10 Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back

signs your ex will eventually come back

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Breakups are the worst. They can be difficult and heartbreaking for both involved. Sometimes, however, the breakup is not the end of the relationship. There are times where you both need to figure out things on your own, and there are sure signs that your ex will eventually come back to you again.


In this article, we will go over the top 10 signs that you can identify which means your ex is on their way back to you. While not all of these need to be true in your case, if you find even one sign from this list that your ex is showing signs of, that is a good sign that there is hope for the relationship.


  1. They Keep in Close Contact With You

    signs my ex will eventually come back
    If the breakup wasn’t traumatic and you both left on ok terms, sometimes two people will stay in contact after the break-up; maybe even as good friends. This does not mean that the relationship has no hope for turning into a romantic one again, however. Chances are that you started out as friends before dating, and that could very well happen again.

For a lot of people who stay friends after breaking up, it means that they still care for each other and each other’s well being. If after the initial breakup, there are no negative feelings between the two of you and you stay close as friends, this is a very good sign. This means that there is still hope for the relationship to be rekindled, it just may take some time to do so.

Keeping in contact with you is a good sign that they are on their way back to you. To them, you weren’t just another relationship; you are someone special who they still want to have in their life. It’s ok to take a step back from being romantically involved and to just be good friends for a while. This will help you both see what you want out of life, and will help them to realize that it is you that they want to be with.


  1. They Still Have Feelings for You


    It can be pretty clear when you are around your Ex if they still have “more than friendly” thoughts or feelings for you. We all love our friends, but that doesn’t mean that we are IN love with our friends. There is a difference, and you will be able to tell the difference when you are around your ex.


They may look at you the same way they did when you first fell in love, or talk often about when your relationship was good for both of you. Talking about the good times in a relationship with your ex can be cathartic and healing, but it can also be a sure sign that they will be coming back to you soon. They could be testing the waters to see if you feel the same; as humans, we don’t like to just lay it all out there with someone we care about. This is how we protect ourselves and shield our hearts, and your ex could be doing just that.


If they still have feelings for you, chances are that those feelings are not going away anytime soon, even after the relationship is over. Sooner or later, they are going to have to accept the fact that they are still in love with you and will return to you; it just may take some time. For this, all you can do is be patient and offer your friendship until they come to terms with everything.


  1. They Ask if You’re Seeing Anyone

    If when you talk to your ex, they ask if you are seeing anyone this more than likely means they still have those romantic feelings for you. Sure, friends ask if you’re dating anyone else but ultimately don’t care as much as your ex will. If your ex still thinks about you like that, they will have those feelings of jealousy thinking about you with someone else.


For them, it feels as if you are talking to other people while you are still with them; it can almost feel similar to cheating to them. If you are dating someone else and you mention it to them, don’t be surprised if their face turns red or they seem to be unable to concentrate. If your ex is wanting you back, they absolutely don’t want to think about you with someone else, regardless of if they ended the relationship or not.


  1. They Ask Your Friends About You

    Good friends will talk about anything, especially about potential dates or exes. If your ex is asking your friends about your love life or anything else about you, the only reasoning behind this is that they don’t want you to know they are asking about you. Luckily for you, good friends are going to tell you if your ex is talking to them about you. This is a good sign, and it means that they are probably thinking about getting back together soon.


A lot of exes that still care about you and you’re well being after the relationship usually won’t act like this, and will just ask you directly how you are doing or if you have any romantic interests. The fact that they are going to your friends to ask about you means that they don’t want you to know they are thinking of you as more than a friend again.

  1. They Invite you Out As Friends

    It’s one thing to be on good terms with your exes and remain friendly through texting and calling, or even hanging out together in a group setting. However, if they invite you to get coffee, dinner, or see a movie just the two of you then this is a good sign that they may want to get back together. While it is true that friends can hang out without a group setting and just enjoy each other’s company, but if it is your ex and it feels like a date, they could be testing the waters.


For them, they might be thinking about getting back together and are wondering what it would be like to go out on a “friend date” with you again. This can go either way, but if this happens the best advice to give would be to just be yourself. Don’t approach it thinking that one wrong move could sway them in the opposite direction, because if that’s the case then they don’t deserve you. Instead, be yourself; have fun, and enjoy the time with them.


  1. They Show Regret About the Relationship Ending

    Regret about how things ended with you shows that they feel remorse for their part in the relationship failing. And if they ended it, maybe they are thinking that they were wrong to do so. Showing these signs is a good thing, as it means that they have had time to realize how much you really mean to them. This also means that they are thinking about you as a potential romantic match.


Couples who have gone through similar circumstances have reported that they come out stronger. It makes them realize that they are stronger together, and can weather the hard times as well as enjoy the good. If they do have regret about how the relationship ended, test the waters and ask what they would have done differently if they could. This could be a great conversation starter on getting back together, and if you both want that or not.


  1. Asking What Went Wrong in the Relationship

    If your ex is asking what went wrong with the relationship, it goes along with sign number 6 and means that they are showing signs of regret about the end of the relationship. Regardless of who decided it was time to end things, they may want to know what they did wrong so that if you were to get back together, they would not make the same mistake(s) again. However, there is a caveat to this.


This can be tricky because if they are asking what went wrong with the relationship, it could also be that they don’t want to make the same mistake with someone else. So before you get your hopes up, make sure that their intention is not to hurt you again, but instead because they feel like they could see you two together for the long haul.


  1. They Let You Know They Miss You (When They’re Sober)

    Before we get into this one, keep in mind that you should not take much of what they say when they text or call you and they are not sober. When we drink, we don’t mean 100% of the things we say, even if we mean a portion of it. And when we drink, we can get lonely or think about someone who means a lot and miss them. So with that said, if they are texting you and you know they are sober, you can start to take what they are saying seriously.


If they text or call you just to say that they miss you, this is a good sign that they realize ending the relationship was a mistake. And chances are, they are wanting to see if you feel the same way or if you’ve moved on. This is a round-about way to do this instead of just coming out and asking the questions, but it is a good sign regardless. If you feel the same way, this can be a good way to get started with that conversation of possibly getting back together.


However, if this is what you want it would be recommended that you don’t push it too much unless they are sure, or you may push them away. They will come back eventually, but you may need to give them more time in order to do so.


  1. If They Hug you, They Linger

    signs my ex will eventually come back
    You may remember these hugs from when you were together: the loving hugs that you experience when you were together when you felt their warmth and never wanted it to end. While friends can give some pretty great hugs, it doesn’t come close to this type of loving, lingering hug. If you two are friendly with each other and you experience one of these hugs from them again, this is a sign that they are feeling those loving and romantic feelings for you again.


If this happens more than once, it is also a good sign that they will be coming back to you before you know it. Just give them time to figure out what they need to in their own life, offer your support when it is needed, and let them come back in their own time. Don’t feel like all hope is lost for the relationship, as this type of hug is a very good sign that things will be better than they were before.


  1. They Keep Avoiding Getting the Rest of Their Things

    After a long-term relationship ends, there are always things that get left behind at each other’s places. If you have mentioned that you have some of their things and they are not making a point to come by and pick them up, this could very well be a good sign that they are on their way back to you.


If they are avoiding coming over to get their stuff, it could mean that they don’t want to because that means that the relationship is over at that point. If you haven’t had the “stay friends” talk, this would be a good time to do so (if that is what you want.) This will let them know that you still care about them but for now, it’s better to stay friends.


This will also open the door for a later conversation about getting back together if that is something that you both are wanting to do.


Hopefully, this article was helpful and will give you some peace of mind as relates to your ex. There is always hope for the relationship and they can always come back to you. Sometimes all it takes is a little love and support from you in order for them to realize that you are the one for them. I know this is easier said than done, but have faith that it will all work out in the end, and chances are that it will.

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