150 How Well Do You Know Me Questions

How Well Do You Know Me Questions
How Well Do You Know Me Questions

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Relationship is about knowing each other. The question that you should ask your self is, how well do you know your partner? You should also ask your partner how well he/she knows you well. This way, you will get answers that will help the both of you strengthen your bond and have a prosperous relationship. It is these answers that will help you to understand and make a wise decision on whether to continue with the relationship or you ought to modify it. This article lists more than 100 questions that you can ask your partner to know how much does he/she knows you well.

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Family Questions

These are questions that you can ask your partner about yourself and your family to measure if he/she has an in-depth of your family status. While you are asking these questions, you will get to understand the level of your partner’s knowledge about your family and get to provide him/her with relevant information. Your partner should know your family members and other various family aspects. Especially if it is a lover whom you wish to have a long term relationship with you. Hereby is a list of thirty questions that you can ask your fiancé about your family.

  1. What is my surname?
  2. Do you know my nickname?
  3. What is the profession of my parents?
  4. Do you know my original homeland?
  5. What is my sister’s maiden name?
  6. Which town did I start living?
  7. How many siblings do I have, as well as how many siblings do my parents have?
  8. When I was a child, what did I like to do?
  9. What are some of the hassles that I used to do when I was growing up?
  10. What was the first job that I started earning a monthly salary?
  11. At what level of studying are my siblings?
  12. Who do I look like in our family? Is it my father or mother?
  13. Who is the fattest person in my family?
  14. Do you know any of my nephews and nieces?
  15. What is the most trouble that I have ever experienced since I was born?
  16. Are my parents still living together or separately?
  17. Which subject was I best in while I was still in High School?
  18. Which club was I an active member while I was in High School?
  19. Do you know any of my talents?
  20. Which dominion is my family attributed to?
  21. Which sport do I love most, and which one am I able to play?
  22. Am I close to my extended family members?
  23. Which year did I finish my high school education and University?
  24. Which school did I go to? Is it a private or public school?
  25. If you can guess, are my grandparents still alive?
  26. Who is the eldest sibling in our family, and who is the youngest one?
  27. Whom do you think I love more? Is it my father or my mother?
  28. Is my family religious?
  29. What was my favorite channel or TV show when I was young?
  30. Do I belong to a monogamous or polygamous family?

Friend’s questions

These are questions that you can ask your partner to measure if he/she does understand anything about your friends. It is one way to let him/her know about your allies because they are the next persons close to you after your family. In fact, sometimes friends become closer than family members. Why? You might be opening up some secrets to your friend whom you trust so much than your family members. Therefore, your fiancé should know more about your friends so that in case of anything, he/she can understand which is the right person to approach. Here are some of the questions you can ask your partner about your friends.

  1. Who is my best friend?
  2. Did I go to the same school with my friend?
  3. What is the profession of my best friend?
  4. In which institution does my friend work, and what is his position?
  5. Does my friend have a girlfriend/boyfriend or not?
  6. Is my best friend married or not yet?
  7. Where does my friend reside?
  8. Do you anything about the family of my friends?
  9. Do I have any similarity with my ally?
  10. If you are asked to describe my friend with one sentence, what will you say?
  11. What are the character traits of my best friend?
  12. Does my friend have a talent, and if yes, what is it?
  13. Which is the best sport that my friend likes?
  14. Does my best friend like playing games the way I do?
  15. What is the best moment I have ever had with my friend?
  16. Have I ever told you anything negative about my friend?
  17. Do you have the telephone number of my best friend?
  18. Do you think my best friend can betray me?
  19. If I live you with my friend in one room at the middle of the night, do you think he can do anything bad to you?
  20. What is the most favorite food for my best friend?
  21. What is the worst challenge that I have faced together with my ally?
  22. Is my best friend a good problem solver?
  23. What is the hobby of my best friend?
  24. Which program in the TV does my friend like most?
  25. Do any of my friend’s relatives know you as my lover?
  26. Between me and my friend who has got excellent charms?
  27. If you are asked to give my best friend a present, which present would buy for him/her?
  28. Have we ever gone for an outing with you, me and my friend? If yes when was that? What do you remember about that day?
  29. What is that one thing that pisses off my friend?

Funny questions

Sometimes when you sit with your partner, you need to laugh and enjoy the moment you are having. This will help him/her to love you more because you make him/her happy. For you to achieve this, you can ask you partner funny questions about yourself. You can also allow him/her to make guesses and it will create a fun moment between the two of you. The questions also will create an environment for you to make a funny story with your fiancé and continue enjoy a funny time. Here are some of the funny questions that you can ask your partner about yourself.

  1. What is the funniest moment having you ever had with me?
  2. What is that one time that I made you laugh most since we have been together?
  3. What is the best prank that I have done to you?
  4. What is the silliest lie I have ever told you?
  5. If I may ask you, is cereal soup? And if not, Why?
  6. What is the least sexy name that I have ever called you?
  7. What is the most embarrassing moment have I ever experienced?
  8. What is the most embarrassing moment having you experienced with me since we have been together?
  9. What is the funniest thing I have ever told you?
  10. What is the best joke that I have ever told you and you loved it?
  11. What is the funniest cloth have I ever put on?
  12. Have I ever cooked you a bad meal? A meal that was not cooked well?
  13. What is the silliest password having I ever set in my phone?
  14. What is the funnies wife password I have sever set?
  15. Since you started living with me, I have ever talked while asleep? What did I say?
  16. What is the funniest that I have ever shared with you?
  17. What is the funniest video having you ever seen in my laptop?
  18. What is my favourite comedy game?
  19. What is the most ridiculous fact that you know about me?
  20. What is the best meme that I have ever made?
  21. If you are asked to choose an animal instead of me, which animal would you prefer?
  22. What is the strangest place where I have ever urinated?
  23. What is the funniest nickname that I have ever had?
  24. What is my favourite comedy show?
  25. Who is my favourite comedian?
  26. Do I love watching cartoon?
  27. What is that one thing that I find funny but to you it is not funny at all?
  28. What is the funnies surprise that I have ever made to you?
  29. How many times do you think I have fallen until I became an excellent cyclist?
  30. What is the worst grade have I ever gotten in high school?
  31. Do you think I can act? If yes, which movie category do you think is fit for me?

Relationship Questions

Relationship questions are various questions that you can ask your partner about your engagement with her and also your previous love stories. Your partner should understand you previous love history as it helps him/her to understand how to live with you in the love bracket. You have definitely undergone some various heartbreaks before settling with this lover of yours. It is high time you share those experiences with your spouse. One way you can share the relationship moments and let him/her know more about your relationship life is through questions. Here are some of the relationship questions that you can ask your partner about yourself.

  1. Do you know the reason behind the termination of my relationship with my previous girlfriend or boyfriend?
  2. How do you rate our first date in the range of 0-100%?
  3. Do you think I was nervous when I first approached you?
  4. What do you think caught my gazes and convinced me that I should have you as my girlfriend?
  5. What do you think I loved most in my previous relationship?
  6. Do you think I still like what I loved about my ex? Why do you think so?
  7. Am I positively affecting our relationship?
  8. Do you see me as a good father and a future husband? What are those qualities that I have and they impress you in our relationship?
  9. Do you think you have ever influenced me in doing something since we have been together?
  10. Do you think I like spending time with your friends or your family members?
  11. What do you think I dream about you especially when you come into my dream?
  12. What is the best moment having you shared in our relationship with me and it will remain remarkable in your mind?
  13. How do I show love to you? Do you think it is the same way I used to show love the other ladies?
  14. Do you think sometimes I sit down and remember what I used to do with my ex-lover?
  15. Do you think when my ex asks me to restore the relationship we used to have, I can give in for him/her and leave you?
  16. Am I happy in this relationship? And are you happy too?
  17. If you have a sharp memory, when is the last time I uttered the words ‘’I love you’’.
  18. Do you think I have learned anything from my previous relationships? Am I making any mistakes that are similar to those I did previously?
  19. Since my girlfriend cheated me with my best friend, do you think I can trust you to go on an outing with my any of my allies?
  20. Do you think I sacrifice for the betterment of our relationship?
  21. For the mistakes that you have made since we have been together, do you think I have erased them in my encephalon?
  22. When you look at my moves and my take about this relationship, do I look serious?
  23. What do you think is my dream in this relationship?
  24. What are my short term goals in this relationship?
  25. What are my long term goals in this relationship?
  26. Have I ever thrown any temper over you? How did you feel about that? Did I apologize for doing so?
  27. What are my beliefs about relationships?
  28. Do you think I have accepted you the way you are?
  29. Do you think I have ever thought of cheating you since we started our relationship?
  30. Have you ever seen me at my best or my worst? When was that and what was I doing?
  31. Do you think you have made an impact in helping me forget the sorrows and painful experience from my previous relationships?
  32. Do you love watching, listening, or reading the news? Who is your best media personality in the country?
  33. If you are given a chance to go back to school? Do you think you will score more or less what you scored? What was your favorite subject while schooling?

Game questions

With the advancement of technology, many people attach themselves to various games, which can both be played online and offline. You and your lover could be fans of various games, either on their smartphone, computers, or other devices. It is crucial to let your partner know more about the games you play. This will help him/her to understand what entertains you and can also consider getting you a present of the best device to play your game. Here are some of the questions that you can ask your lover about the games you love playing.

  1. What is my favorite game?
  2. What do you think was my favorite game when I was a kid?
  3. Did I play brick games when I was young?
  4. Do you think I love playing mind challenging games?
  5. Which devices do I love playing my games on? Is it on android, ios, PC, or on PlayStation?
  6. Do you think I am addicted to playing games?
  7. Can I be taken completely by the games until I forget eating?
  8. Am I obsessed with games more than I am obsessed with you?
  9. Does playing games affect our relationship?
  10. Can I play the games that you are playing?
  11. Do you think I can play a video game with you?
  12. What is that one game on my smartphone that you would like to delete or uninstall it?
  13. What types of games do you think are my favorite?
  14. Do you think I can install explicit games on my devices?
  15. How can you help me overcome my addiction to playing online games?
  16. How do I look like when I fail to be the winner in a particular video game?
  17. Do you love the way I treat you when I win in the games I am playing?
  18. According to your own assessment, do I love games more than loving you?
  19. Have you ever been in need of something and I fail to attend to you because I was busy playing games?
  20. Do you think video games are affecting me emotionally and psychologically?
  21. Do I spend more money on buying games or not?
  22. Do you think I play games when I have taken a break at the job?
  23. Do the games affect my productivity at the workplace?
  24. Do you think the games are affecting my studies and performance? It at school?
  25. Is the frequent exposure to video graphics from the games, the main reason behind my eye problems?
  26. Do you think my love for the game affect my sleeping patterns?
  27. Do you consider playing games as my main way of relaxing and entertaining me?

The article has provided you with more than 140 questions that you can ask your boyfriend/girlfriend and get to know if they know you better. The questions will help you get excellent answers, and you will also understand what your partner is thinking of you. You will also get baseline information that will help you build a stronger relationship with your spouse.

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