How Long does it Take to Fall in Love

how long does it take to fall in love

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Sooner or later everyone is going to fall in love with another person. There are some exceptions to this rule. However, most people will experience a strong erotic, romantic and relational connection with another person. If you want to experience one of the greatest emotions that people have in life, then you should know what falling in love is all about. Keep reading to learn about falling in love and how long it takes to fall in love.

4 Things you Need to Know

When you fall in love there are 4 things that you need to know about this process. They are listed below.

  • Your body will undergo some changes when you fall in love. Your hormones will rage. You will feel lightheaded and euphoric. Your mood will generally be good and you won’t get upset about much. The stereotypical responses about not eating and sleeping will also be present. You will also find yourself thinking about the person of your affection. You will spend lots of time being around that person and engaging with that person. You will also be sensitive to that person and hyper protective of that individual.
  • You will have to love yourself. If you can’t love you, you will have a hard time loving somebody else. Yes, it is true that some people can treat other individuals better than they treat themselves. Still, if a person doesn’t feel good about their own life, they generally will not feel good about the person they are with. It is true that people with low self-esteem and damaged sense of worth can fall in love. Unfortunately, their mates will experience some of their negative and dysfunctional behavior. Ultimately, if you can’t treat yourself right; it will be hard for you to treat others in a good way – even if you are in love with them.
  • The other person cannot do any wrong. One of the worse things about being in love, is that you are literally blinded to another person’s flaws no matter how obvious they are. The reason why lovers overlook each other faults has to do with the strong connection that people develop. This is another physical aspect of being in love that impacts a person’s brain. The hormonal responses are so strong that they interfere with the brain’s ability to reason to use logic. So, a person in love can expect to bypass some serious character flaws or bad habits that a person might display. If these faults and bad character traits are not properly dealt with; they will become a problem later in the relationship. This is true for both partners within the relationship.
  • Falling in love will be different than falling in lust. This is an important aspect of falling love. Most people wrongly assume that a strong (lustful) sexual connection is a precursor to falling love. While it is true that two lovers will generally share a strong sexual connection at some point; this doesn’t mean that sex will be the bond that will hold the relationship together. When you fall in love, you will be happy with holding your lover’s hand and not fondling their private parts. When you are in love, you will be content with being in their presence and not just getting naked and nasty with them. When you are in love you will listen, respect and pay attention to the person of your affection. You will not just only hear them because you want some sex or find them to be incredibly hot. The point is that you will love that individual of your affection, whether they put out for you or not.

What are the signs of being in love?

The Twist between Making Love and having Sex

There are some proven signs that clearly outline what it is to be in love. First, you will notice yourself constantly calling or texting someone you’re falling for. Next, you will always want to be around that person. You will anticipate being around them when you are away. When you’re at work, you think about seeing them once you get off. During the weekend, you want to spend all your time around them hanging out or just relaxing.

Another sign that you are in love has to do with your thoughts. You will constantly think about the person you adore. Your mind will race with thoughts about being romantically involved with that individual. You sit around feeling how much you want to see them. Wondering what they are wearing. Trying to figure out if they can spend time with you. Thinking about the perfect places to take them on a date. The point is lovers have a good habit of constantly focusing their thoughts onto a person that infatuates them.

You will also spend more of your energy and resources on the person that stirs your soul. Love makes people do all sorts of things. One thing that a person in love will do, is spend more of their money, resources, energy and time on the person they want to be with. They will take them out on more dates. Spend more of their money on special gifts. They will constantly think about ways to help them out. A person in love will help the individual of their affection to correct any problems they are experiencing. They will also think about ways they can improve their special lover’s life. The point is that you will do some (if not all) of these behaviors when you are in love. That is just a natural response that lovers display when they’re head-over-heels about someone.

Another love sign happens when people find themselves thinking strongly about their lover’s opinion or point-of-view in life. They will think in terms of how their lover will respond to what they do, how they live and what they wear. This is one reason why lovers are always trying to impress their partners. They want to make sure they are doing things that will put a smile on their lover’s face or to make them pleased.

You always talk about your love interest to your family, friends, and acquaintances. This is important because if you are constantly focusing on a person and bringing their name up; there must be some type of strong connection to that individual. If your friends, family, and acquaintances tell you that you’re talking too much about a particular person in a positive and romantic way; then it is clearly a sign that you might be in love with that individual. There are other signs to know if you are in love.

How long does it take to fall in love: men vs women?

How Does Love Work For People?

Honestly, you cannot put a time limit on falling in love. Some people will fall in love quickly and other people can fall in love over a period of years. Here is what you must understand about people and how they fall in love. Most people fall in love with someone from their own social circle. Have you ever noticed how movie stars tend to marry other actors? Entertainers tend to date other entertainers or how the average person generally marries someone from their neighborhood or community? The bottom line is most people will find somebody will generally find somebody from their own social circle to settle down with.

Keep the previously mentioned information in mind when you try to figure out how fast a person’s falls in love. Remember many people generally fall head over heels about a person very quickly when they are hanging around them or encountering them on a daily basis. This is to be expected. However, people have been known to fall in love from a distance.

Think about the concept of online dating. This form of matchmaking has only been around for about 15 years at the most. People who find a romantic connection through the internet will generally develop a relationship over a longer time than someone meeting face to face. This is just a part of how this process works because dating online takes more time and has fewer face to face interactions between people. Still, people can and do develop a love connection over the internet.

Women generally fall in love faster then men. Women are hormonally, emotionally and mentally prepared to fall in love. For men, they too desire love but not as much as women. This has been proven through social and ethnic studies. Also, women are geared more toward the process of love since it revolves around establishing families, rearing children and asserting their status in society.

Men are socialized to be different in terms of love. Men are told to settle down with a special woman and to start a family. However, men are also groomed to avoid love and to be free to have many partners. They are also more inclined to avoid situations where they are vulnerable, emotional and more in tune with home and a woman. Generally speaking, men take a longer time to fall in love since social norms and standards tell them they should act tough, masculine and domineering. Truthfully, a lot of guys can’t be that way when they are in love.

How does a man act when he’s falling in love?

Most guys don’t like the idea of being in love. It conflicts with their definition of masculinity. However, they tend to push social norms about masculinity aside once they do find the lady of their dreams. Many guys will take great care of their physical appearance when they’re in love. They will pay extra attention to their personal hygiene and make sure their homes are clean.

Guys will constantly be protective of the person of their affection. They will make sure that their special girl has what she needs, and they will fix things for her without charging her a dime. They will also try to spend a lot of time with her. A guy in love will be extremely sensitive and mindful of his special lady. He will open himself up to her and listen intently to what she has to say. Even if the woman that he loves is talking insanely and acting like a mental health patient; a guy in love with her will still consider all that she has to say and even do. That is what love does to a guy.

By the way, some guys will even act more sensitive and be more in tune with the “feminine” things in life when he is in love. This is why many guys who are in love with their special girl; will paint their sweetheart’s toenails or comb their pretty hair. Most dudes don’t sit around doing these type of things unless they are in love.

Can You Fall In Love In A Week?

Yes, people have fallen in love within a week. That does happen. If the chemistry between two people is right, it could be possible. Generally speaking, most people fret on “whirlwind romances” that happens within a few days or a week. However, for some people; this happens and it works. Again, no one can put a time limit on love and falling in love within a week is possible.

Can You Fall In Love In 4 minutes?

Once again, there are a few people that have fallen in love within 4 minutes or less. It is possible to have this type of instant connection with someone. Think about the following point. If a man sees a woman who is physically perfect to his eyes (and she feels the same way); both parties can quickly develop a romantic connection that could lead to love, marriage and even a family. Don’t be deceived this type of thing happens more often than you would believe.

You can’t put a limit on love or how love takes place. While there are some basic parameters for love, that does not mean that two people can fall madly in love within minutes. It happens and it will continue to happen. Sometimes, a man (or a woman) will see somebody and know they are going to be with that person forever.

Can it take years to fall in love?

Sometimes, a person will fall in love over a number of years. This might happen because an individual is not expecting to find love. They end up developing a long friendship or work relationship with another person before they realize they are in love. There have been plenty of stories about married couples who were just friends at work before they fell in love. Their relationship took years to develop. They have gotten to know each other over time. Then, when the time was right; they slowly moved their relationship from the friendship zone to area of lovers. Many people like the idea of falling in love over years because it gives them more time to get to know a person and to make a more informed decision.

How long does it take to fall in love at first sight?

Falling in love at first sight happens once two people’s eyes meet or when one person sees another person that has a strong physical attraction. This is important because some people can fall for each other once they simply lay eyes on another person. Remember, there is at least one person on this Earth that will cause another person to react in this way. Sometimes, two people will fall into this category. When this happens, love will develop and two people will generally be together forever. Sometimes, one person will have love at first sight for another person, but the other person might not feel the same. If this happens, the person who fell in love at first sight might not get affection from the other individual.

How long does it take to fall in love with a friend?

Falling in love with a friend does happen but this is very tricky. Many people don’t believe that men and women can be “just friends”. Other people do believe this, and it works out for them. Most guys generally do not want to be put in the “friend zone” with attractive girls. Most guys won’t even just hang out with an attractive girl unless they have a girlfriend that is a friend of the hot girl.

Still, friends who fall in love generally takes months or years to know they want each other romantically. Keep in mind that it is not advisable for friendships to develop into loving relationships. Still, if two people can pull this off it will be a great thing because they are friends which is a strong part of loving relationship.

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