100+ Star Wars Pick Up Lines

Star Wars Pick Up Lines

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Star Wars is an iconic film series that is loaded with adventure, lots of action, and out of this world fun. While Star Wars is a fictional space drama it also has become a way of life for millions of people around the world. When a story like Star Wars can really influence pop culture, then it is truly has arrived. The Star Wars series has influenced society in the realm of love and romance. The following pickup lines based on the series proves that Star Wars has truly become a part of the dating scene for many people.


Star Wars Pick Up Lines


  1. Yoda must be yo daddy. Because yod-a-licious, baby.


  1. Hey bae, will you be my Na-boo?


  1. The love Force is strong with this one.


  1. Hey bae, Yoda one for me.


  1. You ladies searching for love in Ald-e-raan places?


6 Someone shot you with a phaser set to – “so stunning”.


  1. Date or date not- there is no “I dunno”.


  1. You have obi-wander-ed into my life, to make it better.


  1. I’m here to save you from the dark side; feel the force of my love.


  1. Let’s make some Wookie Nookie.


  1. I want you to jump into lightspeed and fall head over heels for me.


  1. Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away . . . was a beautiful woman, like you; who needed to be rescued by a rebel like me


  1. Laugh it up Loveball, I’m about to make you smile all night long.


  1. I find your lack of faith, in my pick up line, very disturbing.


  1. Help me find love, beautiful, sexy woman; you’re my only hope.


  1. Never tell me the odds about getting with you. I’ll always beat the odds.


  1. You are my Chosen One. Your sexiness has brought great balance to my life.


  1. I got a bad feeling about this. If you don’t give me your name and number, you’re going to be disappointed for life


  1. I’m going to use the Jedi mind trick and make you mine tonight.


  1. Look, you’re fine but don’t get cocky.


  1. I have to “stay on target” so I can accomplish my mission of making you mine.


  1. “I’ve been waiting for you, boo. We meet again, at last. Now, you’ll be mine forever.”


  1. “You have controlled your desires. Now, release them. Only your lust for me can make us a couple.”


  1. “Remember…our Force for love will be with you, always and forever.”


  1. “Be mindful of your thoughts, sexy one. They’ll betray your fake exterior and reveal that you really want me.


  1. “Please give in to your lust for me. Your lust for me will lead to the bright side of our love force.”


  1. May the Force of our love be with you.


STAR Wars Pick Up Lines for Her


  1. Hey girl you R-2 fine and if you’re lucky, I’ll give you the D2.


  1. Did you know that the French compare orgasms to little Death Stars


  1. How can you be so cold, when my desire for you is so Hoth?


  1. Obi-Wan Kenobi told me to follow my instincts, and they told me you want me tonight.


  1. Size matters not. I might be short but I’m big in all the right places.


  1. My love for you is like a Starfleet Destroyer; it’s big, tough, and carry’s a large load.


  1. My home is a rebel base for our lust. We can hide out there (and make love); while we defeat the dark Forces of doubt you have for me.


  1. You remind of Princess Leia in Return of the Jedi. So, put on a golden bikini and become my love slave.


  1. Help me to save the galaxy from evil. You have to start by giving me your name and number.


  1. If I buy you a drink, will you travel to my bedroom in a galaxy that isn’t far, far away from here?


  1. Hey, I need a partner to train in the ways of the love Force. My Jedi instincts have chosen you for this great honor.


  1. Hey, I have a Darth Vader helmet, a bottle of champaign, and a big lightsaber; why don’t you come back to my place and let us explore the dark side of our horniness together.


  1. Hey lady, I’m the Jedi master and you’re my apprentice. I’m gonna teach you the ways of our love Force and how to properly handle my lightsaber.


Star Wars Pick Up Lines for Him


  1. Oh Captain, being held captive by you is more than enough to excite me.


  1. You packing a lightsaber in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?


  1. I’m about to open my hangar and let your starfighter refuel in my port.


  1. You look strong enough to pull the ears off a gundark or to satisfy my lust for you.


  1. Teach me the ways of the force, I want to be skilled in the ways of our love Force.


  1. I can’t help it, your Jedi mind tricks do work on me; they make me realize you are my Chosen One.


  1. Is your lightsaber fully charged? Can it stay lit all through the night to protect me from the dark side of the Force.


  1. I feel the Force within you. It’s compelling me to rip off your clothes and to wield your lightsaber in my hands.


  1. Your Force is so strong. I feel the need to give in to the dark side and to enjoy our lust.


  1. I like rebelling against your advances, I want to see if you’re dark Force is strong enough to overtake me.


  1. I know you ain’t Skywalker’s father; but I will call you daddy.


Cute Star Wars Pick Up Lines


  1. I may not look like much, but I’ve got it where it counts, bae.


  1. I must be from Alderaan, because you just blew up my world.


  1. I need you so much we should just get matching Tatooine’s


  1. I’m here to rescue you. I’ve been told I have the cool sexual prowess of an Ewok.


  1. Tell me of this thing you humans call (pause) love.


  1. You stole my heart like the rebels stole the Death Star plans.


  1. You must be the sexy droid I’ve been searching for.


  1. “You shine like a lightsaber, I saw you glowing from the other side of the room.”


  1. “You’re such a rebel. You stole my heart when you walked through the door.”


  1. I got a Darth Vader cape in my car. Put it on, so you can use all the force on me.


  1. I must be drawn to the force, cuz Yoda only one for me.


  1. I may not be Luke’s father, but I can be your daddy.


  1. I can join the dark side of the force with you as long you stick around.


  1. You must be the force because I’m so attracted to you?


  1. Baby, you are like a Death Star, because you just blow me away!


  1. You don’t have to go Solo, when you can have me for company?


  1. You have captured me in the gravitational field of your eyes!


69 Your smile is brighter than the lightsaber.


  1. I want you more than Boba Fett wanted Han Solo.


  1. Hey, you; become one with my Force!


  1. You really R2 Cute!


  1. R4 is red, R2 is blue, if I was the Force, I would be with you.


  1. Don’t close the blast doors of your heart, I need to get inside of you.


Dirty Star Wars Pick Up Lines


  1. I’m a bounty hunter hear to collect the bounty on your booty


  1. Hey, you wanna experience the power of my Force?


  1. Bet I can make you breathe harder than Darth Vadar.


  1. Sexy lady, prepare to be probed!


  1. I am C-3PO – Human-cyborg sexual relationship master.


  1. Bet I can undress you in less than 12 parsecs.


  1. I feel a great disturbance in my pants.


  1. I find your lack of nudity disturbing.


  1. I know you’re into cyborg-human relations, because my mechanism is ready to perform.


  1. I know what you’re thinking: That’s no moon, that’s a space station!


  1. There is a dark side to my force, but I do give a mean booty rub to make up for it!


  1. I love it when you call me your little princess.


  1. I might look like a small Ewok, but I perform like a Big Wookie.


  1. I can’t feel the Force right now, but I can I feel you instead?


  1. I usually use my Hans on my blaster, by going Solo; but tonight, you can play with my lightsaber instead.


  1. Hey girl, I wanna Lando in your Calrissian.


  1. Judge me by my size, do you? A wonderful tongue, I have!


  1. Princess Leia’s buns ain’t got nothing on yours, baby.


  1. Let’s get heavy and hoth.


  1. Come back to my Ewok village and yub nub all night.


  1. Many Bothans had to die, so we can do it together.


  1. My barge isn’t the only thing ready to explode.


  1. If you think Chewbacca is hairy, just take a look at my Wookie!


  1. Unlike Han, I won’t shoot first.


  1. My lightsaber is ready for some action.


  1. Hey boy, you want to spend the night inside my tauntaun? I promise it doesn’t smell worse on the inside.


  1. Come to my chambers, so you can discover how to wield my lightsaber together.


  1. You into Star Wars? Great, come back to my place and violate the Jedi Code.


  1. Tonight my Hans, doesn’t want to fly Solo.


  1. Hey daddy, will you put your force inside of me?


  1. Young Jedi, I need you to fill me with your force.


  1. Being horny leads to the dark side, horniness leads to sex, it all leads to orgasms. I sense much horniness inside of you. Let me help you to remove that dark Force from you.


  1. Judge me by my (penis) size, do you? Size matters not, when you have a perfectly good tongue.


108 I would hit that like the side Endor tree.


  1. I’m here to collect the bounty on dat ass.


Funny Star Wars Pick Up Lines


  1. Hey, I got a little storm trooper in my pants. He wants you to lead him to your black hole.


  1. Princess Leia is pretty, but you look better. If I give you another compliment, will you drive away with me to a motel far, far away?


  1. Baby my love for you is like a one-night stand on Endor. It’s a great place to be with a little hairy guy running behind you.


  1. Can I lead you to the dark side of the Force? If not, will you buy me a drink and we’ll call it even.


  1. Hey girl, I got a storm trooper helmet in my trunk. Why don’t you put it on and pretend like I’m Darth Vader; you can put your lightsaber in me all night long.


  1. Like Luke Skywalker, I want to be your daddy. Take a trip with me to Endor where we can shack up in a treehouse. We can get a couple of Ewoks and maybe a Wookie (or two) and have a great time.


  1. Yoda taught me how to pick up girls. The first thing he told me was to always let the Force guide you to her heart. He also told me to use the Jedi mind trick if she decides to reject my corny pick up lines.


  1. Hey baby, I was taught by Yoda that the Force is in everything. The trees, the rocks, and in my pants. I need you to pull down my zipper, so you can unleash the power of the force into your hands.


118. Hey sexy lady, I got a Darth Vader helmet on the nightstand next to my bed. You can come to my house, put it on and wear a strap on lightsaber. That way, we can sword fight with our lightsabers and whoever loses has to submit to the dark side of the Force. And you know what that means?

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