How to be a better man to your wife ?

How to be a better man

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A perfect man does not exist but one can strive to be a good man and a better man. Being a better man entails a lot of things. It means an improvement in the way you perceive yourself from the negative to the positive. There must be a change in the way to behave to other people and the way you relate with everybody around you. it has to do with the way you interact around your environment. Every person can strive to be a better man to the neighbor, wife as well as children and most importantly to the community and society generally.

What does it mean to be a better man?

Being a better man as said involves different things. It means engaging in positive behaviors that are good to your immediate family, friends, and everyone around you. You have to learn how to solve problems and help others solve problems as well. society always have well-defined values, mores, and norms. You must behave according to the acceptable norms in your society.

Define your core values

You must be associated with certain values and these values must consider attributes of a good man. These values would not only we defined; it should be able to give people your purpose. When you have a well-defined value, it is going to define your character and it can determine what you can do at any point. You must always base your decisions on acceptable norms and standards. In life, there is what is called the general expectations as well as personal expectations. A good man must not restrict himself to personal expectations, rather he must fulfill the other people’s expectations and this determines whether you are a good person or a bad person and so on.

You must live out your life and the core values should be the thing guiding you. if you do that, your life is going to have a purpose, focus as well as happiness. Life should have a direction and that is the major reason you must define your core values.

When you have the core values defined, it is going to help you in a lot of ways. First is that it is going to stop you from making the wrong choices which could be detrimental to other people around. Do not make a choice that can put you in conflict with the general society.

Strive to improve your values internally

The best way to be a better man is to improve yourself internally. You cannot give what you do not have. It is only when you improve yourself with true values that you can do what is good and avoid what is bad. Your core values must also guide you and it should determine what you and what you can do at any time. A good man must always have a moral base and must always stand by that moral base. This makes it easier to remain true to yourself and other people around you.

If you know these values and stick to them, it will soon become part of your life and it is not going to depart you. Most importantly, this is going to influence what you do with other people. It makes other people see you in a good light. You must always equip yourself with positive energy.

Train yourself to be positive to issues

You must allow positive to surround you. You must always be realistically positive. It determines how you deal and interact with people around you.

This also means that you must do away with negative thoughts and negative energies. With the positive energy around you, it would be easier for you to fix things around you in a way that will benefit everybody around you.

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Pursue positive goals always and before you do that, you must think out very well. the goal is for the future and it must be such that can help all concerned. Once you set a good goal that can benefit everybody then you must pursue them with determination.

Stand by your behavior and take responsibility for that

When you make a decision, you must ensure that it is a good decision and this means that it stands to benefit everybody. Because of that when you take such a decision, you must stand by that decision. This means that you must take responsibility for the action you have taken. The most important thing is that when you are making that decision, you have good intentions in mind but the outcome could be the other way round. This does not make you a bad man. It is the intention and the purpose that matter here and not necessarily the outcome.

When you fail, just accept the responsibility and do not blame others when something goes wrong. In all things, you must ensure that you focus on positive behaviors only and do not focus on negative behavior. Concentrate on the things that you do but those that are out of your control that is not your business unless you are sure that you can influence the outcome to be positive. When you are planning how to move forward, it is imperative that you focus on what you do and not what others can do unless you can influence what others will do.

Maintain a very good appearance

Your appearance must be groomed and it has been masculine. Your appearance speaks a lot about you and the first impression anyone makes about you have to be on your appearance. You can make a great difference based on your basic hygiene and the clothes you. You must ensure that you appear important and what you wear is good for the occasion you want to attend. There are certain things that you can do and they include regular bathing, as well as your facial hair, and type of clothes you wear. You must always wear clean clothes.

You should be well informed

You must ensure that you know a lot of things about the world around you. Information you feed your mind with should be useful ones and that can make others have regard for you. Have enough time for news and information. Equip yourself with the correct knowledge and this can put you ahead of others.

Take interest in things that matter. This does not mean that you should not have a hobby. You should have but that should not deprive you of having quality information about events and things that are happening around you.

How can I be a better man to my wife?

Being a better man also means that you must be good to your wife. There are lots of things that women desire in a relationship or marriage that they anticipate to get from you. If you can provide them all these then you are a better man. It does not mean that you must provide everything but the fact is that the woman must always be happy with you.

The woman has a lot of things. You must be a whole man to your wife. Moreover, she should always get undiluted love from you. As far as your woman is concerned, you must be a masculine man, and most importantly, you are going to be a sexual lion and that will make her happy with you.

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Find a way of becoming the greatest lover

If you are a good man then you would always be the greatest lover. Provide her financial needs. It does not mean that you must always satisfy all her financial needs. If you can do most of them, she would have a real regard for you. Do not empty your bank accounts but you must make her comfortable by what you can provide for her. The important thing here is that your wife is convinced that you are passionate about things about her and that you are always doing your best to satisfy her needs. Greatest lovers should be the center of attraction of women. Because of what you do for your wife and the good relationship you have with her; other women would be desirous of you. this aspect is very important. You have an obligation for your wife, you must ensure that you provide these obligations. Compared with other women your wife should not be at a disadvantage.

You should know that women always desire those women that are passionate about them by fulfilling their goals and making them happy. If you can provide those things for your wife then you are not failing in your obligations.

You must master those things that can keep the relationship strong and ongoing. You must be excellent in the home and that makes your woman happy with you. what pleases one woman might not please others, but you must know those things that your wife is passionate about and you must try to present those things to her. It does not always translate to cash; it refers to the way you relate with her generally.

You must try to be a masculine man

If you are not masculine to your wife then you are not a better man. Masculinity is not about developing strong muscles. It is just not that, while it could be part of it, it is much more than that. You must have your values and you must stick to those values. You must be a man with authority and when it comes to value, you do not have to compromise it. You must be passionate and your wife must be happy with that. Most importantly, you are going to be an achiever and your wife will always be proud of you. The man must be such that he can set boundaries and the boundaries are such that he can break. A masculine man is that greatest lover. In a relationship, he is always regarded as the sexual God because he can make the woman enjoy the wild sex and she has not been doing that, he is going to unlock it.

The man must be handy and this means that when your woman needs you, you should always be there for her. When things are not going well in the home, he is going to fix it. If you can complement things such as doing the washing and the dishes, she is going to be yours for a very long time.

Satisfy your wife sexually

Try to learn how to become a wild sexual lion. Every woman desires this when you can do great things in bed. In bed, they expect that you lavish with and you engage them like a lion when it comes to sexual intercourse. You can be a great man when you are an expert in giving wild sexual satisfaction and in receiving the same. He is capable of unlocking the sexual side of her. If you can protect her sexual authority. This is one of the ways of controlling your woman and ensuring that she has respect for you.

How can I be a better man to my girlfriend?

You can be a better man to your girlfriend by satisfying her needs. Just the way you can take care of your wife you should be able to take care of your girlfriends especially when you are not married. Girls want the man that can always spoil them with love. You must provide them what they want and at the time they want it. Girls know what they want in a relationship and they are going to appreciate that man who can provide that for them.

You meet the quality of the whole man. If you want to be special to your girlfriend then you must explore ways of becoming her greatest lover and the best way you are going to achieve that is to provide her with needs. This does not mean that you finish your savings because you are providing for your girl but you must be able to do something that can keep her happy. Anything that makes her boast and become proud of you is welcomed.

Can you become your girl’s greatest lover?

There is one thing that can make you win your woman’s lover and that is money. You should satisfy her basic needs and this means that you are going to meet the needs when she needs it most. To do that, you are not going to empty your bank account but the little you do should be the one that can satisfy her.

Your girlfriend should appreciate your efforts in satisfying her needs. You should be able to provide for your girl. Do not keep yourself passionless before your girl.

You must be a goal-oriented person before your girl and she must be very proud of what you can do. Just like other girls, your girl and other girls are going to be very attracted once you can provide their needs.

How can I be a better man in a relationship?

Once you are a good man, you can still be a better man in a relationship. There are a lot of things in being a better man in a relationship. The most important one is understanding

You must understand your partner and you have to very open. The best way to achieve that is by being able to express yourself. This means that you can make yourself clear before your partner and the partner will understand you and you understand her in return. When you express yourself, you should allow your partner to understand. Do not be erratic and you must make rooms for the mistake.

Patience, pause and listen

When you have expressed yourself, you should pause and patience while the girl responds. This makes for a great relationship. It shows your partner that you are the caring and listening man. This makes it easier to establish a strong and lasting relationship. Your partner is going to see you as a gentleman and that is what is needed before you can become a better man in a relationship.

Be supportive

Furthermore, you are going to be supportive. Try to provide both financial and emotional support to your partner whenever it is needed. This will show that you are a good man. There could be setbacks and several of them would come. Whenever there is a setback, you can do your best by being as supportive as you can. This implies that you can advise about when it is necessary. If it something that needs physical action, then you can provide that. Ensure that you are there for your partner when she needs it most.

Respect her preferences

You must form a habit of accommodating her partner and you do that by respecting her opinions and preferences. There are instances where you cannot see an eye on the same issue. When that happens, you must try to accommodate her view and do not show that you are high handed in settling matters. This can convince her that you care and you are the listening type.


The information provided above is to help you to become a better man. Any man can be a better man. First, you must find out the attributes of a better man and exhibit that in your relationship with everybody around you especially your wife, girlfriend as well as your partner and so on.

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