5 Habits of The Sigma Male

sigma male

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In the animal kingdom, certain predators are classified into a social order. This order is established to show who will be the dominate figure and who will follow. The member of this animal group will be known as the alpha male and the followers will be the beta males. Other members of this social dynamic include gammas, omegas, and sigma.

Human males (and females) are sometimes categorized into a social hierarchy that determines their position within society. This classification system is known as the dominance hierarchy or the social dominance theory. Keep in mind that this hierarchy system doesn’t necessary apply to people. However, some social scientists and anthropologists will use this system to show the status of men within given social order. The sigma male is a part of this social scheme. The following information will provide great detail about sigma males and their role in society.

Sigma Male Definition

What is the sigma male? The sigma male is an anomaly in the hierarchy of social status. He is not a leader, but he is far from a follower. This is a guy who doesn’t play by society’s rules. but he lives by his own code. A sigma male is often viewed as a loner, a guy that doesn’t play into social norms, and a man that can’t be neatly categorized into any social group or order. Sigma males are truly men that that have been set apart.

What is a Sigma personality?

Okay, we’re going to use movie characters to give you a good definition of a sigma male you can relate to. Marvel’s Spiderman (Peter Parker) character is a sigma male. Sylvester Stallone’s “Rambo” character is a true sigma male. Mark Wahlberg played Bob Lee Swagger in the movie “Shooter”. His Swagger character used to be an alpha male but became a sigma male during the film. These fictional characters will give you a good ideal about the qualities that sigma males posse.

However, once they see what he stands for – they realize that he is a unique man. Here is a list of qualities that define the sigma male.

  • He is a leader, but he does not have followers. I know that seems like a contradiction but that is a major trait of sigma men. They know what to do and how to get things done. However, they don’t want to bothered or tied down to social structures or being responsible for people.


  • Freedom is an important part of his life. Sigma males love their freedom. They love to operate outside of the established hierarchy. They understand that established norms and rules are important for the masses, but they don’t want to be tied to them. They will play by the rules but when the time comes to side-step them, they will.


  • He is an enigma to women and an irritating presence to men. Women are attracted to a sigma male’s secretive personality. They don’t know how to gauge this guy. Truthfully, some women will be turned off by this behavior. However, many other women become intrigued because they want to figure him out. Dudes generally don’t like other dudes they can’t control or relate to. They want to beat up the sigma male; but they secretly realize, a sigma dude will probably beat them down badly.


  • Sigma men quickly learn from the mistakes they made. They are more in tune with things they do wrong because they live a solo life. Sigma males realize that their choice to live a solo life requires for them to be smart, intelligent, self-sufficient, and knowledgeable. If they don’t learn quickly from their mistakes, they jeopardize their freedom and non-conformist way of life. No real sigma will do these things.


  • A sigma male has the ability to quickly evaluate and summarize a situation and then act on it. They often come up with the best solutions to resolve any problem.


  • Sigma males are self sufficient because they have to be. If any person decides to operate outside of society’s normal rule, they must be able to support themselves. If not, what’s the point. A sigma male will figure out how to survive and thrive outside of normal social standards. If not, he simply an inferior omega male (weakest member of society) who can’t do much in life.


  • Charisma is another benefit of the sigma male. Most sigma males are charismatic because they have to be. Remember, a sigma male must be something above the rest. He has to be on point and being productive to support himself and other people given to his care. Keep in mind that sigma males are responsible for people even though they don’t want the leadership position. This is one reason why they are similar to alpha males.


  • Sigma males sit outside of the normal hierarchy for males. The normal hierarchy would depict alpha males at the top, gamma males on the second tier, beta males in the third position, and omega males at the bottom. The sigma male would be positioned outside of the hierarchy on the side. That is the role of a sigma male.


Ultimately, sigma males play by their own rules, live by their own codes, and don’t conform to social norms and standards that defines most people’s lives.

5 Habits of The Sigma Male

Sigma males have certain habits or things they do that help to define to who they are. Here are 5 habits that are common among most sigma males.


  1. He doesn’t conform to social standards.


  1. He values his freedom. He might have a family or a group of friends, but he still does his own thing. He is not owned by anything or anyone.


  1. Sigma males go wherever they please.


  1. He values being by himself. Being alone is a scary thing for most people. However, a sigma male usually welcomes this position in life.


  1. He is quiet and doesn’t feel the need to inject his opinion into situations. This is a true sigma male quality. Think about the movie character “Rambo”. Again, he was the perfect sigma male. John Rambo was quiet, observant, intelligent, and a man of action.


Do Sigma males fall in love?

Sigma males are no different than any other guy. These guys generally like women and they do want to fall in love. Just because a man isn’t living according to society’s norms doesn’t mean that he won’t fall in love. Remember sigma men are similar to alpha males. The difference is that they don’t lead other people around. Sigma men like women. They are fond of them, but they might not want to settle down with a family. Still, the love of a pretty woman with a good head on her shoulders is something that he wants. Sigma do fall in love.

How can you tell a male Sigma?


You can tell who a sigma male by making the observing the following factors in a man:


  • Does he fit neatly into social norms? Most people do fit neatly into social norms. However, there are some men that don’t. These guys are not omega men (weak, foolish, stupid) and they’re not gammas (jaded, no longer relevant, or forgotten) or betas (followers, supporters, or ineffective). Sigma’s go against the grain because they simply don’t play by social norms or rules.


  • Sigma men completely support themselves. These individuals have to support themselves to live their unique lifestyle. We already discussed the reasons why. A true sigma man will be self-sustaining.


  • Sigma males don’t look for (or need approval) from greater society. Sigma men don’t need the outside world to validate them. They are not looking for people’s approval. They do things according to what they believe and what is necessary.


  • Sigma men will rise up and fight wen necessary. Sigma men will stand up for a cause or come to the defense of downtrodden people. They will protect the weak and challenge the strong. Sooner or later a sigma man will display these qualities.


  • Sigma men cannot be contained. A sigma’s man sense of freedom is so powerful that he cannot be contained to one station or place in life. He is a man who must be on the go and enjoy his freedom.

Can you become a Sigma male?


Some men can become a sigma male. Truthfully, most sigma males use to be an alpha or beta male in the past. They typically get tired of their limited social status and evolve into the sigma archetype. This can happen for different reasons. Sigma men are also born that way. Some young boys and teens have a natural tendency not to fit in with the norms. They might not understand why at first, but over time they come to accept who they are. Their sigma qualities will start to develop, and they will realize the benefits of being a sigma male. Some sigma males trained themselves to be “lone wolves”. They figure out how to live off the grid and to do things according to their own standards. They made it a point to live in the shadows and operate between the lines.


Are sigma males attractive?


Not all men are attractive to all women. That is a fact of life that no man can avoid. Even though that is the case, some men are considered more attractive than others. Sigma men do appeal to many women but not all. That is the truth of the matter. Women like masculine men. They want a man who is strong, dominant, and in charge. Truthfully, most women will not get an alpha male because not all women are alpha females. Many women want beta men and quite a few are intrigued by the sigma guy.


It was stated earlier that the sigma male is an appealing character for most women. They like his mysterious ways and his unique take on things. Some women like how he doesn’t play by the rules. It reminds them of the bad boy type which is often an alpha, beta, or former gamma. Sigma males are strong and very self-sufficient. Women love these qualities in a man.


Women want to know that a guy can support themselves and keep them supported as well. Also, women like an independent man that doesn’t play by the rules. They believe that he is special and unique. They also believe that the sigma male will take care of their kids and support her.


Sigma Male vs Alpha Male

Once again, sigma males are very similar to alpha males. The major difference is that sigma males don’t have followers and they don’t lead within a social institution, group, or circle. Sigma males are leaders, but they don’t usually have a group of people following after them. However, when they are given the opportunity to lead others, they can usually step up to do the job.


Alpha males look for validation from institutions and people within groups. Sigma males don’t need this validation. Alpha males also want achievements and accomplishments through other groups and people. Sigma males are perfectly fine without having anyone acknowledge what they have accomplished.


For example, if a sigma man climbed Mt. Everest; he would not tell many people or brag about what he has done. An alpha man would. Sigma’s don’t care if people know about what they have accomplished or not. However, an alpha man must have the praise of other people.


Sigma men will support and take care of a woman. They will help to support her. but they might not always be in tune with her feelings, emotional development, or her womanhood. An alpha male will typically choose a female that provides him the most status and the most praise from other people. Sigma males might have had status once or even in the present moment. Still, that doesn’t mean they care for it or play into it.


Sigma males are more common within society than most people believe. Sigma males have their own unique code and way of life that other males don’t. They make sure to do things in their own strength and in their own way. Not every male can be a sigma male. Truthfully, many don’t want this type of lifestyle. Still, sigma males are in a class of their own and the rest of society does respect this unique male figure.

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