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Thu-Apr-9 12:21:57pm EST
I am a
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Elbmit26 Butlerville Indiana 
Men Seeking Women

I am me
lonejessie Mishawaka Indiana 
Women Seeking Men
"What you see is what you get"

Am Jessie 28yrs from Mishawaka Indiana USA am single never being married no kid open to that in the future i like to swim,camping,fishing,visiting the beach,reading of novel, watching movies, cooking, spending time with my favorite is pizza i like chicken and chips,fried rice and chicken...i like to listen to blues, light rock,,jazz,instrumentals,R&B and country music.

I am a happy, friendly, person with a lot of values. Honesty is very important to me and I have a saying "I hate liars, and wind". Honesty makes a relationship. I am sincere and don't play games. What you see is what you get. What I say is always the truth.
lonely_one43 Valparaiso Indiana 
Men Seeking Women
"Hi I'm Lonely_One43"

ask me
Men Seeking Women
"keep it kool"

Shadow73 Fort Wayne Indiana 
Men Seeking Women
"Only Honest People Please"

I guess that I would be described as a throwback in today's society. I still believe in honesty, honor, loyalty, romance,respecting others, having good manners, and compassion. What you see with me is what you get. My friends might describe me as crazy. Not the dangerous psycho kind, but the fun, spontanious kind. I have a great sense of humor and like making people laugh. I sure crack myself up lol. Hobbies: I like to write. I write short stories and poetry. I am currently working on a collection of short stories. I've been told that I am good. I'm my own worst critic but will admit that I have talent. I also like to paint. I work with acryllics. I make more of a mess than anything but am getting better. I am a music lover. Some would call me a musical freak because my tastes cover a wide range. While I would not classify this as a hobby, I also dance at Powwows. I am a Men's Traditional dancer. What I look for in a mate: Honesty is a must. Also, a good personality. A sense of humor and intelligence would be plusses. I would prefer somebody that is also a dancer or at least likes going to Powwows. I would like her to be from my area. If you're not Native American, or in my area, please don't bother to write. I will not respond. Well, that's all I can think of to write. If you're interested, or want to know more, don't be afraid to let me know. Peace, love, and frybread grease. Have a great day!
classic46323 hammond indiana 
Men Seeking Women
"looking for dinner buddy and nsa"

looking for someone to hang out with and then we will see where it goes, not looking for LTR just some casual fun.
uhmok6 Indianapolis Indiana 
Men Seeking Women
"Never know what your going to get"

I am willing to explore many things and love to try anything once.
sexistarone Greenwood Indiana 
Men Seeking Women
"Single man looking for a single woman."

I am a college instructor that enjoys music, reading, writing, travel and pleasant conversation.
sammyj marengo Indiana 
Women Seeking Men
"Looking for a cutie"

I love to run. If you can make me laugh then I want to chat. I love guys who can give deep conversations
kentuckybabe tellcity indiana 
Women Seeking Men
"iam looking for a realtionship"

iam 41 yrs old i like to fish hike camp hang out with my friends talk on the phone talk on the computer play with my cat smokey
clemdog_7 Indianapolis Indiana 
Men Seeking Women
"18 year old white male, looking for some fun"

I am 18 years old, 6 foot, 185lbs. looking for some fun
Shavedbody4u Anderson Indiana 
Women Seeking Men

lookingforlove Evansville Indiana 
Women Seeking Men
"Lonely for to long"

I have bee single for almost 7 years.I want someonw to have a good time with, curl up on the couch at watch a good movie, go out and dine once in awhile. I don't have to be wine and dined. Just give me a call and we'll talk
professor88 Indianapolis Indiana 
Men Seeking Women
"Seeking One Special Lady...."

I will tell you all you wish to know....just ask.
countryman30 Tipton Indiana 
Men Seeking Women
"I would like to see caring and honest woman"

I am a student and majorring Industrial Electrician Program. I work part time and write country music songs in my spare time that I will publish it someday.
shygirl28 Kouts Indiana 
Women Seeking Men
"Looking for goodhearted man"

i would describe my self as a kind carking and goodhearted woman with a sweet personility
Men Seeking Women

irunwithsizzers Peru Indiana 
Men Seeking Women
"Why? I'll tell U why..."

So here it is... All about me Wow, what a concept eh? Where do I start? How shall I say it, shall I be Profound... Witty... Succinct... Angst ridden... Hmmmm... what shall it be?
Opening up with a line, trying to attract her, would be like a deer in the headlights. Standing there waiting to get devoured... I am sensitive and a raging maniac, in a matter of five minutes... Wow!!! Talk about mood swings. People often describe me as a man of many self evasive challenges on a day to day basis. As I write this (AD) about me, I sort of get the feeling that you have stopped reading by this point? Don't you enjoy it when you first meet someone and you feel like your on a roller coaster with them, and all of a sudden you feel like you have just ate your lunch... (one more time)! Do you see life through a storefront window? If your like me you're the one that is in therapy most of the time. All because people think you have odd characteristics about yourself. What's wrong with going into a waiting room and instead of taking just one number.... You take several numbers because you have a personality disorder, as strangers look at you funny. So you think you need to be seen several times. Don't worry I understand what you mean, I know filling out a little box like this can be a little overwhelming for some. The dating site asks you to... Tell us about yourself... (WOW) what a concept!!! what do I say? For some that task can be over exhausting, If that's the case... Then wouldn't you think they are a somewhat precarious individual? So putting two and two together, this little task can be a very traumatic outcome! Trust me I have seen some In public that If they were telling me about themselves... I could be a very frightening experience... So yeah I can be a little comical sometimes.. I am too creative for my own good, and spend inordinate amounts of time analyzing things... I think either too much, or too little, depending on the situation. My IQ varies from the size of an ant, to knowing a lot about philosophy, depending on the day of the week... I am also very sensitive, people often say I come off as being a reserved type of guy, I can be an intuitive type also. I would rather look into a situation rather than taking it for what it is. I love philosophy, stereo types and an inclusive analyzing perception about the traits within society. I am not all into the intellectual type (A ) personality. Having simple pleasures is also in the mix of things, with me. very much into collecting things like... old lunch boxes and action figures. I love to go and look around junk shops for an hard to find item... A walk through a park, hiking a lot of times there is much more gained in trying something new, for the first time. I am all about learning something new from someone else...

You are very different than me or who I am... I am constantly drawn into the ways of you. Your presence is something of a passion I long for. Your mind and your intentions are a different matter. I long to find the other part of who I'm not. I am not settled upon the maybe or the this will work. No... no... that is not a settling experience. It would be considered as deceiving, in the parts of a person that will soon be forgotten. I have never forgotten the ways of your gentle kiss and definitely the way you told me goodnight. There is so much that I have not found out about you. I have found out that you can be very hurtful and deceiving in your mischief. There is something within you that I thirst for in every sunrise. I will never know or completely understand your definition of love. There has to be a reason to why I long to hear your voice and need to know, how true your intentions are with others. If we both have suffered from heartaches, then why is this sunrise different? I need to know how you practice in the medicine of love. Will you be the one to find the cure, or will there be a worldwide epidemic still out there. There is a whisper inside all of us, yet we complicate the matter so much. That we will never hear the whisper inside us all. We are determined to search for excitement not what lies deep within... Yet you are so complicated with ways that seem favorable at the time and sunset comes and you are a different person. Telling me things I want to hear is of a short term practice. Soon very soon we both will get very tired of the use to be. The mischief and the hate that lies within you is somewhat appealing to me. Everyday is not a day for the heart, therefor there has to be your and my hateful desires that balance out our whole being of longing for each other.
loverman indianapolis indiana 
Men Seeking Women

I would love to start traveling more as well. I am into sports and like to explore many different things.I am a fun loving person who loves to laugh and make others laugh. I always try to enjoy the simple things in life,and not take anything for granted. I also enjoy spending time with the friends on sundays watching football and and other sports. I love to go out and have fun and like going to churh cos i have a GOD fearing in me,but I can also stay in and just relax
lyciastorm Indianapolis Indiana 
Women seeking Women

I'm a shy woman, who is disabled. I live with my mom, who is fine with me dating women. I like to take things slow. I'm not interested in threesomes or a man. I would like an actual date, or friend. I enjoy horror movies, anime, and some TV shows. My favorite TV shows are Charmed, Everybody Loves Raymond, Friends, My Name is Earl, and CSI. I enjoy most types of music.

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