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Wed-Apr-8 9:51:31pm EST
I am a
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Sand_Saheed Maryland Maryland 
Men Seeking Women
"Gentle Loving Man Searching For The U In My Alphabet."

Gentle,Honest,Caring,Loving,understanding,Trustworthy,Kind and Religious Man and i am very good to people around me and also GOD fearing person............
sarah4love laurel maryland 
Women Seeking Men
"i am all for you"

i am so simple and easygoing.I am so dedicated and love to be openminded.I like kids and always hardworking.i am always concentrated and serious in all that do.hope you find peace in me
captenoch laurel maryland 
Men Seeking Women
"i am all yours"

i am very simple and easygoing with sense of humor.i am openmined and shows respect to women especially.women and kids are first on my heart.
marcoveir baltimore maryland 
Men Seeking Women
"seeking a nice woman"

i am cool,gentle,handsome,nice,intelligent,God-fearing,honest,humourous and loving
suesweet baltimore maryland 
Women Seeking Men
"seeking a man"

well i am intelligent,spontanous,cool,generous and caring
Viktorija Bel Air Maryland 
Women Seeking Men
"[email protected]"

I hope that you liked my structure and you will write to me. I shall tell a little about myself:
I the young beautiful girl which search happiness in the boring life. I like to prepare for different dishes. I love cleanliness in the house. I like to go in for sports. Because it is useful for my health and with the help of sports I look much better. I like to go with friends to a campaign in the summer. I like to sit at a fire. As I very much like to go by a boat on the river or on lake.
I very much do not like when people lie to me. When they speak me a lie. Because I despise lie. So I am brought up since the childhood. And if you support me that I think that we with you have already something the general. From it it is possible to develop ours with you attitudes.
Men Seeking Women

I'm Tom.Here to meet with a genuine woman for a serious and loving relationship.
i love to be in the middle of things. I like to be in places where there are other people but I do not like it so crowded that people are bumping into me. I want to be a good husband for my soul mate and a good father as well. I want to kneel down and pray with my wife and my family every night like I do now by my self and thank God for the good things he has blessed us with. I want to eat dinner with my wife and the entire family at the dinner table. I am good at ... I like going to auto shows. There are a several in a year here in Baltimore. I would hope my dreamate meets many new friends when she come to live with me. I want to show my wife all the sweet things that God has to offer for us as a couple.
goddess01 baltimore maryland 
Women Seeking Men

i am a cute lady good looking and very attractive with a smile that can make men do crazy things and i've got everything guys can fall and die for from my hairs to my nails itsssss great
Michelle999 baltimore maryland 
Men Seeking Women
"I am very companion and passionate"

I am very passionate in everything and will like to meet someone that do care for humnaitarian and also be a responsible man and reliable...
larrys2006 baltimore maryland 
Men Seeking Women
"Just like a new job, I offer excellent benefits."

does this describe any one you know I am looking for a wife.

You tend to be caring, compassionate and sensitive towards the needs of others.

Your friends consider you someone who can be trusted and relied upon.

You generally do your best to be honest in all situations, even when it can be difficult.

You have a very good sense of right and wrong, and almost always try to be the best person you can.

Your pleasant and unassuming manner is appreciated by everyone who knows you.

You almost always manages to be open-minded and flexible.

You always try your best to avoid being irritable, even when you are't feeling your best.

You have the ability to connect well with people that you feel an affinity for.

You have a strong view of what's good about life, and what isn't. you don't see the world through rose-colored glasses, so you won't expect me to be positive and upbeat all of the time. you will be able to understand my moods, like if I am having a bad day because of a problem with your boss or a friend. you will try to work with you to make things better.

You don't have wildly radical views about society or morality.

Personal values are important to you.

You value dependability and stability. I can count on you for the important things in life, like kindness, honesty and reliability. You shares my belief that financial security is important but you don't focus on that goal to the exclusion of all else.

Your the kind of person who wants to be there for me when I need you. You will try to be thoughtful towards me, even if you don't always know exactly what I want. You'll be respectful and generally won't demand more from me than I are willing to give.

You don't pretend to be perfect. You do, however, make a sincere effort to relate to other people. Your the type of person who's nice but who is by no means a saint. You will appreciate my ability to get along with others but won't expect me to always put the needs of others before my own.

You like to be interested in living in the present and planning a future. You won't need to know every detail about my life or every thought that crosses my mind. Your the kind of person who sees yourself as part of a couple but still maintains your independence and identity.

You are a woman who can express your and also listen to others. Friends and family may describe you as the kind of person who isn't overbearing and doesn't talk too much. You'll enjoy talking to me but won't pry too deep if i am not in the mood for conversation.

You are someone who can both take the reins of leadership and be a good follower. Your competent when your in charge, but you can be just as happy following my plan, if you considers it a good one. You won't feel the need to control me. You will be willing to listen to your point of view.

You understand that I don't always rush to take on unnecessary challenges. You don't like sudden changes to your routine. You are not someone who likes to change careers frequently or move to a new state every couple of years.

You understand that I sometimes need downtime to recharge. Your not the kind of person who always has a list of things you want to accomplish in a day.

You like to focus on the things of substance in a relationship, not on mushy feelings. You might think things like Valentine's Day are somewhat contrived romantic situations.

Your a woman who doesn't go out of your way to meet new people. Your the kind of person who will wait for others to introduce themselves to You. You tends to avoid large parties where You don't know anyone. Your not all that fond of mingling, instead preferring time spent with close friends.

Your the kind of woman who likes to spend your time and energy on more important things than making jokes. you were never the class clown and has little interest in trying to make people around you laugh with things like pranks or riddles. Your mature and knows when to take things seriously.

You will don't feel the need to question everything. You don't like to waste time learning about things you doesn't consider relevant to your life.

You feel little need to spend time on the arts and culture. Your friends and family probably think of you as someone who prefers pop-culture to high-art and prefers news magazines to the latest literary triumph.

You are the kind of woman who believes sex is an important part of a great relationship, but not the only part. You are looking for physical chemistry with a man, the kind of spark that comes from genuine romantic attraction. However, you also appreciates that there is more to a "real relationship" than sex.

You are more interested in what I think or say than how I look. Your friends probably see you as someone who looks for and finds herself attracted to a man's personality, not his physique. You are not fixated on your own surface attributes, such as your hair, nails.

You don't need to be active in order to be happy. You generally want to take time out to relax on weekends. You don't need to incorporate physical activities like running a 5K or going for a hike into your day in order to feel good about your self.

Your not obsessed with things like career advancement, money and power. You are content with your current status in life.

You are not the kind of person who gets involved with a religious community. You generally only attends religious services for weddings and funerals, and even then you are not uncomfortable with organized religion.

you can understand that I sometimes get defensive when people criticize me. you will be able to accept me as I am without feeling the need to change me. you will empathize with my worries, such as apprehension about finances, a move or career change. you will be there for me when I have a problem or are feeling unsure about something.

You do not think it's your responsibility to fix society's ills. You are not the type to volunteer for charitable efforts like mentoring at-risk youths.

itisme00001 Near Waldorf Maryland 
Men Seeking Women
"Nice man living in Southern Maryland"

Tired of nonsense older white male just looking to meet open minded lady friends.
christo8861 Bel Air Maryland 
Men Seeking Women
"looking for the right girl"

I just got out of college, I went to Slippery Rock University and played baseball. I am home now and going to join the police academy for Harford County in October. In my free time I Play for a semi pro baseball team this summer, I like to bowl and golf, im very laid back.
single14u Brookeville Maryland 
Women Seeking Men
"I am who I am!!!!!!!!"

Not sure what to say about myself so I would rather tell you myself as we get to know each other.
turbo210 perryville maryland 
Men Seeking Women
"hi Hoping to find a special someone"

I'm a single dad who works in construction.I am told i'm easy to get along with/Donot like fighting or any conflict in my life..
blueyz36 Bethesda Maryland 
Women Seeking Men
"Witty gal looking for friendship, fun, & possibly more..."

I enjoy doing a variety of activities either planned or spontaneous. I like going to concerts, festivals, fairs, day trips, the beach or the mountains. I like to read mysterys, listen to music, watch sunsets/sunrises, walk/hike.

I'm a bit shy when you first meet me but otherwise I like to be open, I enjoy being around optimistic people. I'm looking for a man who has a great personality, sense of humor, has confidence, is attractive and takes care of themselves, someone who is a great conversationalist, and who enjoys doing a variety of activities.
nikko311 Hagerstown Maryland 
Men Seeking Women
"[email protected]"

I'm very single and live in Fl. for the moment. I'm a free spirit and I live life that way. I wear my sins on my forhead and am not going to lie about me.
looking to date and maybe more.......

You can view all my pics at this website:

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