and tend to be bossy. When it comes to making plans, you want to handle all of the details. You always want to be in charge so that things are always exactly how you want them to be.



  • Pros: The good thing about being the boss is that things are always exactly the way you want them to be. This is very satisfying and fulfilling.


  • Cons: The downside of being the boss is that it is exhausting. You are so busy trying to make everything perfect that you don’t give yourself a chance to relax. Also, it can be challenging to find a guy who is willing to relinquish all control to their girl. This can be emasculating, which can cause issues within the relationship.



#11 The Bitter Girl


The bitter girl cannot let things go. If you had a fight with a friend or your guy, you won’t be able to let go of the resentment. It is difficult to get rid of the bitter feelings, and eventually, you will be consumed.



  • Pros: The good thing about being a bitter girl is that people know not to cross you. They know you hold onto resentment, so they will try to keep things copacetic.


  • Cons: The biggest downside to being the bitter girl is the way you feel inside. Not being able to move past mistakes and holding onto resentment can be exhausting. Being a bitter girl can also have a negative effect on your relationship. If you get in a fight with your guy and remain bitter, unable to get over it, your guy won’t put up with it for long.



#12 The Jealous Girl


Everyone can get jealous from time to time, but there are some girls who are much more jealous than others. Even if there is no reason to get jealous, you will still find a reason. In relationships, jealous girls often cross the line, saying and doing things that you shouldn’t. You will easily get jealous of your guy’s female friends and even their family members. You will always be looking for something fishy, and then lash out.



  • Pros: There aren’t too many good things about being the jealous girl. The only good thing is that your guy will never put one over on you because you are always looking for something wrong.


  • Cons: Being the jealous girl can be exhausting. Rather than enjoying life, you are hating on everyone and everything. Also, it is difficult to have a healthy relationship when you are jealous. Most guys don’t have the patience for the jealous girl, and your relationship can end as quickly as it started.



#13 The Masochist Girl


The masochist girl will pretend that everything is perfect rather than allowing things to fall apart. You are the type of girl who puts up with too much, just to hold onto the things you love in life. If you catch your boyfriend kissing another girl, you will let it go even though it is killing you inside. You work hard to remain numb so that you can keep pretending that everything is okay. You don’t want people to see you as weak, and you will always try to hide your pain. Even if someone hurts you, again and again, you will keep it all inside.



  • Pros: With practice, you won’t even need to try to feel numb, which will prevent you from getting hurt.


  • Cons: The downside to being the masochist is that you never open yourself up completely to love. In a relationship, you allow yourself to be walked all over, which is very unhealthy.



#14 The Perfect Girl


The perfect girl wants everyone to see her as perfect. With friendships, you will go above and beyond so that your friends see you as the ideal friend. In relationships, you will do whatever it takes to make your guy think that you are perfect. Even if you have to abandon the things that you love to do in favor of doing the things he likes, you don’t care. As long as your guy looks at you as the perfect girl, you are happy.



  • Pros: The good thing about being the perfect girl is that nobody will ever have a bad thing to say about you.


  • Cons: There are a couple of downsides to being the perfect girl. First, trying to be perfect can be exhausting. Worrying so much about other people is a lot of work. Also, in a relationship, your guy will never get to know who you really are. You are so busy morphing into what you think he wants that you will never give him a chance to see the real you.

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